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£85 - £150

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£85 - £150  National average range
£85 - £150



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How much does shower and bath repair cost?

Sep 11, 2019

Nationally, the average price range of shower and bath repair in the UK is £70 to £150. It is important to remember that these rates do vary, depending on who you hire for your work and the complexity of your project. So always be sure to speak with your professional to get a specific cost estimate for your project.

Repairing a shower or bath is a job best left to the professionals. Hiring someone will ensure you don't cause water damage during your repairs.

Shower and Bath Repair Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£70
UK National Maximum Cost£150
UK National Average Cost£100
Average Range£70 - £150

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When a problem with your shower or bath arises it can be stressful. No matter what goes awry, a professional can help get your shower back in top shape.

Type of Repair

Over time, even the best-built shower s may develop issues. For instance, you might jump in, only to experience freezing cold water due to a temperature issue! On the other hand, a water pressure issue might turn a powerful spray into a slow dribble.

Then, you may also face issues with your bathroom fittings. Repairing or replacing your shower head can prevent a leak from affecting the water bill.

Whether it empties more slowly than usual or not at all, a clogged drain can make your shower or bath unusable. Get to the root of the problem with the help of a pro.

Type of Shower

You may have different issues that arise in different parts of your shower or bath. A pro can help no matter what style of shower you have in your home.

Leaks around bathroom tiling are a major concern in any setup. The shower stall can develop cracks or problems with the seal. Then the enamel of your bathtub could also develop chips or holes. These need to be fixed promptly so your tub stays watertight.

Clogs and leaky fixtures are common problems that can happen in any type of shower. Even a combination bathtub and shower can be subject to problems.

If your shower or bath needs too many repairs, a technician may suggest a new shower and bath installation instead.

Number of Showers or Baths Which Need Repairs

Having several bathrooms in your home can be convenient, but if they all need repairs, this can add up! Putting off your repairs can be a heftier cost down the road, so making the fix now can actually help you save down the line.

A few small repairs can be booked into a single visit to help cut costs. If you do have multiple little things in need of repair, ask your pro if they are able to fix them in a single trip.

On the other hand, if you’d rather spread out the repairs, you can also ask them to help rank them by importance. That way you can focus on fixing the most pressing issues first. These recommendations can prove invaluable.


The length of time you'll have a pro in for repairs will depend on the size and complexity of your job. A shower that needs extensive repairs will take more time to complete. Several small repairs can add up as well.

Keep in mind that the longer the repair takes, the longer you'll be without your shower! Your pro may need to turn the water off to take care of leaks or water issues. This means your shower will be out of commission. To ensure you plan accordingly ask your pro to provide you with a time estimate for your project in advance.


It's important to find someone who has experience with bath repairs for your project.
Once you have the names of some pros, go through their reviews. These types of references are a great place to start narrowing down your search. You can get a sense of their familiarity with the work as well as previous clients' satisfaction.

For any plumbing work, make sure to find someone who is certified to handle the job. They'll know exactly how to fix a problem with your drain or a leak. A trained plumber will also have all the necessary tools.


The location of your job — as well as the location of your expert  — may influence the cost. The rates for work in a city usually tend to run a little higher than in rural areas.

Don't let that alarm you. These costs are all relative to the cost of living in your area. So, they will be in alignment with what you would normally expect.

You should also take a look at where your pro is travelling from. There may be a cost for travel to cover vehicle maintenance and petrol. This is usually included in the quote for the job cost.


When you hire a professional, you can rest easy knowing your repair work will be taken care of by an expert. They’ll see that any bath or shower repair is done right.

It's always best to get repairs done before the problem escalates. When you hire a pro they’ll take care of any issues before they develop into something worse. If your project involves plumbing make sure to look out for a pro with the appropriate plumbing certificate as well.

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