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How much does rubbish removal cost?

May 28, 2019

Have some rubbish that needs tidying up? Why not hire a professional to tackle your rubbish removal project quickly and easily?!

The cost for the service can vary, depending on the type of rubbish you have and how much there is. So it is always best to ask your pro for a custom cost estimate directly. Whether you have items that are large or small, a rubbish removal service can help. 


To get started, first take a look at the type of rubbish you need to deal with. Knowing the details of your project will help you find the perfect pro for the job!

Type of Items to Remove

There are many different types of rubbish that can pile up around your home or business. A rubbish removal service can handle it all.

If you need to dispose of furniture or old mattresses, bring in someone who can take care of the heavy lifting that removing these will require.

Perhaps your construction business or home renovation has created some waste. Then again maybe there is debris from construction work around the garden. A pro will make sure this waste goes to the proper facility, without the hassle of tackling it on your own.

Then, some types of waste need special handling. Calling on a service to handle electronics or appliances will guarantee proper disposal.


Make sure your rubbish is ready to go before your removal service arrives. You don't want to have them waiting around for items to be emptied or packed up. When you are prepared, the job will get done faster and you'll soon be free of your rubbish.

Furniture should be empty of personal belongings. You don't want to throw out your favourite sweater along with an old dresser!

Any electronics should be cleared of personal information as well. This includes computers, cell phones, or other devices like music players. Wipe your drives and clear SIM cards before your rubbish removal service takes them away.

Then, if you have any outdoor waste make sure it is easy to reach. You don't want to have any areas of your garden accidentally trampled when the rubbish is hauled away.

The Number of Items For Removal

The more rubbish you have, the more your job can cost.

Dealing with several skips worth of rubbish? Think you'll need a skip hire? Your rubbish removal specialist will have to make extra trips to carry it all away. This will naturally cost more than a single trip in a transit van.

If you aren't sure how much rubbish there is, you can ask a specialist to come out and look at the job first. They can then prepare an accurate price based on the number of items to be looked after.

This will give you a better sense of both your rubbish situation and the cost.

Flights of Stairs

Where is the rubbish located on your property? If it's indoors, remember to consider any flights of stairs you may have in your home or building. Stairs can make it trickier to haul rubbish around, especially if there are several flights.

While stairs aren't a deal breaker, you'll need to let your specialist know about them. This way, they can bring the proper equipment to remove rubbish in a safe and tidy manner.

If you have access to a lift, let your specialist know. This can be a great alternative to stairs, provided the rubbish will fit into the lift.


The cost for rubbish removal can vary on how much rubbish you have to remove. Bigger jobs will take longer, and this will end up costing more.

You can help cut down on the potential cost by having your rubbish packed up and ready to go. Put any loose waste into bags so it's easy to gather up and haul away. All your specialist will have to do is show up and remove it from your home.

Don't forget to account for cleaning time as well. After your rubbish removal is complete you'll want to give the space a deep clean to ensure it is sparkling with cleanliness.


When you're hiring a professional to take care of a job, you'll want to know that they're qualified. Your rubbish removal specialist needs to know the proper way to haul away waste!

You can also check to see if they have experience working with your type of rubbish as well. This is especially true for electronic waste and certain types of construction waste. Safety is key to proper disposal.

When you connect with professionals through Bidvine, you can find out information about their experience on their profile. You’ll also be able to read reviews from previous customers.

These will help you to ensure you’ve found the right pro for the job.


Your location can also influence the cost of the job. If you're in a city or other area with a higher cost of living, you may see your pro list higher rates. Some areas may also charge a fee to dispose of waste.

There can be other costs associated with the job as well. If you're on a busy city street, make sure there's space for parking. Your specialist's vehicle will need a spot close by to pick up the rubbish. If there's a cost to park, this may increase the job's overall cost.


Whether you’re dealing with rubbish after a recent project has been completed or maybe it’s simply built up over time a rubbish removal pro can help. No matter where it came from, now it’s time for it to move along.

Hire a rubbish removal service to take care of any type of waste, from smaller to larger items and avoid the heavy lifting involved in tackling it yourself. To find a rubbish removal expert in your area simply click below!