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£120 - £280

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£120 - £280  National average range
£120 - £280



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How much does sports photography cost?

Sep 09, 2019

Sports photography in the UK costs an average of £120 to £250. This cost can then vary based on the length of the sports photoshoot, any editing required, and whether travel distance is a factor for the photoshoot. To get a custom price estimate for our sports photoshoot simply submit a free request and receive bids from top professionals!

Every photo tells a story. With sports photography, that story is full of action! Whether it's a winning goal or team portraits, it's easy to remember the fun times with a great photo. Whether you play on a team or are looking to hire a photographer for a team you coach, a sports photographer will get the shots you need.

Sports Photography Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£120
UK National Maximum Cost£250
UK National Average Cost£200
Average Range£120 - £250

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A sports photographer can help capture pictures of your team, no matter what sport you play. When a professional takes your team photos, portraits, and action shots they are certain to look stellar. Read on for more information about what you should look for before you hire a photographer.

Type of Sport

Some sports photographers may specialise in certain types of sports like football or swimming. Others may cover a wide variety or limit themselves to indoor or outdoor types. Make sure you find the right kind of photographer for your needs.

A photographer needs speciality equipment to get great shots from behind protective barriers. For sports that are usually played outdoors, a photographer will use special lenses. Some outdoors sports which may need these lenses include football, cricket, and rugby.

Getting action shots of any sport is a great way to highlight the team's best moments. This works well for both team sports from basketball to hockey and individual sports like martial arts or boxing!

Type of Photos

Photos are a great way to keep track of your player’s and your team's history. You can publish team photos or keep them for your own records. With high-quality action shots, you can also promote your team or league.

Team shots of your team's roster are often taken at the start of the season or in playoffs. Keep in mind that the playoffs could be a busier time though. With other teams looking for celebratory photos, sports photography is in higher demand.

If you take individual shots when a player is in uniform it will also make a great keepsake for team members or fans.

Photo Format

Most photographers will make your photos available in a variety of formats. Some formats can cost more, as can combining different types. If you’re on a strict budget, it’s good to keep this in mind.

Digital copies are the most popular way to get your photos. Your photographer can easily email you digital photos or share them with you on a CD or USB. This format is highly popular as it’s easy to access, share with teammates and store for future use.

You can also get your photos as ready-made prints. Letting your photographer handle the printing is a convenient option. However, prints generally cost more than digital copies. This is because you’ll be paying for your photographer's time as well as covering the printing costs.

Still, there is nothing like a framed photo of you and your team!

Age of Athletes

The sports photographer's style will vary depending on the age of the athletes. Special permission may be required to take photos of younger students. They may also include fun sporty poses with sports equipment or action shots from the games.

At the secondary and university level, sports photos may be used on websites to promote the teams. Team sites also usually list players by name with an accompanying headshot. If there is a yearbook they will often feature team photos and action shots that highlight the season.


Make sure to book a session with your sports photographer that is long enough to cover your team's needs. One average sessions are usually one to two hours in length.

Taking a team photo tends to be on the shorter end of this range. It can take longer for a larger team, especially if you plan to include shots of the individual players.

Keep in mind that if you book a session to capture the team in action, the type of photos will flow naturally along with the game. Give your photographer the time and freedom to move around on the edges of the game to ensure they can capture the best shots.


A photographer's hourly rate can be set according to their experience. Someone who is just starting out will charge less than someone who's been doing it for years. You'll want to check out their photography and portfolio before to be sure you like their style. When hiring someone through Bidvine, look at their Bidvine profile to see examples of their previous work.

Keep an eye out for passionate and dedicated photographers. You want to ensure that you have a professional who is just as passionate as you are about capturing these exciting once-in-a-lifetime action shots!

A good way to see if your photographer is a good fit for your photo shoot is to check out their reviews. These are easily accessible through their Bidvine profile.


For the photo shoot, you can either go to a studio or take the pictures out on the court or field.
Taking photos in a studio is convenient as the shooting conditions will always be ideal. There’s no need to worry about rain indoors! However, it can be more complicated to coordinate time with your entire team for photos off-site. You'll have to make sure everyone is there at the same time.

Bringing your photographer out to the field is generally easier to coordinate with your team.

For on-the-field shots makes sure to time things accordingly. You don't want the photography session to conflict with the start of the game! Leave yourself enough time for photos so no one feels rushed. Then your photographer can also get great action shots during the game.


High-quality photos of a sports team are a great investment. Having great action shots can help when it comes time to advertise the team. You can promote your team to fans and new players. If you're in charge of the league, these photos are especially important.

Team photos can also help build memories. Bring in a sports photographer to help the team look its best. By leaving the job up to a pro, you can focus on the game rather than capturing the perfect shot.

Are you ready to capture a stellar photo of your team?! Then simply click below to send a free request to local sports photographers.