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£90 - £192

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£90 - £192



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How much does property photography cost?

Sep 04, 2019

In the UK, property photography costs an average of £90 to £200. As this is a national estimate costs for your particular property photoshoot could vary. Hiring a skilled property photographer can turn a nice photo into a great one. When you want to sell your home, quality photos will help to set your property apart!

Property Photography Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£90
UK National Maximum Cost£200
UK National Average Cost£150
Average Range£90 - £200

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Great photos make selling your home easy. Photos allow interested buyers to view property photos and see the full potential of the space. They are key to getting prospective buyers to fall in love with how your home looks.

When planning photos, first start by thinking about your home's size and features. List your favourite things about your home, like its spacious kitchen or its beautiful fireplace. Make sure your property photographer takes photos of these features to help your home stand out.

You may also want to consider an aerial photo of your property to highlight its full exterior features.

Number of Photos

Your property photographer will likely take a walk through your property before shooting. This will give them an idea of how many photos it will take to create an accurate representation. This could be a few sample photos to generate interest or as many as a few shots in each room!

If you don’t know where to start don’t worry, experienced property photographers will generally approach the project with an idea of which areas they'll take photos of. Their experience will help them take the right photos in the right places. Then, you can always make special requests as well to highlight your home’s special features. Keep in mind that as you take more photos the cost of the project will increase.

Square Footage

The square footage of your property can influence how your photos are taken. You might want to make small rooms appear bigger, or show how spacious your garden is. If you do have a larger property you will likely need to take more photos to accommodate this. This can increase costs.

Think about the size of your property, both inside and out. Will you want to include photos of the entire property? If you do, keep in mind it will take longer to photograph.


Sometimes photographers have to light the shoot to get the best results. Interior rooms with fewer windows may need extra lighting to look natural. If this is necessary, this extra lighting equipment will likely add to the shoot's cost.

Try booking your photographer during the day. Natural light is the best source of lighting and it’s free! However, if you do have to shoot in the evening or at night, leave room in your budget to cover the cost for lighting equipment.


It takes around 1 to 1.5 hours to take photos of your property. If you are using any equipment, such as the lighting equipment mentioned above, add extra time for both setup and removal.

Remember to give yourself time too! You don't want to rush your photographer out of your property if you have another appointment. You'll get the best results by letting them work through your property at their own pace.


Photographers often have samples of their work in a portfolio.  Someone who specialises in property photography will be glad to give you an idea of their style. If you like their previous work, they'll be a good fit for you!

Most pros will also provide reviews of their work from their previous clients. If you don't see any, ask them to share. A great reference from a satisfied client can reassure you before you start. Reviews will also share clients' impressions about working with the photographer. On Bidvine, you can find reviews on the professional’s Bidvine profile.


Some photographers offer packages that combine property photography with other promotional services. This is useful if you’d like help listing your property on multiple sites or promoting your photos.

Photographers may even record video or turn photos into a virtual tour. Tours can highlight special features and help potential buyers visualise living there.

Not all pros bundle their services or offer packages, however. It's best to contact your photographer directly to find out what options they offer.


While you're thinking about your property, consider its location when pricing out photos. If you're out in the country, you might not be able to find a local photographer. Expect to see an extra cost for travel if your photographer is coming from a distance.

Your photographer may include an allowance for travel costs in their rates. If transportation is more expensive in your area, they may add a travel fee to cover the difference.

Cost Comparison of Popular Property Services For Moving House

ServiceMedian Hourly Cost
Property Clean-up£15
Property Photography£100
Man With a Van£40
Interior Painting£16


Listings with professionally-shot photos are more likely to get a buyer's attention. They also sell more quickly and spend less time on the market!

Enlist the help of a property photographer when preparing to put your home on the market. Most home listings don't use high-quality photos, so a pro can help your home stand out.

An experienced pro will know your home's best features to include in your listing. You can get a higher resale value with these impressive photos.

Are you looking to sell your home? Hire a property photographer to help your listing stand out. Answer a few questions about your property and easily submit a free request for bids from local pros below!