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How much does web development cost?

Sep 12, 2019

The national average for professional web development in the UK ranges from £400 to £850. This average can then vary based on the extent of the web development project, as more extensive projects will naturally increase costs.

Web Development Costs

UK National Minimum Costs£400
UK National Maximum Cost£850
UK National Average Cost£600
Average Range£400 - £850

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Why Should You Consider Professional Web Development?

Today, getting a website is not only easy, it’s necessary! For an online business, your website is an essential part of your operations. It helps you make sales and promote your business, but only if it has been done properly!

With so many services out there, it can be difficult to figure out what you need. Taking your website from an idea to reality requires the help of a web developer. Their knowledge and experience can lead you to the right decisions for your situation.


Of course, finding a professional takes some work too. You need to get accurate prices before the work begins to make sure it fits your budget. The web developer you choose to work with also needs to be capable of making the site functional. Be sure to consider each aspect of your project so you can request the right help. If you aren’t sure where to start, read on for the factors you need to know about before you begin.

Project Type

To get the best idea of pricing for your project, you’ll need to indicate the type of work required. Building an entirely new website may take longer than updating an existing one, so it’s important that you get the right pricing for the work. You may also wish to be more specific on the type of assistance you are looking for.

Creating an online store may be required for your website. You’ll want to have the right professional to build the storefront and support you as you populate it with product information. They can even help with implementing this into an existing site to add new functionality. The same will apply with integrating social media account feeds into your site.

While a little experience in web development is required, you can easily get a quote from the right pro to make this happen. Or if you want a larger item like a client database that is stored online, a pro can help with the development of this function as well as implementing it into your site.

Coding Languages

Coding languages work to bring applications and websites to life. Java and PHP are some of the most popular languages for websites, allowing your site to include more functions. This can make it even more useful, whether you are collecting information or selling a product. So finding a professional with knowledge in coding languages can be a big help.

Other languages that can be used to create and develop your site include Python, Ruby / Ruby on Rails and Perl. ASP and .NET are other coding languages you may require help with. Of course, if you aren’t an expert, you may not be sure what coding language will work best. For this, turn to the advice of a professional.

Area of Website to Upgrade

Knowing what part of your website needs help can narrow down the search for the right pro. Keep in mind each aspect can be very involved, increasing the size of your project with what needs to be done. Consider both the front and back of your website — what the public sees and what goes on behind the scenes.

Front End

This focuses on what a visitor to your website experiences. From the content to the design, this is an important part of your site. It needs to be user-friendly so people can find what they need and use your site easily. Working with a professional ensures that your site both looks and works great. This may also include the applications installed on your website to add extra functionality such as a store or user login.

Back End

The back end refers to the inner workings of the website. This programming makes the functions of your website work. This can be incredibly involved work. Sometimes it requires creating the web app or software or modifying it to work on your site. It also includes website updates and additions, so anything that needs to be updated on your site usually falls into this category.


Depending on the complexity of your website, your professional may take several days to several weeks to put your website together. This includes the development of the website’s framework, sourcing the design elements, and completing the build. If it is a large website with many pages and required functions, you can expect your site to take on the longer end of the spectrum. In turn, this will influence the cost of your website: more time required to build increases the overall price of the project.

Project Timeline

Of course, you’ll want to consider when you want to have your website completed by too. This factor can also influence the cost to develop the website. Having a fast-approaching deadline approaching can put the pressure on. Whether it’s a website launch or needing to build a new function to allow your business to run, you must have your website completed on time.

If you do have a deadline, make sure to pass it on to your professional. They will be honest about how many hours it will take to be ready, and whether it will be necessary to add a fee to expedite the process. Booking your professional with lots of time is the best way to ensure you are able to reach your deadline!

Experience & Qualifications

If you aren’t familiar with what goes into website development, choosing an experienced pro can make this process much simpler. They will know what questions to ask and help guide you to the end result you’ve been dreaming of. So you should look for someone who has both an in-depth knowledge of websites and experience in development and creation. This needs to be current too as technology is always changing, so check that they are staying updated.

For an important project like your website, you’ll want to check out a professional’s portfolio before you hire. This way, you can be confident in their ability to complete the job correctly and meet any deadlines you may have. This is usually available online through their own website or by request.

Reviews can also help give you the right information to make your decision. This will give you a better idea of what the working relationship will be like.


A website is a project that can be completed remotely, meaning the location of your pro isn’t restricted to someone in your area. They can receive information by email or another electronic format and get to work right away. Even launching your website can be completed without ever meeting your pro in person!

However, you may still wish to find someone who works in your area in case you prefer to explain your ideas in person. This also helps when considering the cost of the project as you will receive rates set according to your local cost of living.

Top Web Services

Running a successful website involves a wide variety of factors. Easily compare costs for the top web services in our handy chart below and get set to optimise your website for success!

Web ServiceAverage Hourly Rate
Web Design£45
Graphic Design£25
Social Media Marketing£38


Your website is a critical part of the outreach of your business. Having a custom site that does everything you need can help set you apart from your competition and expand your clientele. Of course, you’ll want the help of a professional to make it fully functional and great to look at.

Ready to develop your new website but not sure of who can help? Just answer a few questions about what needs to be done with your website and submit a free request for bids. You’ll get the top bids from trusted web development professionals ready to make your website amazing!