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How much do swimming lessons cost?

Mar 22, 2018

Swimming lessons typically include 10-14 lessons spread out over as many weeks, but this number and timeline can vary. Talk to your swimming instructor to find out more about how they structure their sessions.

The cost of your lessons can also vary depending on the factors outlined below such as whether you opt for group or private lessons.


A refreshing activity in the heat of summer, swimming is a great way to cool off at the beach or in a pool. It's important to have a basic knowledge of swimming for special occasions. That way you can fully enjoy an impromptu trip to the beach or a southern holiday.

Who Is Taking The Lessons

It is important to have a clear idea of who will be taking the lessons. Are you trying to find swimming lessons for your child, a family member, or for yourself? Once you have a clear idea you can specify this in the Bidvine request form.

Your Goals

Your goals are another key factor when it comes to swimming lessons. Do you know how soon you’d like to be proficient at swimming? If you do this will help you and your instructor plan a timeline accordingly. 

Size of The Lessons

You can find swim lessons of all sizes: one to one, smaller than five, or larger than five. Usually, you'll be able to discuss the size with your swim coach and decide which is the best fit for your needs. Most children or adults will learn in group sessions.

One to one training is great if you are learning later on in life or you have health concerns. That way your coach can provide you with closer attention and personalised guidance.

With a lower coach to student ratio, smaller classes can focus on individual needs and requirements as well. Although everyone will progress at different paces, the end of the session should see everyone with similar skills.

Then there’s also the option for a larger session. This has many of the same benefits of smaller classes, such as the ability to learn from classmates. However, the large size means that the instructor won’t be able to spend as much time one-to-one with each student.

Keep in mind that for each type of class size, they will have varying costs. Larger classes tend to be more cost-effective than small or one to one sessions as the cost is split among more students.


Swimming lessons are usually one hour in length. An hour gives you enough time to be in the pool to start learning swimming techniques. The lessons will primarily take place in the pool allowing you time to practise your new skills.

Many lessons will incorporate a games-led approach that will keep even young children engaged and interested in the activities. Keep in mind that as swimming is a whole-body activity, you may tire quickly. Staying in the water longer may not be as helpful as frequent practice. If you'd like more pool time, aim for repeat visits.

Your Experience Level

It's important to consider your experience and comfort level when looking for lessons. It's completely fine if you've never been in the water before, but it does mean you'll need to look at beginner lessons!

If you have no experience in the water or if you're dealing with a water phobia, you'll have to make sure your instructor is aware. Private lessons may be a good solution if you have concerns about your own comfort in the water, but you can also find beginner’s lessons for adults.

Instructor’s Experience Level

Look for instructors who are certified in teaching swimming. They should have CPR and First Aid training in addition to being strong swimmers. Sometimes certified lifeguards also teach swimming on the side. A certification assures that the teacher knows about swimming strokes and techniques and is prepared to teach. 

Age of Student

While many of the available swimming lessons are geared younger age groups, taking a class can be beneficial at any age. Children are typically grouped together by age as they are expected to have relatively similar physical abilities at the start of each session.

Then the swimming curriculum also has certain skills which must be met before students advance to the next stage. Adult only lessons are structured in a similar fashion. A swimming instructor will regularly assess the students' progress to ensure they are on track.

Purpose of Swimming Lessons

To Become a Lifeguard

Do you dream of becoming a lifeguard?  Strong swimming skills can lead the way. While you'll need to take special classes to know how to perform rescues in the water, general swimming lessons touch on the basics of the pool assessment. Swimming tasks like treading water, diving, and knowledge of different strokes are also taught in lessons. A comprehensive knowledge of the water is essential when training to become a lifeguard.


Swimming is also a great way to get fit and builds whole-body strength. Thanks to the buoyancy of water, nearly anyone can use swimming to meet their fitness goals. The motions of swimming strokes use nearly all your muscles. Swimming is also an essential skill if you plan to race in a triathlon.


Knowing how to swim can also make a trip to the beach more enjoyable. Instead of worrying about getting your feet wet you’ll be confident to have a nice swim with your friends and loved ones.

Access to Pool

If you're lucky, you might have a pool at home you can make use of for lessons. Otherwise, you’ll need to search for a nearby pool for regular practice. The more convenient this location, the more likely you'll make regular use of it. An indoor pool facility is the best option, then you can swim during every season.

Most public pools are open to bookings for lessons in addition to their own lesson schedules. You won't want to try and access a pool for lessons during an open swim when the pool is at its most busy.


No matter whether you already know how to swim or if you are looking to start, swimming lessons can help. Swimming is a great way to have fun at the beach in warmer weather or to stay fit all year round.

Plus, it’s a skill that, much like riding a bicycle, you can easily remember once learned. Regardless of your experience or age, you can learn to swim! All it takes is some time and an excellent swim coach. 

Ready to find swimming lessons near you? Take the plunge and submit a free request on Bidvine to connect with local swimming instructors!

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Ruta is very nice. Just one course, I already made progress.


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From battling obesity, I have managed to defy the odds of healthiness and fitness to a high standard all through self training! Now a marathon and triathlon athlete, I want to take my knowledge and experience to the next level by helping other people not only reach, but to smash the goals they set for themselves! Motivation is the key, and success happens one step at a time! :)


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