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£45 - £60



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How much does sports massage therapy cost?

Sep 06, 2019

The national average for sports massage therapy is about £50 to £75 per session. Depending on the length and frequency of your sports massage sessions this could vary. 

Sports Massage Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£50
UK National Maximum Cost£75
UK National Average Cost£60
Average Range£50 - £75

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About Sports Massage

The focused, intense massages which sports massage offers are great for athletes and everyone who participates in regular physical activity! The specialised attention your muscles and soft tissues receive from a trained therapist are sure to soothe any muscles that are sore from fitness activities.

The overall cost for a sports massage can vary depending on who your massage therapist is and how you set up your schedule.

We’ve outlined a few of the factors to consider when selecting your sports massage. This way, you’ll know what your massage will be like and what to expect for the cost.


Before going ahead and booking your first massage here are a few considerations to take into account.

Benefits of Having a Sports Massage

Sports massage is often done before or after strenuous activity, such as an active workout or playing sports. It’s key to helping your muscles recuperate, reducing the rest time required before you can return to activity. It also helps warm you up before taking the field or starting your workout.

This type of massage treats the soft tissues like your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. As these areas are all challenged during intense physical activity, sports massage is a perfect fit for ensuring your body recovers quickly.

Mental Benefits

All types of massage can help you relax, and a sports massage can as well. Simply consider the adrenaline rush you get after playing a great game — you need to let your heart rate slow down! This makes a sports massage the perfect way to focus on settling down and relaxing. Not only will you be taking care of your body, you’ll also be taking care of your mind.

A sports massage will also help reduce the tension held in your muscles. Even just day to day activity can cause your muscles to stiffen up so imagine the impact a heavy workout will have!

Massaging and working through tension held in your joints will ensure you can fully relax and retain comfort levels in all areas of your life. It also stimulates the production of endorphins that can help with your mood. Being deeply relaxed and comfortable can be a great side-effect of a helpful sports massage. 

Physical Benefits

With many physical benefits of a massage, you can rest assured it’s a great choice to help your performance as well as dealing with aches and pains. Sports massage can help improve your flexibility, which in turn can improve your range of movement when you're in the midst of a game or workout

Sports massage stimulates your soft tissues and improves your blood circulation. This can provide you with more energy. Your body will be faster to respond in the key moments of your game, improving your performance. Improved blood circulation reduces your recovery time. Rests will be more effective, so you can get back into the moment faster!


The length of a sports massage will vary, depending on how long you and your massage therapist feel like it should last. You can expect it to take about 60 minutes, but some sessions may be shorter or longer depending on the massage therapist's availability and your schedule.

If you are dealing with an injury, you may need to start out with a longer massage to see the most benefit. If you are going regularly, an hour should be sufficient. Of course, if you feel like you need a bit more time with your massage therapist, just ask. They will be able to work out a length that works for you. Make sure to discuss areas to focus on with your therapist so time is being spent in the right regions to get the most out of your time.

How Often Should Athletes Have a Sports Massage?

Typically, most athletes will get sports massages once a week. Since they are in constant motion, their bodies put up with a lot. Offsetting these demands calls for a weekly massage for proper care. It’s a great way to keep the body tuned up and ready for the next practice or game.

If you are serious about your sport of choice or work out often, you should also consider going for weekly or bi-weekly massages.

A sports massage can also be beneficial for light exercises. Going even once a month can reduce stiffness and pain and keep you ready for the next routine.


When you look for a massage therapist, make sure you choose someone who has both experience and qualifications. Look for a therapist who lists both general massage techniques and sports massage specialisation.

You should also check that your therapist is certified before booking your appointment. This ensures they have the proper training and understand the human body and its muscles. A trained specialist knows how to treat your soft tissues properly and help recuperate from an injury.


Aim to find a sports massage therapist that operates near you, some massage therapists may also travel to your location. This allows you to get the help you need in a convenient way, either before or after your exertions. Often, you may find room to have a sports massage using the very facilities you do your exercise in! This can be a very convenient setup that allows you to spend the most time practising or working out instead of travelling to and fro.

Finding someone nearby can also help with the cost of your massage, as their rates will be in line with what you expect. Keep in mind that if you do hire a massage therapist who lives further away, they will need to cover transportation costs so this may be reflected in their rates.

Health and Wellness ServiceAverage Hourly Cost
Personal Training£35
Yoga Lessons £45
Sports Massage Therapy£50
Health and Wellness Coach£43


Overall, sports massages will do wonders for your physical fitness and performance. It will help you both in your activity and beyond! Plus, you’ll see a lasting influence in your response time and recovery.

Not sure how to find a local massage therapist? Just fill out a free request for bids with Bidvine. We’ll do the work to find trusted local sports massage therapists, and you can focus on your next match!