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About Abode Remedy

As a personal and professional coach, Vanessa works with individuals and groups to expand their range so they can access their full potential and reap all of the benefits that come with it. She is passionate about paying close attention to her client’s lifestyle and environment incorporating human behaviour and psychology to push beyond the conventional standards of coaching. She believes challenging boundaries will evoke a positive mood and ultimately identify actions for growth, achieving greatness and success. Vanessa is passionate about the importance of environmental psychology for better design solutions, and works with individual’s to look closely at the efficiency of their space and the interaction between their environment and wellbeing. She created her lifestyle company Abode Remedy where she offers her interior consulting services, shares her love of interior ideas and inspires her readers to do something great with their home, lifestyle and wellbeing. Vanessa’s experience serves her well in her coaching practice. In the executive world she has 12+ years working in the media industry with experience of being a project lead for new channel launches defining a workflow between European/Asia agencies and sales departments. As a mental health advocate, Vanessa has extensive experience of working in the mental health industry with roles in NHS IAPT services and Volunteers of America. She is a member of the British Psychological Society.


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