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How much does washing machine installation cost?

Jan 08, 2021

The national average for washing machine installation in the UK is £45 to £65 per hour. This rate may vary depending on the type of washing machine and the nature of your particular installation project. 

Your washing machine is one of the most helpful appliances in your home. Whether you use it once a week or once a day, it comes in handy when it’s time to take care of the wash. Washing machines are designed to make this household chore a breeze. So if you don’t have a one yet, having a washing machine installed in your home is a great way to make laundry day more efficient. 

It’s important to take the time to work out the potential cost for a washing machine installation. In addition to the cost of the unit, you’ll need to calculate how long it will take to have a technician out to handle the job and what to expect.

Washing Machine Installation Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£45
UK National Maximum Cost£65
UK National Average Cost£55
Average Range£45 - £65

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Installing a washing machine depends on a few things, such as the type or brand of washing machine and the area it is going into. Take some time to inspect these areas so you can pass on the information to your installer. Then, they will be able to provide you with accurate pricing with all factors included so there are no surprises when it comes to the cost.

Type of Washing Machine

There are several different types of washing machines available for purchase. If you have already made the purchase of a new washing machine, you can easily provide this information to your installer. But if you aren’t sure what the difference is, we can help.

A front or top loading machine are some of the most common types. You’ll see a large door on either the front or the top of the machine to load with your laundry. Both make it easy to load up your laundry. Front load machines use less water and energy to get your clothes clean, making it a clear choice for efficiency. A top load washer is a bit easier to load since you aren’t bending over to load and it tends to cost less at the time of purchase.  

Stacked units are a clear choice when you are tight for space. The dryer sits on top of the washer to make the most of your laundry room. These units tend to be more compact and can’t take as large of a load as traditional standalone models. You can also find portable models that will work if you are pressed for room in your home. These models can sit in a closet or tucked away when not in use, and just get moved out when it’s laundry day. You won’t need to create a dedicated space in your home for laundry when your washer is available on demand!

You could also be in need of a commercial-grade washer. These are perfect when you have many heavy-duty laundry days or do large loads regularly. If you have an in-home business like a daycare or a bed and breakfast, these can save you a lot of time and energy when the wash is due.

Accessibility of Electrical Supply and Drains

For a washing machine to operate properly, you will need to have access to both an electrical supply and drains. These will do the important jobs of powering your unit and allowing the wastewater to drain off after a load is run. If both of these are already in place, your installation will be easier and may be more cost-effective.

But if you are putting a washing machine in a new area of your home, you may only have access to an electrical outlet or a drain. Pass this information on to your installer. They will need to inspect the area and work out the cost to bring in a professional to install an outlet or add plumbing for a drain. This will increase the overall cost to install the washing machine, so be aware of this factor if you are creating a new laundry room or hoping to move your washing machine to a new area of your home.  

Removal of Old Appliance

Make sure to budget for the removal of the old machine as well. It needs to be disposed of properly, and since it is large, it could require an extra set of hands to remove it from your home. It should be removed before your new washer arrives.

Some installers will offer removal services for a fee, taking out the old machine before placing the new one. Make sure to indicate you need help in this area before you hire your professional. This way, you are sure to get all of the services you require — either from your installer or through a rubbish removal service.


Installing a washing machine shouldn’t be more than a day’s work, but it will vary on the complexity of the job. If drains and outlets are already in place, it will be very quick to move out the old machine and install the new one! But this is not always the case.

Work out extra time if you need to bring in a pro for plumbing or electrical work. This can be a day or so, but you’ll want to have them come in to prepare the area. Do this before you have your washing machine installer out, or you will have to ask them to come back to finish the job after the plumbing or electrical is done. 

Technician’s Experience

As you look for a technician for your installation, make sure to investigate their experience level. It could seem appealing to find someone who will work for less, but if they don’t do a good job or make mistakes, it could cost you more.

Experience can assure you that the job will be done well. Check to see that your technician is certified in washing machine installation and can do a proper inspection before starting the job. You can also check out their online profile for reviews of their service to fill you with confidence. People who are happy or unhappy with a technician’s work will share the information so you can use this to make the right decision. 


Look for a technician close to you to start the work. Someone who works locally often has a good relationship with area suppliers and can often get the work done faster and for less cost. Plus, since they won’t be travelling as far to start or work on the project, you won’t be paying more for travel costs.

A local pro also sets their rates according to the local cost of living. Rates will be in line with your expectations, so you won’t pay city rates if you don’t have to! Going local gets you a trusted professional for the right cost.

Planning on a few more home renovations along with the installation of your new washing machine? Check out this cost comparison chart below to plan your renovation budget.

Home Improvement ServiceAverage Hourly Cost
Appliance Installation£80
Washing Machine Installation£55


A washing machine is the most efficient way to do your laundry and having a pro install it is the most efficient way to put it in! They will make sure the job is done properly and quickly.

This is one job you won’t want to do on your own and run the risk of flooding or electrical issues. Your technician can take you through the process to make you feel at ease so there are no excuses when it comes time for laundry day.

Need help finding a local washing machine installer you can trust? Simply submit a free request and receive bids from washing machine installers near you!

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