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White Dog Music


Serves Camberley, Surrey

Offers online lessons

16 years in business

Paula J. said "Simon has been teaching my son guitar for many years. He has been a great mentor to him and has a vast knowledge of music. Simon is supportive, approachable and always responds quickly to emails/texts. Thanks largely to Simon, my son is soon to take his grade 6 guitar exam and is goi

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Giuseppe Pucciarelli


Serves Camberley, Surrey

Package discounts

Offers online lessons

The last two years of working as a Guitar Teacher have let me understand what my key responsibilities are. These include the planning of interactive and inspiring lessons that ensure that students make excellent progress; to establish positive behaviour for learning and to inspire a generation of yo

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Guitar Lessons Woking

Serves Camberley, Surrey

1 hire on Bidvine

13 years in business

I try to make teaching and music as fun as possible whilst trying to get the best out of my students by keeping them inspired. The way I run my guitar lessons at the moment is that I drive to students homes and teach after school. As a guitarist, I have worked professionally for the last 9 years. p

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Hugh Collis Music Tuition

Serves Camberley, Surrey

Hi, My name is Hugh Collis and I am a 22-year-old guitar and piano teacher with experience teaching all ages and abilities. I’d say what sets me apart from other tutors is that I don’t just hurl a bland barrage of facts at my students. Creative inspiration is the key to expression in music, and in

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Matthew Starritt

Serves Camberley, Surrey

Nevertheless, technique is useless without 'feel'. My aim when I teach students is to marry technique and feel; one very good way of achieving this is to divide the session into two parts. In the first part, we work on technique, including scales, finger positioning and dexterity; in the second pa

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Ryan Cornall

Serves Camberley, Surrey

Offers online lessons

- Youtube video with over 65,000 views & various different Facebook videos with over 25,000+ views. Why should I choose you over the other million Guitar Teachers & Performers? From my past experiences, I have learnt how to adapt to most contemporary styles from performing at many different gi

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Alex O'Connell

Serves Camberley, Surrey

Offers online lessons

3 years in business

Whether you're already playing the guitar, simply just starting from scratch, wanting to extend your music theory or wanting to pick up a new musical instrument during the lockdown, I'll be more than happy to guide you through your journey of great musicianship. I am highly professional and have bee

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Vincent Way

Serves Camberley, Surrey

Offers online lessons

1 year in business

I can teach various styles and I'm sensitive to learners needs and can adapt to the level of the learner. I give individually tailored lessons either online or in the clients home. I studied at length under various theory tutors and have a good understanding of general music theory; specifically ja

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