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Paolo Paparesta

(7 reviews)
Richmond upon Thames, TW2
5 years in business
1 total staff
7 reviews
This pro typically replies within 1 hour

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About Paolo Paparesta

As the renowned photographer, Marc Riboud, once remarked, “Taking photographs is savouring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” My passion for photography emerged when I was young and I received a book on photography for my birthday. Soon after, I acquired a camera, and taking pictures became part of my life and now, my career. I love crafting beautiful images whether it’s a wonderful event or stunning natural landscapes. I take pride in my ability to quickly build friendly relationships with my clients and ensuring they enjoy the shoot as much as I do working behind the lens. I get on well with people from all walks of life and I find faces fascinating so I’m always shooting images of people, capturing the various emotions and expressions that encompass the human experience. I’m friendly, polite, and always keen to challenge myself. My aim is to satisfy my clients with outstanding photographs at reasonable rates. I’m open to discounts when clients make multiple bookings or when those that pre-pay for 5 bookings get a 20% discount. If you’re seeking a dedicated and talented photographer with a great eye for detail, please contact me.



7 reviews

Customers told us this pro excelled at work quality, professionalism, communication, value, punctuality, and responsiveness.

Event Photography
Carmela c.'s review on Apr 02, 2019

I worked with Paolo for a important shooting of my friend's party. I was impressed and surprised how good quality have its pictures when the job was done. He gives you maximum professionalism and he's so able to capture the best moments of the night. I have to say that with photos like those usually you gonna spend so much money, but l can see that he loves what he's doing and so he set reasonable prices for everyone. Do not hesitate to call him!

Event Photography
Fasty M.'s review on Feb 26, 2019

Just amazing! Everything went as planned and Paolo was very kind and really quick delivering the photos.

Event Photography
Deborah C.'s review on Feb 15, 2019

My personal experience with Paolo was amazing, he has been very professional, I called him to take some photos shooting for my friends birthday party. I was surprised about his potential and skills, he is very talented and i could see in each and every moment that he likes his job. I'm very satisfied, thank you very much Paolo! I will definitely call you again.

Portrait Photography
Benedicte P.'s review on Feb 11, 2019

I really enjoyed working with Paolo! He’s very efficient and was quick to understand my needs. I wanted a serie of portraits with my Cello for marketing and communication purpose and I was very pleased with the results as I felt he managed to create something who represents well my creative universe and my artistic sensibility.

Event Photography
Giulio P.'s review on Jan 22, 2019

Paolo’s work was just impressive. He’s got that symmetry and yet that creativity that make your photos look amazing. He worked on portraits, still photography, creative projects, and events always over delivering in terms of quality and punctuality.

Event Photography
Fabio C.'s review on Jan 21, 2019

Me and my friends decided to plan an engagement party for our friend Amrus in a kind-disco place in Richmond
I checked out a lots of site, but I saw in Paolo’s pics exactly how i wanted our partyshould be remembered: lots of lights, people, action, music, fun. I quickly asked 2 meet him to explain what kind of party he will had to grab, to check out the place and for testing the camera. He was super professional and smart…great person also!
 Super-Quality images and also I didn’t wait so long for my pics, and that the thing I was worried about because of other photographer.
Higly recommended!! Cheers mate ;)

Event Photography
Gianluca V.'s review on Jan 18, 2019

The day before my graduation party the photographer of the town told me he couldn’t do any shoooting anymore. I thought about my former school mate Paolo, I called him and he accepted straight away. He took a flight the day before the party with my expenses. I didn’t know if he was really good but at the end, he was! Check his website for more works and you’ll see how good he is. The best service, cheap photographer that shoot like a pro. I’ve been lucky that day, everyone was happy about the pictures. If I will ever get married, I know who to call.

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Richmond upon Thames, TW2

The pro travels up to 20 miles from TW2

Business hours


9:30 am to 11:59 pm


9:30 am to 11:59 pm


9:30 am to 11:59 pm


9:30 am to 11:59 pm


9:30 am to 11:59 pm


9:30 am to 11:59 pm


9:30 am to 11:59 pm

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