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How much do saxophone lessons cost?

Mar 22, 2018

The cost of saxophone lessons is usually calculated based on an hourly rate. A saxophone teacher charges approximately £30 - £40, regardless of the type of the music style you are learning. The complete cost for your saxophone lessons relies on how many lessons you schedule, and which instrument you purchase among other factors outlined below.


Your Inspiration and Goals

Did you hear a saxophone solo in a song on the radio, or do you have a passion for making music? There are many reasons why you might have decided to look into saxophone lessons. Yet, no matter what prompted your decision, you're on the way to a rewarding pastime.

Your Familiarity With Other Instruments

If the saxophone is your first instrument, remember to allow some extra time in your lessons to learn the necessary music theory. In the Bidvine request form, you can let your teacher know how familiar you are with music, your comfortability with your instrument and if you already understand notes and clefs.

The Type of Saxophone

You'll also need to decide on the type of saxophone you're going to start with. The most common types are alto, tenor, and baritone. Each saxophone plays at a different pitch, but they all have a great sound. If you don't think you have a preference, start with the alto saxophone. It's the most popular type and is a great starter instrument.

Teacher’s Experience

When you're looking for a saxophone teacher, keep an eye out for someone who has experience with the instrument. If your teacher has been playing the saxophone for years, you'll know they can teach you a thing or two. Some teachers will have gone through teachers' training at the Royal Academy of Music and may have received certification. However, not all music teachers need to be certified, so it will be fine if your instructor has the satisfactory experience instead.

The reed instrument family is quite unique so, you'll be best off finding someone who plays regularly. If you have your heart set to learn tenor and you find an instructor who plays alto, don't worry. The basics of playing translate well from one type of saxophone to another.

Another consideration when looking for a saxophone teacher is the type of music you'd like to make. If you have music you'd like to play on your saxophone, bring it along! Often your teacher can incorporate music from this genre into your lesson plan.

Teacher’s Location

Although a saxophone teacher might be less common than a piano teacher, you'll most likely be able to find someone nearby who is available for lessons. Even if you live outside of a major city, a saxophone teacher may be available in the area or in a neighbouring town.

You may have to travel to your teacher or have a teacher travel to you. Often music lessons are done in the home, but as the saxophone is easily transported, you could find another space that works for you both. Your instructor may even be able to suggest a space at a school facility or a community space.

Keep in mind that if you take your music lessons at a studio the cost could be higher. This is because the instructor will have to cover studio rental costs. The same is true if your teacher needs to travel quite a distance to come to your home as they will need to pay for transportation costs.

Length of Lessons

Lessons are typically one hour in length. In your first few lessons, you may spend time learning the finger positions while reading sheet music. This practice will give you time to build up your mouth’s muscle strength and your hand-eye coordination as you practice pressing the keys.

During your lessons, you’ll learn the correct position on your mouthpiece which is also known as embouchure. Playing for the full hour won't be possible at the start, but with practice, you'll be able to increase your endurance and playing time.

If you're returning to saxophone lessons after a time, you'll already know the finger positions and proper embouchure. However, you'll still need to practise to build back up to your former level of expertise.

Frequency of Lessons

Aim for lessons at least once or twice a week when you start with the saxophone. While you can opt for more frequent lessons, you may want to consider whether more lessons would be beneficial or cause frustration.

Don't be afraid to start with a weekly lesson, supplemented with at home practice. You can always build up the frequency later on. Consider your own schedule when seeking lessons, as you'll also need time to practise at home. Still, if you have room in your schedule and you could use more time with your instructor, go for it!

If you are planning on taking multiple lessons with your instructor, you may want to inquire if they offer packages. In some cases, if you book a bundle of lessons at the same time, your instructor might be able to offer you a discount.

Instrument Purchase or Rental

At the start of your quest to learn the saxophone, you might find yourself wondering whether to buy or rent the instrument.

Renting an instrument is a good option if you aren't sure whether or not the saxophone is the instrument for you. With a rental, you won't be committed to an expensive purchase if you decide to pursue other interests.

Rental is also a good choice if you are still deciding between the alto, tenor, or baritone sound. You can try one type before moving on to another and making a more permanent decision. It is best to purchase a saxophone when you know you'll stick with it.

A saxophone teacher can assist in helping you with renting or buying. Equipped with their playing experience they’ll know a bit what to look for in your instrument. They might also be able to recommend a music store or a secondhand shop that specialises in musical instruments. Then, they can offer guidance on the best place to purchase a reed for your instrument.


The saxophone is a versatile instrument with a distinct sound that works with a variety of music styles. Whether it's classical, jazz, blues, pop or rock music you hope to play with the saxophone, this instrument can do it all.

Not only will you be able to make the music you love after taking saxophone lessons, but it can also improve your mood. Playing music can make you happy, and the mellow sound of the saxophone can be a relaxing choice for your recreational hours.

A good instructor can make your dream of saxophone solos a reality. Why not find a saxophone instructor today? Set up a free request for bids on Bidvine and connect with local saxophone teachers near you!

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Fireworks Music School

(58 reviews)

191 hires on Bidvine

Merton Park, South West London SW19 3HZ

Dave P.Verified Review

Steve is a brilliant piano teacher. Our 7yr old daughter loves the lessons and is really coming on. Dave SW16


Ruby Music School

(13 reviews)

13 hires on Bidvine

Hammersmith and Fulham, West London W14 0NH

Walid A.Verified Review

Really really happy with the service provided. RMS has found the perfect teacher for me and my first experience with Violin was as great as I expected it to be. They are very quick in finding the right teacher for you and they are all very nice people. Definitely recommend!


AB Music Academy

(6 reviews)

8 hires on Bidvine

Acton, West London W3 7YG

Antoniuos A.Verified Review

Recommended to everyone , it’s very important for beginners to start with a teacher instead of tutorial videos. Many thanks andrada.


Oj Staines Music

(5 reviews)

8 hires on Bidvine

Cheshunt, Hertfordshire EN8 0AU

Ruolin T.Verified Review

I’m really enjoy the lesson that I have taken, Oliver is very patient and the class is easy for beginners to understand. Nd our time is flexible, it’s really good!


Bethany Compson-Bradford

(4 reviews)

10 hires on Bidvine

Plumstead Common, South East London SE18 1HX

Ray W.Verified Review

Amazing. Will book again.


Tamas Gyurcso

(4 reviews)

2 hires on Bidvine

Custom House, East London E16 3TY

Ksenia A.Verified Review

Tamas is a really great and patient teacher. I would certainly recommend him for anyone learning / starting to learn saxophone.

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