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£200 - £600  National average range
£200 - £600



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How much does wallpaper removal cost?

Mar 13, 2020

The cost of wallpaper removal in the UK generally ranges from £150 to £538. This can then vary and is primarily influenced by how many layers of wallpaper you plan to remove, how many rooms you want to remove wallpaper from and whether you plan to apply new wallpaper to the walls afterwards.

Wallpaper Removal Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£150
UK National Maximum Cost£538
UK National Average Cost£350
Average Range£150 - £538

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No matter why you're looking to remove the wallpaper on your walls, it's a rewarding decision that will set you on your way to new wall coverings. There are a few things you'll want to think about before you start the project, especially when it comes to the budget.


After the wallpaper is removed, you may reveal water damage, cracks, or mould. If this is the case you'll have to repair the plaster underneath. Depending on how extensive the damage this is, this could both lengthen and increase the overall cost of the project.


Before you start removing wallpaper, you will need to clear out space. This means moving any furniture out of the room to create a larger working area for your wallpaper stripper. If you can't manage the move by yourself, ask if your wallpaper stripper can help. There will likely be an extra cost added to the total for any moving assistance though.

Put down drop cloths to collect the scrap wallpaper as it's removed from your walls. Loosening wallpaper involves a lot of hot water. Consider using a tarpaulin or plastic sheeting to protect your floor from both water and the mess.

Removal Techniques

Unless you’re lucky enough to have ‘strippable’ wallpaper that simply peels away, you’ll need to use a bit more effort in removal. Use hot water to soak the paper on the walls and loosen the glue. You might need to score the surface of the paper with a knife so the back of the paper will also get wet. Once it’s loosened, you can scrape the paper off with a scraper.


Expect it to take about 6 hours to completely strip wallpaper from the walls of an average-sized room. If your room has a high ceiling or if it has an unusual layout with lots of corners and angles, you may find it takes longer to remove the wallpaper.

Number of Rooms

The more rooms you need to remove wallpaper from, the higher the of cost for your project will be. Naturally, costs rise when there are more rooms as it will take additional time to strip each extra room. Then, of course, if you only need to strip wallpaper in one or two rooms, you can expect a lower project cost.

Square Footage

The size of your room has a huge impact on how much it costs to remove wallpaper. If you can calculate how large the area is in square feet, you can figure out a few of the job specifics. These are namely, how long it will take and how much you can expect it to cost. The higher the square footage, the higher the anticipated cost.

Layers of Wallpaper

Until you start removing it, you might not know how many layers of wallpaper are on your walls. The fewer layers you have the easier it will be to remove.

Type of Wallpaper

There are many patterns, textures, and types of wallpaper. Vinyl with a backing like paper or cloth is a popular choice that is very durable. You may prefer this kind in your home as it is easily washable. Then flock or foil wallpapers offer a more luxurious custom look but are more expensive. These kinds of coverings will increase the total cost.

Keep in mind that the type of wallpaper can also affect the length of the job and the cost. Some types are thicker and use stronger glues that in turn are harder to remove. If you have multiple layers of thick wallpaper this could add extra time to your project.


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