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How much does wallpaper installation cost?

Nov 25, 2020

Wallpaper installation costs in the UK range from £150 to £400. This average is then influenced by the number of walls you plan to wallpaper and whether wallpaper removal will be required first, among other factors. To learn more about all the factors which can influence the price of wallpaper installation simply keep reading this comprehensive cost guide. Then, to easily compare costs for your wallpaper installation, simply submit a free wallpaper installation request.

Wallpaper Installation Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£150
UK National Maximum Cost£400
UK National Average Cost£260
Average Range£150 - £400

Included in This Price guide

About Wallpaper Installation

Are you planning a home renovation to update your interiors? Then you might be wondering, just how much does it cost to wallpaper a room or simply how much it costs to wallpaper a wall. After all, wallpaper makes a great option for an accent wall. If so, you're in the right spot! This guide looks at the cost of wallpapering a room to help you plan out your budget.

Hanging wallpaper is a great way to update the look of any room, but it can be a tough job to handle on your own. So you may want to hire someone to do it for you. However, it is important to keep in mind that other factors can influence the cost. So it is always best to speak to your professional directly for a custom cost estimate.

To start you can easily view the average wallpaper installation costs for the UK in the chart above. Then to find the cost of wallpaper installation in your area simply type in your postcode.

How Much to Wallpaper a Room in The UK? - Top Considerations

Before you start your project, take the scope of the area you would like to wallpaper. Then when you know what you need, you'll be able to describe the project in detail so that you can find the right professional.

Current Condition of Walls

First, you should take a look at the room you're hanging wallpaper in. Walls that are clean and smooth are set for wallpaper hanging. In some cases it's possible to wallpaper over wallpaper if the old wallpaper is still in fair condition.

However, not every wall will be in top condition and ready to go. Your walls may need a bit of repair and attention first before you start. Make note of any damage or scratches that will need to get fixed up beforehand. Any holes from hanging artwork and pictures should be filled in as well. Then, walls with major damage will need repair before any wallpaper gets hung.

Number of Rooms

Wallpapering several rooms can make an attractive statement in your home renovation. You might plan to put the same pattern up throughout your home or in several rooms or, you may also have plans to cover your walls in several different patterns.

Wallpaper prices can also vary by the rooms you plan to wallpaper. For instance, the materials used between the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom wallpapers will be different. This ensures they are best suited to the particular needs of that room. As a result bedroom wallpaper prices will likely vary from the cost for living room wallpaper.

When you search for professionals, give them an idea of how many rooms need to be covered. This way, you'll get the most accurate quotes to consider, as naturally, the wallpaper cost for one wall will differ from entire room wallpaper prices.

A professional wallpaper hanger is the best option for covering your walls. Whether it's one room or many, they have the tools and expertise to get the job done right.

How Much Does Wallpaper Cost? - Comparison of Wallpaper Types

The next step when planning out your wallpapering project is to sort out how much is wallpaper. You can determine what different wallpaper prices will be through a comparison of the different materials. Your choice of wallpaper can also affect the hanging process. The most common wallpaper is vinyl-based. This makes it easy to clean and is relatively simple to hang.

Other options for wallpaper include foil, flock, and fabric materials. The price of wallpaper for these more luxurious materials may be higher as well. However, these can give your room a luxurious and elegant look, which will make it well worth the investment. They can be trickier to hang, so be sure that your chosen pro has experience with these materials before you start.

When you've chosen your favourite wallpaper, add this wallpaper cost to your budget. The price of your materials is an important aspect of every renovation budget.


Make sure that the workspace is clear and ready to go, without any obstructions. This will save your professional precious setup time. They can get started hanging wallpaper right away!
Walls should be clear of any art and curtains removed from any windows in the room. Furniture should also be moved out of the way.

You can keep costs down by doing this kind of work yourself. If you need help with the heavy lifting, let your professional know. They'll be happy to give you a hand! Simply keep in mind that if you do need assistance moving furniture that this will add to the timeline for your wallpaper installation project.

How Long to Wallpaper a Room?

The time it takes to hang wallpaper will depend on the project itself. Larger rooms will take more materials and more time to complete. Planning to put up wallpaper in several rooms? You'll need to give your pro extra time to handle the additional work.

The wallpaper itself can also influence the project's length. A complicated pattern will need an exact match to get the look just right. Your pro will need to take time to make sure everything looks great.

If you need an exact timeframe, contact your pro. They can work out an estimated time based on the size of your project.


Wallpapering can be a difficult job and is best left up to the pros. When you look for a wallpaper hanger, you'll want to find someone qualified. Check that they have experience with the type of wallpaper you plan to hang.

When finding wallpaper hangers through Bidvine you can easily review their qualifications. Simply pop over to their profile to see pictures of before and after projects, read reviews and learn more about their business.

To learn more about the process your professional may use to install wallpaper check out this guide.


The location of your home can also influence the cost of the project. Try and find a wallpaper hanger that works out of your area.

These pros should charge rates that are in line with your area's cost of living. If you choose a pro outside of your area, remember that costs may vary.

Finding a wallpaper hanger near you is the best way to tackle a project. This is especially true if you plan to do more wallpapering jobs in the future. You'll have someone you can count on!

Cost Comparison of Popular Interior Projects

Considering another home improvement as well as wallpaper installation? This handy chart below compares costs for some of the most popular interior projects to make budget planning that much easier.

Home Improvement ProjectAverage Hourly Cost
Interior Design£40
Interior Painting£16
Wallpaper Installation£22
Wallpaper Removal£16
Wallpaper Repair£20


Now you're all set with the knowledge you need to plan out the wallpaper cost for your home!

Wallpaper is a beautiful way to finish your walls. With the help of a wallpaper hanger, you can easily update the look of any room. Bringing in a professional will guarantee a high-quality installation. Your wallpaper will look great, especially around any windows and doors.

You'll be able to enjoy your new walls with less mess too! Best of all, hiring a professional wallpaper installer will make this a stress-free project. Ready to start your search? Submit a free request for bids below and get your wallpapering project underway!

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