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£595 - £950

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£595 - £950  National average range
£595 - £950



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How much do wedding videos cost?

May 05, 2020

When planning your wedding, wedding videography is an important consideration. The average total cost to film a wedding video is around £600 to £950. This cost may change however depending on the film style, how urgently you need a videographer, and how long you would like the final wedding video to be, as well as other factors. So, it is always best to ask your wedding videographer for a custom quote based on your plans for the video.

Wedding Videography Costs

UK National Maximum Cost£600
UK National Minimum Cost£950
UK National Average Cost£745
Average Range£600 - £950

Included in This Price Guide

Considerations When Hiring a UK Wedding Videographer

Wedding videos are a wonderful way to capture precious memories of your big day. Whether you’re looking for a feature-length film of your wedding or a short clip you can share with family and friends, a wedding videographer can help. They can also put together a montage of photos and video clips from your relationship to show during your wedding reception.

There are many factors that go into wedding videography bids, including the length of your wedding and the number of locations the videographer will be travelling to. Read on to learn more about what influences each wedding videography bid you receive.


The length time you need a wedding videographer for will depend on your wedding day and plans for the day. When you are submitting a request for wedding videography, you can select the elements of your wedding that you need the videographer for. They will base their bid on your selections, and you can confirm the details with your videographer later in the process. A longer wedding and getting ready process will mean a higher cost of videography.

In terms of editing and delivery of your wedding video, your wedding videographer will need at least a week or two after your big day to finish your video. If you need your wedding video sooner, they will add an extra charge based on the urgency of your request. Additionally, if you want photos or clips of your honeymoon edited into your wedding video, this will come at an extra cost.


If your wedding ceremony and reception are taking place at different locations, this will impact the cost of your wedding videography. The cost will also increase if you want your wedding video to include footage of the wedding party getting ready for the ceremony.

These factors impact the cost of wedding films because your videographer has to cover their transportation costs and potential fees associated with travelling between locations.

Wedding Video Packages

Most wedding videographers offer different packages to fit your budget. These packages will include varying levels of service, ranging from the most basic to the most luxurious wedding videography service.

Keep in mind that the outlines for the packages selected below are only general. The details of your particular wedding videography package will depend on your videographer. If you are interested in booking a wedding video package, it is best to speak directly with your professional to find out the details of their packages.

Some videographers may also offer wedding photography and videography packages. So if you are also looking for wedding photos be sure to mention this as well, and the videography team may be able to include this in the estimate. It's important to note that many videographers specifically focus on wedding filming, so you may need to hire a wedding photographer as well.

Basic Packages (£)

A basic wedding videography package will generally include the following:

  • Short (3-4 minutes) edited wedding video
  • Some unedited footage
  • One videographer
  • Video and audio equipment
  • Recordings of guests congratulating the couple
Midrange Packages (££)

Midrange wedding videography packages often include the following:

  • Short (3-4 minutes) edited wedding video
  • Photos edited into the wedding video if requested
  • More unedited footage
  • One or two videographers
  • Video and audio equipment
  • Recordings of guests congratulating the couple
Luxury Packages (£££)

Luxury wedding videography packages will generally include the following:

  • Longer (5-6 minutes) edited wedding video
  • Photos edited into the wedding video if requested
  • More unedited footage
  • Two videographers
  • Video and audio equipment
    Recordings of guests congratulating the couple
  • Photo and video montage of memories to show during the reception


While your wedding cinematography and some unedited video footage will typically be included in your wedding videography package, there are many add-ons available. These add-ons will vary based on your chosen videographer, but they will likely provide an outline in their initial bid. From extra DVDs to a pre-made montage to show on your wedding day, there are many add-ons available to you.

Here are some examples of popular wedding videography add-ons:

  • Separate videos for the ceremony and reception
  • Extra copies of your wedding video on DVD
  • Adding in photos and video clips of your honeymoon
  • Adding in wedding photos to the video
  • Extra unedited footage
  • Making the video look like a Hollywood film
  • Preparing a photo montage to show during your reception
  • Renting a screen for the photo montage

Experience and Wedding Videographer Prices

As with most services, a videographer’s experience will play a part in how much your wedding videography costs. Less experienced videographers may offer their services at a lower rate, as they are looking to build their portfolio and build their skills in practical settings. On the other hand, more experienced and expert videographers will charge a fair bit more for their skills.

The key is finding a balance between skill and price. You don’t want to jump at a low price only to have a subpar wedding video for the rest of your life. But you also shouldn’t spend your entire budget on wedding videography to hire a famous or highly sought after videographer.

After all, even the greatest videographers had to start somewhere. If you love the way a videographer’s portfolio looks and they’re offering a price that works for you, go with your gut and click “hire”.


The format of your finished wedding video film will impact the cost of your wedding videography. If you want to receive DVD copies of your wedding video, this service will cost more than access to a private gallery or unlisted YouTube video.

Your videographer will also charge more for a longer edited video and additional unedited footage. Be sure to discuss your options before hiring your photographer, as their cost will include the time needed to edit footage and to supply you with the footage.

Other Considerations When Hiring a Wedding Videographer Near Me

If your wedding is taking place in an area with a high cost of living, like London, you will pay more for wedding videography than you would in a different area. Keep this in mind if you live outside of a city centre and are getting married in an expensive area, as the costs will be different than they are in your home area.

Videographers that use expensive equipment and wedding video editing software will charge more than videographers that use basic or budget equipment and software. This is because their rate needs to cover the cost of owning and maintaining their equipment. However, it isn’t all about the equipment. If a videographer doesn’t have the skill to operate an expensive camera, the resulting video will likely be worse than an extremely talented videographer and wedding video editor using budget equipment and software.

Before hiring a wedding videographer, you should meet up with them for a consultation. Most videographers offer free consultations, as they know that hiring a videographer is a huge decision to make. When you receive bids on Bidvine, be sure to ask your videographers to meet for a cup of tea to discuss your options and see if you get on well with each other. It’s important that you have a good rapport with your videographer, as they will be capturing one of the biggest days of your life.


There are many factors that go into a wedding videography bid and can influence wedding videographer costs. You should include as much information as you can in your request so that your potential wedding videographer for hire can give you an accurate price estimate.