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How much does print design cost?

Jan 13, 2021

On average, print design rates range from £20 to £30 per hour in the UK. These costs are impacted by the experience of the designer, the extent of the project, the type of print, and of course material costs. Larger projects will naturally have a higher cost due to the wider range of work needing completion. For a precise cost estimate, it is always best to get a customised quote for your printing project.

Print Design Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£20
UK National Maximum Cost£30
UK National Average Cost£25
Average Range£20 - £30

Included in This Price Guide

Benefits of a Professional Print Designer

Although a lot of advertising today takes place on digital channels, there is still a place for print designs. Encompassing a variety of items, from promotional materials to physical products for sale in your business, printing designs are still a popular choice for many organizations.

The steps to create a print design can be a lot to manage. After all, printing a design involves more than just hitting print on your computer. While you may have a good idea for your design, knowing how to execute this effectively and then create a high-quality print may not be something you are comfortable with. Look to a professional print designer for help you can trust in printing your design.

Cost Considerations

There are many factors that can influence the price for print design and decisions that will change what the end product looks like. In order to prepare yourself for success, you need to know what your project will cost and what areas will increase or decrease the price. From who you are designing for, to the type of materials you need to purchase for printing, a qualified and trustworthy print design professional can help ensure you are making the right decisions for your project.

Audience For The Design

Before you begin designing, you’ll want to think of who is going to use it. A personal project only needs to satisfy your vision, but most other projects will need to appeal to others. Even a design you’ve created needs to be appropriate for the purpose it is intended for, whether that is to help promote your business or to be used as a product for sale.

Consider your target audience by looking at existing customers or clients that you work with. For a small organisation, you likely have an idea of who purchases or chooses to work with you. Non-profits need to look at who volunteers or uses services. Educational and government organisations may find a more serious tone in design is best to appeal broadly without alienating anyone. School projects need to satisfy the assignment’s specifications as well as appeal to a teacher. Looking at the audience is helpful to determine the type of design as well as the content.

Bring the information about the existing or intended audience to your designer so they can start out with a concept that is sure to be successful, no matter where it is going.

Type of Print

Your designer will also need to know where you plan to use the design to ensure it is designed properly. Designs will change depending on the format they will be produced on. A small design for a business card will need to be made much larger for a flyer!

You’ll also be able to include more details in a larger design. Smaller designs should be simple so they print clearly and do not lose any detail.

The shape is also important to consider with your design. Flat designs such as magazines or catalogues may not require any special allowances, but printing on fabric for t-shirts or mugs could require design changes to retain the integrity of your design.

Cost of Printing Materials

For a print project, it isn’t just the cost of the design you need to consider. You’ll also want to include the cost for the material you will be printing on! Otherwise, you’ll go past your budget and overspend.

To avoid this, outline the type of material you’ll be printing on. For flyers, postcards and other promotional paper items, you’ll need to include the cost for paper stock. This may be a simple paper or a heavier bond to help it stand up. You can also choose from glossy or matte finishes to suit your design desires.

Printing clothing items like t-shirts means this purchase needs to be part of your budget. If you are buying in quantity, you should be able to get a reasonable price for these. Your printer may even be able to help you with this with their connections!


For a satisfying design, your designer will need enough time to create and refine it to your standards. How long they require will depend on the complexity of your desired design and size. It will also depend on the medium for their art as those who design by hand need much longer to design and complete production than digital and mechanical efforts.

Make sure your timeline also allows for production time. You’ll spend hours to days approving the design before it enters production. This stage may take a few days, depending on where it is being printed and how large your order is. Again, the complexity of your design can add to the timeline as colour runs may need to be done separately, such as with screen printing.

How Soon do You Need The Design?

In addition to the time it will take to print your design, you’ll also want to think about how quickly you need it. Bringing a design to print only a few days from the event is considered last-minute, and is likely to incur rush order fees from the designer you are working with. With a tighter turnaround time, you may also give up the necessary proofing time to be confident in how your design is going to turn out.

If you can allow more time, you will certainly benefit in the quality of your end product. You also can expect your costs to be less without this rush fee.


Preparing a design for print is best left up to the professionals. They understand what is required for the design right down to the ending printing stages, so you are sure to get the help you need for printing. Look for experience with the type of printing you want, either in their training or in portfolio examples.

You can also use a designer’s portfolio to gauge how well their style matches up with what you envision. While designers are adaptable, it helps when you are wowed by their abilities before they start on your design! Reviews can also help you choose a pro as previous clients rave about the quality of work and share other details you need to make an informed decision.


When you work with a designer, your meetings can be in person or remote! With the ability to lay out your ideas and share sketches over the phone and internet, you can work with someone from nearly anywhere.

If you are hoping for in person meetings, you’ll want to find someone located in your general area. This will help keep travel costs down, whether you are travelling to your pro or having them come to you. For help with the printing process, you may find it easier to have someone within driving distance. They will know the best local printers to get high-quality results, no matter what type of product you are creating.

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Ensuring a design looks great and the ensuing print project is high quality can be a lot of work to handle on your own. With the help of a professional, you can get the help you need with your design and navigating the print process so you are able to proceed with confidence. Bidvine can help find a designer who has the experience you need for your project. Answer a few questions and submit a free request for bids to be connected with great professional print designers who are ready to help.

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