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£75 - £150  National average range
£75 - £150



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How much does window blinds installation cost?

Mar 12, 2020

The national average for window blinds installation in the UK ranges from £60 to £115. Depending on the number of windows you plan to install blinds for and the experience of your installer this cost estimate could vary.

Window Blinds Installation Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£60
UK National Maximum Cost£115
UK National Average Cost£90
Average Range£60 - £115

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What Are The Advantages of Installing Window Blinds?

Windows are a must for any home, when they're sparkling and clean they let light in and allow a fresh breeze to come in. They also serve a greater purpose: keeping your home energy efficient. You can close off cold or hot air to make sure your home is the perfect temperature.

However, if you live with neighbours close by or your windows are positioned to capture several hours of sunlight, you may need something to make your windows less transparent.

In these cases, you need something to put up a needed barrier between you and the outside world. Blinds are the perfect solution, allowing you to block out the heat or keep in the warmth as well as creating privacy. Plus, you can choose from a variety of styles to decorate with, so your blinds can be more than just functional.


Before you have a window blinds installer come in to put up your blinds, you’ll need to know what this will cost. There are several factors that can influence the rate you’ll pay. From the size of the installation job to the type of materials a pro will be expected to work with, this information is required in order to receive an accurate price.

Knowing about these costs can help you prepare for the project, both mentally and financially. So read on for what details to consider for your installation to be sure it goes well!

Type of Windows

Your professional needs to know what type of windows they will be dealing with in order to prepare and price out the job. Here’s a brief overview of the most common types of windows so you can helpfully identify what you have.

Sash windows are one of the most popular types of windows. Made up of two sections each called a sash, these windows overlap slightly to stay sealed. Casement windows are attached to the frame with a hinge that allows them to open.

Bay and picture windows tend to be large options in your home. Bay windows are a series of windows that extend outside your home to offer a broader view of the outside. This format also extends the functional space of your room because of this shape. Picture windows are fixed within the frame, meaning they don’t open, and usually become the focal point in their room.

Skylights are another type that may let in lots of sun. A blind needs to be specially made for this type of window to hang properly.

You should also indicate the room in the home where the blinds are located to help your installer plan and price out the job. Some spaces, such as living rooms or bathrooms, are typically easier to work in. The larger space makes access simple. Installations in rooms like bathrooms following a nice new bathroom remodel or even closets may be trickier because of narrow spaces or awkward angles. These factors can influence how long it takes to install, so pass this on for an accurate quote.

Type of Blinds

Blinds usually come in one of three styles. Slats may be arranged horizontally or vertically within the window, doing a great job to shade light and keep things private. They also come in different size slats to suit your desires.

Another style is pleated fabric blinds. These are controlled by a string that will gather the fabric at the top of the window to reveal the light, adding a classy look to any room.

Windows Blinds Materials

Blinds can come in a variety of materials to suit your own tastes. It’s common to find blinds made out of wood, as it can be painted or stained to match any interior. Bamboo is also popular for this reason, plus it has added durability because of the material.

Vinyl is an inexpensive option that still looks great in any room. These blinds are easy to install and do the trick of blocking out the light. Metal adds a sophisticated touch to any space, and is particularly popular in office settings.

You can also choose fabric blinds to match or compliment upholstery or other textiles used within the room. Of course, if you aren’t sure, ask for recommendations and your window blinds installer can recommend great options!


The type of project can also influence the cost. A new installation may be fairly straightforward as your professional simply needs to put in your new blinds. This keeps the work simple and your costs down.

For a replacement or repair, a little more work may be required. An installer will need to remove the old blinds to make way for the new, adding to the length of the job. As well, if there has been any damage to the frame, extra steps may need to be taken to repair before new brackets can be installed.

Custom blinds may also add a bit of extra work to fit. If an expert is unfamiliar with the type, they may need to do some research or other planning to make this installation work. Keep this in mind so your pro can truly prepare before they arrive for the work. You should also consider how many windows need blinds installed. The number of sets can influence the cost for installation, so it’s a key detail to remember.


Installing window blinds should be a seamless process, taking your bare windows to beautifully decorated. Depending on the number of windows you have, this job can take several hours to a few days. Preparing and installing blinds in a single room may be able to be done in something like a single visit. But if you are hoping to have blinds installed throughout your home, expect this to take longer. This can cut down on overall costs since your installer only needs to come out once for the work, instead of spreading it out over several weeks or months as you furnish all of your windows.

You may also need to allow for extra time with the type of windows you have or the blinds you have selected. Some types are trickier than others and may require extra steps to prepare the surface for the new installation. If you aren't sure, request a quote from your installer so you can consider the price before you have booked the job.

Experience of Window Blinds Installer

For a great installation, you can be proud of, look for someone who has the right experience and qualifications. This prepares them to handle the installation, no matter the type of windows or blinds they will be working with. You might find that they have years of experience working with blinds, whether on their own or with a company.

Look for an online profile that lists qualifications and training. A professional should have some general handyman training so they are able to install fittings easily. This also ensures that they have the right know-how to understand how to make the blinds level, even when a window frame is less than even.

You’ll also want to read reviews of their work online. This gives you some insight into the quality of their work and how quickly they typically complete the installation. You can use this as you make your decision as to which pro you’d like to work with.


Like most physical projects, you’ll want to use the location where you need blinds to guide your search. Regardless of whether it is an office or a home, you will want to find someone who operates in your area for the most convenient service. This makes it easier for them to come out and inspect your windows before taking care of the installation.

While you may be tempted to work with the pro with the lowest costs, make sure to consider where they are located before you say yes. Asking a professional to come from far distances may incur extra fees to cover their travel. So to keep your costs in line, look for someone in or around your area for the job.

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Home Improvement ProjectAverage Hourly Cost
Window Cleaning£25
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Both a great and simple way to spruce up the look of your home, blinds can be a reality in the hands of a professional. With their expert help, you can get the look you desire easily and quickly.

To find the right window blinds installer to help you take control of the light and looks of your home with a well-planned blind installation, turn to Bidvine! Answer a few questions about the help you need. You’ll receive bids from professionals who are ready to take on your project. Get your blinds installed today!