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How much do welding services cost?

Nov 25, 2020

Nationally, the average cost of welding services in the UK ranges from £300 to £500. This is an average though and as such can vary depending on the particulars of your project. More extensive welding projects will naturally have higher costs.

Welding Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£300
UK National Maximum Cost£500
UK National Average Cost£450
Average Range£300 - £500

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What is Welding?

The process of joining materials is called welding. It usually binds metal to metal using a fusion process that melts material at a high temperature for a secure bond.

Welding can be the best way to build a strong structure or repair something that has broken. With the power of heat, amazing things can happen!

But welding isn’t a project you should tackle on your own. It requires knowledge and skill to do correctly and safely. To get a weld that lasts, you will want to enlist a pro.


The average cost for a professional welder can vary depending on your needs. Different factors can influence the hourly rate for your expert as well as the overall cost for your repair job. You don’t need to figure out what can affect the cost on your own — we’ve rounded up what to look for to help you plan for your project!
Reason For Welding
Welding is used when a connection needs to be strengthened, so that it can withstand wear and tear and last a long time. Buildings certainly need to be strong and last long! So, often building materials are welded to make them stronger so that they can stand the test of time.

Of course, welding is not just used for new items. It can also be a great way to repair electrical and wiring issues, such as a part in a car that has come loose. Welding it will make the pieces one, once again.

It can also create something beautiful! Metal art is often created by welding pieces of material together. Perhaps you need a conversation piece. Welding can be just the ticket!

It is important to communicate whether your welding project is for a structure, an industrial project, or simply something around the home. The specifications of the project will help your welder give an accurate idea of how long it will take to complete.
Which Type of Welding Do You Need?

With several different types of welding available, you may wonder what is best for your needs. Your welding expert will know exactly which type to use on your project, but you may wish to know a bit about the process before they begin.

Gas metal arc or MIG welding is a fast form of welding that creates a neat and clean joint on the metal. It can be done from any position, meaning even hard to access places can be welded with this type. This type is usually done indoors as it requires a clean and breeze-free environment for the best results.

Tungsten inert gas or TIG welding is a precise technique that can be used on thin materials or smaller welds that require more accuracy. Your welder will use a separate spool of material to feed into the molten pool of the base metal for material that will create the weld joint. It is very consistent and creates high-quality welds. 

Arc welding is more rugged and can work on painted or rusted surfaces, making this an ideal choice for outdoor use. Equipment or other material exposed to the elements is often fixed with an arc weld, but it does not work as well with thin material. The process creates a byproduct called slag from unused spool or wire. This material needs to be cleaned up right away to avoid damaging spills.

Gas or oxy acetylene uses gas or pure oxygen to increase the flame temperature for localized welding. It is most commonly used for home welding or for art pieces or electrical access is not easy.

Different Types of Metals

Welding is possible with a variety of metals, but each metal does react differently. This makes determining your metal a vital step before continuing with a project. You won’t want to have your object break because the wrong process was used!

Steel is a very common material that is often welded to make structures and buildings like new homes. It comes in a range of varieties and is a versatile material that can be found in anything from vehicles to homes to industrial buildings — as large as a support beam or as small as a balcony railing.

Galvanized steel is covered with a coating that makes it corrosion resistant. However, this coating can produce fumes when heating during the welding process. This means proper care must be taken before welding galvanized steel. This extra equipment may incur an extra cost.

Carbon steel is an alloy, meaning steel has been combined with carbon to increase its strength and durability. This material may require higher temperatures to get the job done, but will still become strong

Stainless steel has been treated to make it last longer. There is a higher cost with stainless steel and welding because of the processes required for this material.

Aluminium is a common metal but can be tricky to weld. It creates strong bonds on items like frames or forms of transport thanks to its lightweight construction. TIG welding is most often used with aluminium or aluminium alloys to get the right temperature for strong joints and connections.

Wrought iron is another metal that you may need to weld. It could be used in a garden gate or fence that has fallen apart and requires welding to bring it back to its former usefulness. Wrought iron is often finished and would require careful cleaning before it is ready for welding.


The length of time it will take to complete a welding project will depend on the material, the size of the job and the complexity of what needs to be done. It can also depend on the number of pieces being welded. Several smaller welds on pipes can actually take longer than a single large weld because of setup and tidying required before and after the job. The type of welding used may also the timeline as some welding procedures take longer than others.

If you need to know when you can expect your weld to be complete, you’ll want to ask your welding expert. They can give you an estimate of your project that can help you plan.


Welding is not for amateurs. Flames and molten metal require experience to handle properly. Welding is a skill learned from extensive experience and training.

Most welders receive certification after passing tests to prove what they know. Look for someone who has these qualifications for the best results with your project, whether it is a structure that has to pass safety tests or an item for the home. You’ll be glad you did when you are confident in the sturdiness of your weld.

Reviews can also give you more information about a welder’s skill or the level of care they apply to the job. This can help you make a decision between two equally-qualified candidates to find someone you can trust.

Read this handy hiring guide for more tips on hiring trustworthy tradespeople from general contractors to electricians and welders.


Your welding job may take place indoors or outdoors. In either instance, your welder needs to know so they can plan accordingly. After all, welding during bad weather may not be the best idea! This will also ensure the right questions are answered to help you both prepare. For example, your space may need to be cleared so there is enough room to work.

Most welders will be able to travel to your jobsite — whether it is at home or a company office — to take care of the work needed for your renovation project. If it is your vehicle or trailer that needs some welding, you may be able to bring it into a welder’s shop for work.

Cost Comparison of Metalworking Services

Considering some other home improvement involving metal? Check out the chart below to compare costs for popular metalworking services.

Metalworking ServiceAverage Hourly Cost
Metal Fabrication£35


Welding is no DIY project. It requires a lot of skill and knowledge, particularly when dealing with different materials! To keep things safe, you should go with a pro.

Find a trusted welding professional with Bidvine. Just answer a few questions and submit a free request for bids. You’ll be in touch with great local welding experts that will be able to get the job done. 

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