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How much do Tai Chi lessons cost?

Aug 20, 2018

The art of Tai Chi is an effective way for many people to get in shape. Originating in China, this exercise focuses on getting your mind, body, and spirit to work together to improve your entire life.

But it can seem daunting to someone who is just starting to get healthy or who may not be familiar with this ancient practice. In these instances, you will want to enlist the help of a trusted professional. They are sure to teach you the proper technique to help you reach your goals.


Knowing how much Tai Chi lessons will cost can help you budget for this rewarding activity. Many factors will influence the cost of your Tai Chi lessons, such as your goals or your instructor’s experience. Consider these factors to help you determine the average charge for your lessons. You may also want to think about exactly what you want from your instructor to be sure that you are getting a great fit. This way, you can look forward to your lessons and learning the art of Tai Chi!
Tai Chi is a great choice for many different reasons, but you will want to be sure it is the right type of physical and mental discipline. So it makes a lot of sense to think about why exactly you are drawn to Tai Chi. This way, you can make sure it’s going to give you what you want!

Perhaps you are choosing Tai Chi for recreation. It’s a great way to find time for yourself amidst the busy pace of regular life. Set aside some time for yourself and create a daily habit for Tai Chi to claim some time for you!

Many classes take place outdoors, allowing you to enjoy getting out as well as partaking in exercise. It also gives you a chance to spend some time at a slower pace to contrast with other demands on your time. Since it is a low impact exercise, Tai Chi is a great fit for any age. Not only will it get you out of the house, but you may meet new friends in your classes!

There are many physical benefits to regular Tai Chi. Not only will you start on a path that leads to getting fit, but you will be given great tools for managing stress and keeping yourself focused. Regular Tai Chi practice helps create more energy so you feel more rested and ready for the next challenge that comes your way. You’ll also see benefits such as increased flexibility and body awareness. 

You may also wish to take Tai Chi lessons to help you prepare for a competition. Many people are not aware that Tai Chi is a competitive sport, but it is a martial art! For this reason, Tai Chi as defence training finds its place in a competition. If your goal is to get good enough to place at a meet, you’ll need more intense lessons. This will push you harder to achieve the better results a competition demands.

Student’s Experience
Anyone can learn Tai Chi with the right instruction! Even if you are brand new to the idea of this art, it’s very easy to learn. Your instructor just needs to know your level of experience to ensure you are in the best classes to learn what you need. Advanced classes won’t be much help if you are trying to learn the basics! But you can find classes that are well-suited to your experience and comfort, no matter what that might be.
Style of Tai Chi
With five styles of tai chi to choose from, you may feel overwhelmed! But each will offer you health benefits and a chance to get mentally and physically fit.
Yang Tai Chi

Yang Tai Chi is the most popular style, making it relatively easy to find an instructor to teach you. There are several variations of the Yang style that may look different or focus on different movements, but all will be known as Yang.


Wu comes in second to Yang style in terms of popularity. Together, these styles form the majority of Tai Chi instruction. Wu favours smaller body movements over the larger ones found in Yang, even though it grew out of that style. This can be a great choice for focusing on your muscles and internal movements since you are limiting your outward motion for more control.


Sun style and other combination styles are gaining in popularity. These styles choose movements from each of the other styles and can even include elements from other martial arts! This makes it a challenging and exciting style to learn. Sun style uses smooth, flowing movements that avoid sudden movements that some find difficult as they age, making it a great choice for anyone easing into the practice.  


Wu/Hao is another very rare style with extremely small movements — even smaller than in the Wu style! These very compact movements are challenging. It’s a style best suited for someone who is already familiar with Tai Chi because of the demanding nature of the moves. This may not make it the best choice when you start out, but it can be an option to add challenge in the future.


Chen style is the very first style of Tai Chi. Chen is very unique as it combines the expected slow-moving motions with fast, choppy ones! It’s more athletic and is physically challenging as the movements are more complex. It can be viewed as more of a martial art because of this composition.

If you aren’t sure what style is best for you, simply ask your instructor! They can meet with you to discuss your goals. An instructor will use this information to guide you to the right decision.


Tai Chi lessons are usually about 45 minutes to an hour in length. But don’t expect just to take one class and gain mastery! To truly advance in this practice, you will need to sign up for a series of lessons that will take you from basic movements to the more complicated and demanding ones. It truly is an ongoing practice — once you discover Tai Chi, you will want to continue taking lessons!

Instructor’s Experience

With many moves to learn and master, you will want to find an experienced Tai Chi instructor to guide you. Your teacher should have training in the art as well as some experience leading their own classes. Sometimes, you may find a teacher has certifications, especially if they are teaching Tai Chi for your health. This enables them to lead classes with people of differing abilities and ensure everyone is moving safely.

To feel confident you've chosen the right instructor take a look at reviews on their Bidvine profile. Here, you can find out more information from people who have taken classes, such as the instructor’s level of professionalism or how well they answered students’ questions. Even a little advance knowledge can help to make you more comfortable in your lessons.


Choosing a local instructor can help you save costs! You’ll find that the costs quoted are on par for your area as the instructor uses the same cost of living as you do. There won’t be any surprises when it comes to your lessons.

Practising Tai Chi will have some great benefits for your life. And whether it’s for recreation, fitness or to bring you to the next level at a competition, lessons are the best way to help you reach your goals. From Chen to Yang to Wu, with the right instructor, you will be able to learn Tai Chi in the way that you want.

While it has grown in popularity across the world, finding a great Tai Chi instructor is not always easy. If you want some help locating a teacher you can trust, why not put Bidvine to work? Submit a free request about what you are looking for to find trusted local professionals set to teach you this ancient art.

Tai Chi Instructors near you


Elite Wellness

(8 reviews)

3 hires on Bidvine

Collier Row, East London RM5 3NJ


We care enough to treat everyone as a unique individual with potential for change and the ability to reach there optimum state of wellness. My philosophy is "dedicated to helping people grow their capabilities and resources and getting individuals and groups to reach the next level of empowering health no matter where they are in the process right now".



(4 reviews)

Lower Holloway, North London N7 8HY


We have so many great options to get you to your fitness goals. MiPlanetFitness offer a complete package for you to achieve your ultimate goal to health and wellbeing. All our training programmes have been rigorously tried and tested to help you achieve your goals, lead by Ian Campbell and supported by a great team of experienced and dedicated fitness professionals. MiPlanetFitness are fully insured and highly qualified to deliver specialised training and advice in a wide range of disciplines so you can benefit from a truly individual experience.


Innerfit Ltd.

(4 reviews)

Old Ford, East London E3 2PF


I’m here to help people find their love for fitness. Far too many of my friends and family were fighting to become who they want to be, only to be failed by quick-fix fitness ‘solutions’. Something had to change. I knew fitness didn’t have to be a battle destined to failure, a source of pain and frustration. I knew fitness could be a source of pleasure and fulfilment. Each of us is unique and fitness is different for everyone. It has to be tailored and work uniquely for you, at this moment. The 1-1 training I offer reflects this philosophy. As a trainee instructor at London fitness studios FRAME and Project Fit, I know first hand that fitness can be fun and effective. I hope I can help you find your love for fitness too!


Body and mind clinic

(3 reviews)

Chelsea, West London SW3 1SA


It’s very easy to fall into a routine of pursuing and working hard in our careers but paying little attention to what matters most: our health. With over 20 years of experiencing, I’ve observed scores of people suffer and deal with chronic pain that could’ve been easily prevented if they adopted a lifestyle packed with movement and exercise. I’m a qualified personal trainer and therapist offering a range of services that help my clients to alleviate pain and promote their wellbeing. With a fierce passion and interest in all health and fitness matters, I’ve devoted time and energy to learning more about how the human body functions. Over the past 20 years, I have integrated various forms of health related practices to offer great results to my clients. I studied sports science at university whilst running a martial arts school. I applied my learning’s to my personal training career, but over time I have focused on a more hands-on integrative therapist to nurture a more delicate balance between movement and rest. I have integrated my learning in areas like High Performance Advanced Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, Martial Arts, Qi Gong, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Tuina (Chinese osteopathy & Chinese medical massage), Hara (Japanese organ and abdominal diagnosis), Fire cupping (hot and cold treatments), Gua Sha (skin, scar or adhesion based therapies), Facial Rejuvenation (cosmetic acupuncture), Biofeedback Electrotherapy, Sports Rehabilitation, Reiki, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy, Nutrition including Metabolic Typing, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, Mitochondrial Therapy, Heart Rate Variability, DNA Health and Fitness Genetic Testing, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, and training in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnosis. We often get caught up in the performance, the workload and completely skip the experience of the task. I had noticed early on that an all-encompassing approach nurtured better performance results. I currently customise exercise, health and well-being programmes including developing rehabilitation programmes for people with chronic diseases. My programmes can be customised for everyone from professional athletes (footballers and UFC fighters) to doctors and the elderly. I am in high demand especially with the older generation as they work towards staying youthful and strive to prevent possibilities of accidents. I regularly work with ex-CEOs of major firms, and they are the ones who are currently mentoring me through my projects. I currently arrange Salsa social dance and choreography for people who prefer an alternative immersion into movement practice. At the same time, I co-teach hardworking people to escape their hectic pace of life through music and dance workshops or martial arts sessions. I believe these are great at building or restoring confidence and help my clients to become more aware and how to better use their instincts. I’m dedicated to using the multiple tools I have access to in order to customise programmes that are unique to your needs. I’m friendly, patient, and always willing to offer important advice when it’s most needed. Before getting started, I will make sure you know what is offered and will work to surpass your expectations. I’m candid about outcomes and am happy to discuss any follow-ups. I offer discounts on multiple bookings and offer alternative days and a range of locations. Whether you want to get rid of excess pounds, improve your physique and flexibility or simply train to stay active and enhance your stamina, I can help and make sure you enjoy the process. Please get in touch to discuss more about your health concerns and issues. Look forward to hearing from you.


Barnaby Kent

(2 reviews)

Kentish Town, North West London NW5 3LA

Rob D.

Barnaby has been providing me with one-to-one tai chi coaching on a regular basis. I couldn't recommend him enough. He combines a wonderful, approachable style with a deep knowledge of tai chi from his years receiving instruction from the best in China. He makes suggestions for how to improve your stance and movements without overwhelming you, meaning that I've been able to remember and put into practice his suggestions with immediate effect. He is very supportive and encouraging.


Paul Tavares

Motspur Park, South West London KT3 6QQ


I help people strengthen the dimensions of the mind body emotion and spirit. I can help with getting fit, losing weight and staying physically healthy. I have personal training experience and integrate yoga, taichi and martial art style exercises into what I do. When you’re overwhelmed by anxiety or if you’re looking for an energetic pick me up to re-build strength, relieve stress, frustration and depression I can use Reiki and NLP as part of an overall treatment to.settle even the most troubled mind. I am an internationally recognised instructor of Hatha yoga, meditation including Zen, mindfulness and NLP. I’m also trained in martial arts including kung fu, karate, Tai Chi, chigong, self-defence, and other unique disciplines. I am a personal trainer and nutritionist too. So, whatever your goals are, I can help you. Whether they are for rehabilitation, settling the mind, the emotions or regaining focus....perhaps becoming stronger and more able to think positively... contact me...I CAN HELP. I have over 20 years of experience in the world of yoga, Tai Chi, meditation and self-defence. I have helped people achieve weightloss goals, I have always been told I have a calming influence and through my group or one-to-one sessions, I will help you develop a strong toned physique, learn to overcome your doubts and fears and become stronger and settled in mind. I will also cultivate an energy of empowerment and inspiration in you to go the extra mile. If you’re keen to conquer your fears and become a better version of yourself physically emotionally mentally and spiritually, please get in touch because I can take you to levels you thought were not possible. Thank you for your interest in my profile and I look forward to hearing from you.

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