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The Sandra Scott Singing Studios

Lambeth, SW8
28 years in business
26 hires on Bidvine
21 reviews

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About The Sandra Scott Singing Studios

Now Offering sound enhanced LESSONS ONLINE and Free Regular Zoom Warm Up Sessions! Have you always wanted to sing but too shy to give it a go? Are you keen to hone your skills and pursue a career in music? Are you a professional singer with vocal problems or wishing to truly build very strong technique and winning repertoire? A warm welcome indeed to my singing teaching studios - I am an award-winning and highly qualified singing teacher with over 25 years of teaching experience. I trained first with Prof Arnold Rose at the London School of Singing and then to post graduate level at the world leading The Royal Academy of Music. I am a music director of 2 choirs and British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy qualified counsellor providing counselling and motivational skills coaching for musicians, performers and those working in the creative field and I am an exponent and expert in the field of Music and the Mind.. I also enjoy greatly composing harmonies for choir arrangements . With a significant number of years in this field, I’ve had the pleasure of teaching over a thousand students. When I teach, I take the whole person into account, coaching complete beginners of all ages singing for fun to those seeking to refine their skills and broaden their vocal and musical horizons. I teach across the board in terms of styles including Pop, R&B, Gospel, Folk, Musical Theatre to Opera and Classical repertoire. My vocal coaching combines a first-class vocal training, building confidence at every level and improving vocal range including the all important break/passaggio transition, vocal projection, tone colour, powerful breathing methods, vocal strength, musicality and resonance with bespoke lessons based on individual needs and goals. To take your skills to another level, I also provide many opportunities for workshops, concerts and performances in all music styles. Beyond singing lessons, I also offer life-coaching and counselling sessions. I am a very experienced and qualified counsellor and life coach with over 20 years experience helping those in the creative field including singers, musicians, actors, writers, artists and dancers and all creative and performing artists, professional or non-professional. This industry-specific counselling is designed to explore the issues and overcoming fears. From dealing with stage anxiety and stage fright to creative and personal motivation, overcoming creative blocks and gaining the confidence to perform in front of an audience, my sessions will help to amplify your talents and help to harness opportunities that will help you become an accomplished musician or creative. I hold an Introductory session to establish your expectations and for us to get to know each other. My studio is based in Vauxhall and I also teach in the beautiful medieval town of Rye. I hold daytime and evenings sessions and our vibrant and very welcoming Wall Of Sound Choir meets in Oval. I offer very competitive rates with courses also that offer free lessons and also offer fantastic ONLINE sessions .... To discover more and to discuss the process, please get in touch. Thank you for your interest and hope to hear from you soon. Prices start with a special ONLINE PRICE of £20 for an Introduction Consultation Lesson and then prices begin with a special ONLiNE price of £20 with special Singing Packages that offer Free Lessons!


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21 reviews

Customers told us this pro excelled at work quality, communication, value, professionalism, responsiveness, and punctuality.

Singing Lessons
Emma P.'s review on Sep 09, 2019

Sandra is truly amazing. I have worked with a number of singing teachers in the past and Sandra is the first of them to really help me get to grips with proper technique. Sandra is the real deal.

Singing Lessons
Gerhard d.'s review on Jul 04, 2019

In the short time I've been studying singing with Sandra, she has made a marked difference in my singing and confidence. She follows a holistic approach - she does not neglect any aspect of what makes up a great performer. Her boundless energy and enthusiasm is infectious. She is singing teacher and performance coach all-in-one. My singing lessons are a big highlight in my week. I consider myself very lucky to have found such a great teacher!

Reply from Sandra Scott from The Sandra Scott Singing Studios
Jul 05, 2019

Thank you so much Gerhard for such a glowing testimonial..It has been a joy to work with you and continue your obvious love of singing. It is great to have your considerate and thoughtful and also fun self as part of our Performance classes now also...looking forward to what the future holds for you.

Singing Lessons
Iman B.'s review on Jun 22, 2019

Sandra is this the most kindest, intuitive and proactive teachers I have encountered. I had trouble finding good teachers in the past which sadly caused me vocal problems due to that. Sandra has helped in so many ways to help my singing. I sing differently now. I’m more confident and have started to believe myself thanks to her. I feel so blessed to have started my new journey with her. If you want the best results you can get from your voice.....Sandra Scott knows what she’s doing and no mistake will be made when she is chosen as your teacher !!

Reply from Sandra Scott from The Sandra Scott Singing Studios
Jun 22, 2019

Dear Iman, Goodness a lovely lovely testimonial, thank you so much indeed. It has been my pleasure to meet you and for us to really begin to regain your voice and to now begin to be able to find your sound and to glimpse your potential. I do think we will travel down an amazing vocal journey together in finding all that you can be.

Singing Lessons
James S.'s review on May 31, 2019

Enlightening, rewarding and great fun too!

Reply from Sandra Scott from The Sandra Scott Singing Studios
May 31, 2019

Thank you so much James and the same could indeed could be said of working with you. Much appreciated indeed!

Singing Lessons
N M.'s review on May 28, 2019

Sandra is a a remarkable, enthusiastic and inspirational singing teacher and choir director. I have taken singing lessons with Sandra and have sung with her choir, The Wall of Sound, for five years and enjoyed every minute of it. Sandra creates beautiful arrangements for the songs we sing and a great environment in which to learn them. We perform to a variety of audiences. I can definitely recommend Sandra if you want to sing and be part of a unique and amazing choir.

Reply from Sandra Scott from The Sandra Scott Singing Studios
Jun 11, 2019

Nicky what a wonderful review..thank you so much has been a total pleasure having you both as a valued choir member and also as a singing student...always love your duetting with Madeline...

Creative and Performing Arts Instruction
Margo B.'s review on May 28, 2019

Joining the WALL OF SOUND CHOIR in Rye has been the best thing I have done for some years! It has been a great way to meet people and make new friends, both in Rye and in London, where the other half of the choir rehearse. We have great fun singing a great variety of songs, from folk to classical, to pop. Sandra writes all the harmonies herself, adapted to suit the choir. Somehow she always manages to make us sound fabulous! We get to perform several times a year and wonderful singing, camaraderie and fun are always part of the package. Sandra's magic: Do try it:!

Singing Lessons
Kay B.'s review on May 26, 2019

Wall of Sound. What a find! I had only been the odd extra in church choirs before, so my repertoire was very limited. Would I fit in? I need not have worried. Sandra and all of the choir were so welcoming and helpful, and the atmosphere was really friendly, fun and relaxed. Sandra is an inspiration and she is really patient and encouraging. We work hard, learning a wide range of songs, but the rehearsal time flies by as we are all enjoying singing, learning and being together. I have learned such a lot from Sandra; she has taught me harmonies and techniques I never knew existed. My confidence has grown and it is a joy to be part of it. I have yet to perform in public with the choir, but I am looking forward to that moment. Sandra is like a magician, weaving us all in a myriad of songs and harmonies, and the result is truly magical. Do come and join us!

Singing Lessons
Ruth M.'s review on May 06, 2019

Sandra is a marvellous singing teacher - in just a short time, she has shown me how to use my voice in ways I never thought possible and given me a confidence that I simply did not have. She is wonderfully encouraging; she hears and understands how the voice works completely - so that I can hear my own progress and believe that I can achieve a singing voice that I can be really proud of. She is also a lovely, lovely woman. The choir that she runs is full of super people and her ambition for us pushes us all to sing with real quality, producing a sound that is a real pleasure to be a part of.

Reply from Sandra Scott from The Sandra Scott Singing Studios
May 06, 2019

Thank you so much dear Ruth. What a really lovely review. I could not ask for anything nicer to be said. I am so enjoying working with you and your voice has transformed and very rapidly and to be honest it is only the beginning. I am excited as to how the Passaggio now even and smooth will continue to enable a very real exploration of the whole voice. Also great you have joined the choir. You are a definite plus with your lovely voice and your great sense of fun!!

Singing Lessons
Pia H.'s review on Apr 28, 2019

After singing in choirs for 30 years I have found that I started to have problems with my voice. Sandra has been teaching me singing now for about half a year and helped me to develop my voice in a careful way. She has gone through aspects of singing, teaching me to use my voice to the best of my abilities. She helps me learning new music by teaching me how to tackle difficult parts and how to develop the singing of a piece of music. I enjoy the lessons very much and have found that I can sing in my choir with a lot more ease and confidence.

Reply from Sandra Scott from The Sandra Scott Singing Studios
Apr 29, 2019

Thank you so much Pia, it has been my pleasure to work with you and to work with your voice and as you have so much experience it is a joy to hear the particular developments that have helped you sing with more ease and confidence within your rehearsals in your choir and into your performances. It was so fantastic to see you putting that new found technique into practice at your last concert, particularly as you didn't know I was there until a few days later when at your next lesson!! Keep up the good work!

Singing Lessons
Rodger W.'s review on Jun 28, 2018

Reply from Sandra Scott from The Sandra Scott Singing Studios
Apr 28, 2019

Thank you Rodger, much appreciated indeed.

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Questions & answers

What process do you go through when starting with a new customer?
We begin with a special Introduction Consultation Lesson. This special Consultation session is an excellent way forward to help tailor make lessons according to your own needs. We incorporate singing work into the session and I will explain both the Vocal Development Technique and the Vocal Coaching process and how each of these processes will impact your voice. This session costs a SPECIAL ONLINE PRICE of £2O..lessons then begin at a special ONLINE PRiCE of £20
What education or training is most relevant to your work?
London School of Singing - Royal Academy of Music - British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling
Do you have tips or advice for someone hiring a pro in your line of work?
Essential that the teacher has a thorough understanding of singing technique methodology rather than just singing of songs...This is highly important for real vocal progress
What are some good examples of past customers?
Please do look at my Reviews on Bidvine to get a taste of my work!


Lambeth, SW8

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