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Jacqui Linton is an Integrative Therapeutic Coach and Counsellor. This means that she is not tied to any one style of talking therapy and can adapt to whatever a client requires. She has facilitated many men and women lead a happier life by helping them see that they have a choice to lead any life they choose. Previous experience of working with Anger Management, Anxiety, Relationships, Work issues, Confidence, Self Esteem, Addiction, Depression, Empty nest syndrome, Grief, Illness, Trauma, and PTSD. She has also worked with clients who have simply reached a crossroads and do not know what to do next. So how do you get started with Counselling? You can call or email Jacqui using the contact details in this profile. You will discuss your needs and set up an initial session. At the initial session Jacqui will work with you to establish what your goals are for therapy and if you are happy to work with her she will then confirm the number of recommended sessions for your needs and the regular time you will both meet. Although she prefers to work face to face, Jacqui is able to offer online sessions if you are unable to get to an appointment and 'Walk and Talk' sessions ( this is where you both walk outside for 50 minutes) if this is something you would like to to do. Jacqui is passionate about men and women of any age living the best possible life available to them. She has a specialist interest in women's health and bringing the message to women aged forty plus that the menopause is the start of a wonderful chapter, not the end. Fees: £60 per counseling hour (50 minutes) Availability: Day and Evening appointments available


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Redbridge, E18

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