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How much does toilet repair cost?

Sep 12, 2019

Nationally the average price for toiler repair in the UK ranges from £60 - £100, this can then vary based on factors such as the reason for repair, type of toilet, and extent of damage to the toilet. The toilet is the most commonly used plumbing fixture in your house, so it probably comes as no surprise that at some point in the lifetime of a toilet, it is likely to break or have some sort of problem.

Toilet repair may seem quick and easy, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could cause further problems and cost yourself more money, for example, worsening a leak. This could cause further damage to your home and may end up costing you much more overall. An expert toilet repair professional will be able to correctly diagnose the problem with your toilet, and deal with it effectively and efficiently.

Toilet Repair Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£60
UK National Maximum Cost£100
UK National Average Cost£80
Average Range£60 - £100

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Reason For Toilet Repair

There are numerous problems that can occur with your toilet, and the nature of the problem will impact the price of repair.

A constantly running toilet needs addressing as it can waste gallons of water every day – if you have a water metre, this could cause a huge spike in your water bill. There are various different types of repairs to your cistern which may be necessary. The extent of these repairs may affect the overall cost of the work.

A slowly filling toilet can be the result of debris or of parts that need replacing.

Leaks can occur inside the tank of the toilet or around the base and repairing a leak may involve replacing various valves and parts. Leaks can damage your floor and the area beneath the floor, so it is vital to get this dealt with as soon as possible. If you hear a constant trickle, this could be a sign of a toilet leak. It can be difficult to ascertain where the leaks are coming from, which is why hiring a trained expert is important for repairing toilet leaks. If there is rot or damage, this will also need repairing, which will increase the price of your toilet repair work.

Having a clogged toilet can be stressful, particularly if it is the only toilet in your home. A blocked toilet can often be unblocked yourself with a plunger. However, trying to force your toilet could spell trouble. An expert will be able to unblock your toilet without causing further damage. The cost may be influenced by the cause of the blockage. If the blockage is inside your toilet itself, then this will be a straightforward piece of work for a toilet repair technician. However, if the problem is with the sewage line, this could be a more complex job. In addition, if you want an expert to come immediately, this could influence the price.

If your toilet isn’t flushing, you may have a problem inside your cistern. It is worth opening it to check whether the float ball has just become stuck – if so, moving it may get your toilet flushing again. However, it’s possible that you have a broken or clogged valve or even a clog elsewhere in the system. This is when it is time to call in an expert to fix your flush. Parts that need replacing may be added onto the cost of calling out a toilet repair technician.

Another potential issue is if your toilet handle has become too loose or too tight. This may be resolvable yourself but so as not to risk causing damage by overtightening your flush handle, it is worthwhile getting a pair of expert eyes in.

A noisy toilet may be a result of restricted water flow, leaking valves, malfunctioning valves, or a build-up of calcium inside the pipes. An expert toilet technician will be able to diagnose and rectify the problem.

How Long Has The Toilet Been Having Issues?

If the toilet has been having problems for a long time, it is possible that other damage has been caused which will need dealing with by your toilet technician.

Type of Toilet

There are various different types of toilet, and the price of a repair will be affected by the kind of toilet you have.

A two-piece toilet is where the cistern and bowl have been manufactured separately then joined together. These are easier, and therefore cheaper, to fix and have parts replaced.

Although one-piece toilets are a bit more complex to fix, they tend to be a little more durable, so you may need fewer repairs.

Wall-hung toilets have the cistern inside the wall, meaning that for any issues inside the tank, you will need to hire an expert.

Is Repair or Installation the Most Cost-Effective Option?

If you have numerous issues that need resolving, it may be worth considering installing a new toilet entirely. Although replacement of a toilet may seem like a more expensive option up-front, older toilets tend to use higher amounts of water. This means that if you have a water meter, you may end up paying more in the long run if you decide to repair an older toilet instead of replacing it. Speak to your plumber find out which option will be most cost-effective.


Naturally, the cost of toilet repair will depend on how long the job takes. More simple work, such as replacing parts in the cistern, will take less time and therefore be cheaper.

Experience of Toilet Repair Technician

Given that the improper repair of a broken toilet can cause damage to your home, as well as potentially impact your water bill, it is essential that you hire someone that you know will do the job right the first time.

Make sure that your toilet repair technician is experienced and qualified. Getting someone with less experience may seem like a cheaper option, but it could cost you more in the long run.


Your location will have an influence on the price of your toilet repair. The cost of living, including services such as plumbing, tends to be higher in southern England, so you may find that the price of toilet repair is higher than somewhere outside of this area. Also, the distance that your plumber has to travel may impact the price, as they will have to factor in this additional cost.

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The cost of toilet repair will depend on factors such as the type of toilet you have, the specific issue with the toilet and whether you need parts or even the entire toilet replacing. Are you ready to find out the cost to repair your toilet? Submit a free request and get bids from top toilet repair technicians in your area!