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How much does tile repair cost?

Sep 12, 2019

The national average hourly rate to hire a tile repair expert in the UK is about £20 depending on experience. Costs for a simple tile repair for a few tiles may only need a few hours of labour plus the cost of materials. However, more extensive tile repair projects will increase costs. So if you have a large tile repair project in mind be sure to budget accordingly. 

Tile Repair Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£20
UK National Maximum Cost£20
UK National Average Cost£20

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Benefits of a Tile Repair Expert

Tiles look beautiful after they are first installed, but over time, they can become subject to damage and wear and tear. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to get all of your tile replaced, as tile repair can often get your tilework looking fantastic again.

There are multiple factors which will affect the cost of repair to your tile work, so take these into consideration when hiring an expert tile repair professional. Beware of attempting to fix the work yourself, as this can often create bigger problems given the delicacy of the job.


Tiles, although tough, are brittle, and prone to damage. If your tiles have become loose, cracked, chipped or damaged in any way, tile repair may be the answer. Although it can be a delicate and time-consuming job, it can be much less costly and more convenient than completely replacing your tiles.

It’s key to deal with the issue as soon as you notice that there has been some damage to your tiles so that the problem doesn’t worsen.

One of the big reasons for hiring a tile repair expert is to check whether there is a larger, underlying issue. It may be that you need some grouting redoing or that some of your tiles need replacing. A trustworthy expert will make sure that you have the information about the work that needs doing. If you try to do the work yourself, you run the risk of making poor decisions about your tiling or even making the problem worse. For example, trying to remove one tile may damage the grouting or the other tiles next to it.

Tile Materials

The type of materials that your tiles are made from will determine how tricky, and expensive, they are to repair, and whether they need replacing entirely.

Ceramic tiles are made from clay and other materials, coated and then glazed. The surfaces of ceramic tiles can be restored, and colours and patterns can be replicated. The extent of the colours and artwork required to restore the tile can be a factor in the price. For example, patterned tiles may require more work than plain tiles.

Porcelain tiles are more durable and thus trickier to repair, and this may bring the price up compared to ceramic tiles.

Marble is a delicate material and can easily become damaged. Stains, scratches and wearing are common. The cost of repairing marble tiling will depend on the extent of the damage as the processes for fixing surface damage and deeper damage require different amounts of work. Tile repair experts will also give you advice on how to maintain your marble tiles to keep them in tip-top condition after they have been repaired.

Granite can be a little easier to repair than some other materials, and an expert is likely to be able to repair or replace a single tile without affecting the surrounding tiles if the extent of the damage is not too serious.

Stone tiles can be repaired using a type of filler. The cost will rise if any of the tiles need replacing, but your tiling expert will be able to help you make the right decision as to what you need.

Repairing slate tiles can often be done with a simple glue or grout, which will bring down the cost. As with other tiles, they may also need replacing, but with slate tiles, this won’t incur a particularly large cost as the costs of the tiles themselves are reasonable.

Terrazzo tiles are highly durable, but sometimes they can still get damaged. Although they are similar to marble, they require slightly different restoration methods. Fine line cracks are easy to repair and will not be highly costly. Deeper scratches will require different treatment, but they are not as difficult to repair as certain other types of tiles. Terrazzo tiles stain and wear down easily so longer-term maintenance should be discussed with your tiler.

Tile Maintenance

As we’ve mentioned, some tiles are more delicate and require maintenance. Your tiler may be able to offer advice or regular maintenance work. This could be an excellent long-term investment.

Another issue with certain types of tiles is that they can stain and get marked. Some tile repair companies offer regular cleaning. This may bring the overall costs down and is worthwhile discussing with your tiling professional.


Area to Tile

The size of the area which needs tile repairs will obviously impact on the cost of the work. If you have a number of damaged tiles in a larger area, a large area of flooring, clearly this will cost more money than a small area inside the shower.

The more extensive your tiling project, the longer it will take, which will impact on the price. However, think of this as an investment in your tiles and remember that attempting to do the project yourself could end up causing more damage and costing you more in the long run.

The Extent of The Tile Repair Project

If there is extensive damage or a larger underlying problem, it can sometimes be more cost-effective to replace the tiling altogether. This is a decision that you can make soundly once you have had the advice of a professional tiler.

Experience of Tiler

When getting tiling work done in your home, you want to make sure you have the right person for the job. Make sure that they have got tiling experience and be sure to check out their portfolio to see the tiling work that they have already done. A great tiler will have glowing references and reviews.


The location in which you live is likely to have an impact on the price. You may find prices more competitive in northern cities, whereas rural areas and in and around London may be more costly. Make sure you hire someone local as this will minimise their travel costs and the overall price of the work.

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It’s difficult to tell what tile work needs doing if you don’t have the expert eye. Hiring a professional tiler will allow you to make the right decision as to whether you need your tiles repairing or replacing. You are also much less likely to cause further damage if you employ someone who knows how to get the job done right first time!