Meet more customers in the UK.

What service do you provide?

E.g. Event photography
Enter a location

Bidvine customer requests made every month

Meet more customers in the UK.

What service do you provide?

E.g. Event photography
Enter a location

Bidvine customer requests made every month

Why work with Bidvine?

We support almost any service that you might offer, and help thousands of people in the UK find professionals like you. We send you customers that are a match for you.

You're in control

You have full control over your availability, job preferences, prices, and how you interact with customers. You meet on Bidvine then message how you want.

We're there at every step

We offer tools, tips and support to help you maximise your success on Bidvine. We love to talk to service pros - call us any time with questions or feedback.

How to meet customers on Bidvine


Create your service profile

1Create your service profile

It's free and easy to create a service profile on Bidvine. Describe your services, what makes you great at what you do, how many new customers you want, and add photos and other details to detail your business.

Our profile builder will guide you into building the kind of great profile that wins new business.

Lashara Van Heerden, Personal Training

Get matched to customers

2Get matched to customers

Set your preferences and get matched to only the customers you want.

Decide to review each job and bid manually, or set up BidMatch and send bids automatically to be at the top of every customer's inbox.

Alex Miklos, Handyman

Win the business

3Win the business

Meet customers through Bidvine and use our secure system to manage the work, or move the conversation over to phone or email.

You finalise the details and bill the customer. All payments are between you and the customer.

Michael Morris, Handyman
Marina Aveti, Singing Teacher

Most of my singing students come from Bidvine, I would say that right now about 90% of my clients are from Bidvine.

Marina is a singing teacher based in London, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I list my service on Bidvine?

Customers can request help from local pros in over 900 services through Bidvine. These services span the following categories: home improvement and maintenance, gardening, events, weddings, photography, language lessons, music lessons, wellness, fitness, coaching and sport, business services, writing and translation, computer repair and more.

Who can list their services on Bidvine?

It's easy to become a Bidvine pro, and it's always free to create a business profile and start receiving leads. Bidvine helps seasoned professionals with decades of experience expand their customer base. New professionals looking to win their first customers and build a book of reviews are also being successful on Bidvine. For more details on the types of pros having success on Bidvine, check out Bidvine's pro success stories, which are interviews with pros who are growing their businesses and earning great reviews.

Does Bidvine screen customers?

Bidvine verifies some information about customers and pros to help make our platform a safer place for everyone. For pros, that includes requiring a profile photo, providing an official ID and completing Bidvine's Verified ID process, and confirming an email address. For customers, we ask detailed questions related to each service, require that customers verify their phone number, and flag requests for additional screening where necessary. Both customers and pros are encouraged to report any suspicious behaviour to us.

How should I build my business profile on Bidvine?

You are required to add certain information including profile photo, business description, business location, and business type and business registration information. What information you add beyond this is always up to you, but we encourage all pros to add photos of their work and get reviews from past customers. Photos show your process and quality. Reviews show that you do great work and can be trusted to help out by providing a great experience. Reviews and photos dramatically increase your chances of getting hired - we can't overstress their importance.

How will customers find me and book my services?

You'll add your business location and how you meet customers: they come to you, you go to them, and/or you deliver your services online or over the phone. You also add all the services that you offer to your profile. We use this information plus our algorithms to match you with the right customers. Send a bid to the customers that are a fit. Pass on the ones that aren't a fit and adjust your settings so you aren't sent these mismatches in future.

What do I pay for on Bidvine?

Each time you view a matched customer's request, you'll see how much it costs and when the charge will occur - the cost varies based on the service and job size.

How do I get paid on Bidvine?

You don't. All payments are handled directly between you and the customer. They book you directly. You request and receive payment directly from the customer. How you're paid is up to you.

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