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How much does shower and bath installation cost?

Sep 11, 2019

The average cost of bath and shower installation in the UK ranges from £120 to £499, the exact price of your bathroom installation project will then depend on the particulars of your project. For instance, the cost of a simple repair will vary from the cost of a complete upgrade. So, to receive a more precise quote for your bath and shower installation it is always best to talk to a professional.

Shower and Bath Installation Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£120
UK National Maximum Cost£499
UK National Average Cost£225
Average Range£120 - £499

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It's a good idea to work out the costs for your budget before you start any renovation and a bathroom installation is no exception. Take the time to plan out your new shower or bath and you'll have a dream renovation. Best of all, you'll stay on budget.


Installing a new shower can improve the look of your bathroom. If you're looking to sell, this can add to your resale value as well.

There are countless styles to choose from when it comes to your shower and bath.  Whether you want a current trend or a vintage look, a bathroom installation can work wonders.

If your plan is to focus on upgrading your shower or bath, choose something that fits in with the existing style. A new shower can upgrade the look of the entire room.

When you are deciding on aesthetic, keep in mind that luxurious styles can increase the material cost of your project.

The Type of Shower or Bath to Install

Once you've committed to your renovation, you'll need to decide what type of shower or bath to install. Certain types need more time and labour to complete and brand new installations will cost more.

A shower stall can be very versatile when it comes to both style and fittings. You could even choose a combination tub and shower to get the best of both worlds! With so many choices, the costs can add up though, so to stay on budget be sure to look at all your options first.

Another popular option is to choose a wet room. This is a door-less, walk-in shower. Although fitting a shower usually costs around £113, you should expect a higher cost for a wet room.

This is because it can cost more for the tile that is necessary to make the room watertight.

Repairs and Remodelling

Repairs to your bathroom can add up, especially when dealing with extensive damage. If your pipes need work, it's best to tackle this before getting into the renovation.

Water damage can be a sign of deeper problems under the surface. It's a great idea to bring in a pro to investigate the cause of damage before they repair it. Their expertise is invaluable when it comes to working out these issues.

Once repairs are done you might also want to remodel your bathroom. These changes take more work than cosmetic upgrades and will cost more.


Once your bathroom installer arrives, you can expect to see rapid improvements. A shower installation usually takes around 3 hours to complete.

More complex installations will take longer though. Converting a standard bathroom into a wet room, for example, is labour intensive. The tile work alone can be very time-consuming.

You might want to be home while the job is being completed. Ask your pro how long they expect the job to take so you can plan your day. Don't forget to allow time after the installation is complete for drying or curing. You'll want your room to be watertight before you enjoy it!


A pro should be able to tell you what types of bathroom installations they have worked on before. They can use their experience to walk you through the process. When you have a professional on-site you can rest easy knowing your bathroom is in good hands.

You can also ask for reviews to get a better idea of what your pro can do. Previous clients will pass on the details of their job and share how well they felt the pro did. It's a great way to get specifics about the type of shower installations they've completed.

Reviews relay a first-hand experience of the installation. They may even list the type of products or fittings they used in their project which can be a great source of inspiration.


Think about your location when you compare prices from the pros. If they're in your area, they'll be basing their rates on the same cost of living you're used to.

Pros outside of your area will use their local cost of living. The rates they use may be higher or lower than what you're used to depending on the area. This means you'll see a range of rates quoted for your job, so be sure to compare the costs.

A bathroom installer may also work out the cost of materials for the renovation. They will usually use their local suppliers. If their location has a higher cost of living, this can inflate the job's cost.

ServiceMedian Hourly Cost
Shower and Bath Installation£70
Bathroom Remodelling£30
Bathroom Tiling£20
Toilet Installation£78


Hiring a professional to handle your shower installation is a great decision. They can make your bathroom dreams a reality.

A bathroom renovation also adds to the overall value of your home. Fitting a shower can help improve your listing value and show your home is well maintained.

Even if you don't plan to sell soon, you can enjoy the upgrade to your shower or bath. A shower installation looks fantastic and can make your bathroom look brand new.

A skilled bathroom installer will make sure the job gets done correctly. You won't have any surprises later on in your plumbing or waterproofing.

Does your bathroom need a new shower? Are you ready for an upgrade? Answer a few questions about your plans and submit a free request for bids from local bathroom installation pros today!