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£120 - £200

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£120 - £200  National average range
£120 - £200



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How much does portrait photography cost?

May 08, 2020

Portrait photography in the UK costs an average of £115 to £200. Depending on the length of your photoshoot this cost could vary. To get a more precise cost estimate for your portrait photos simply submit a free request and compare bids from top local photographers.

Photographs are a fantastic way to preserve treasured moments and memories. You can look back at these beautiful photos of your family and remember your most special moments for years to come!

A portrait photographer will take great photos that you can share with friends and family. However, this rate may vary so it is best to ask your photographer for a custom quote.

The length of your photography sessions will depend on the type of pictures you'd like. Then this will also factor into the overall cost.

Portrait Photography Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£115
UK National Maximum Cost£200
UK Average Cost£150
Average Range£115 - £200

Included in This Price Guide


Before you book your professional photographer, for professional portrait photography, also known as people photography or face photography also make sure you let them know what your hopes are for your photos. That way, you're both prepared for the job!

Type of Portrait

Photos around your home usually feature the most important people in your life. Whether your family is big or small, make the time for beautiful portrait shots at every stage of life.

Perhaps you also want to capture a moment in time for a special celebration. Event photography portraits are most commonly done for graduations, engagements, marriages, birthdays and anniversaries.

Portraits are a great way to treasure these major life events later on. Alternatively, you may also want professional photos for your work portfolio. You may use your photo on job applications, or even to break into acting or modelling. No matter what you need your professional portrait for, hiring a photographer will ensure you look your best.

Portrait Ideas - Portrait Styles

You'll also be able to choose the style of your photos. Traditional headshot portraits use a tried and true pose and look directly into the camera.

If you favour a more natural style, you might want to get your photographer to take candid portraits. You might even want to get your portraits done outdoors.

Artistic portraits taken by portrait photography artists are beautiful as well. They focus lighting in unique ways to make truly memorable photos. You can also highlight your personal style in a portrait with a high fashion wardrobe. These photos can also capture the unique style of fine art portrait photography, which brings personality to life as an artistic photo.

Take a look at others' portraits to find what style speaks to you. You're sure to find something you can't wait to see in your own portraits!

If you're looking for additional portrait photography tips you can also mention this to your photographer. They can offer insight into the best portrait photography techniques including portrait lighting, and portrait poses that smoothly match your vision.

Number of Portrait Photos

Be sure to consider how many finished shots you hope to get out of a portrait session. Your photographer will spend time editing your portraits to ensure everyone looks great.

Let your photographer know how many final shots you expect to have before they start. That way you’ll both be on the same page and you'll be happier with the results!

Taking portraits of the whole family? Ask for more pictures! This way, you can get a solitary shot of each family member as well as group pictures together.

If you plan to share your portraits with family, you may want more variety in your poses. In this case, more shots are the way to go.

Format of Photos

Don't forget to ask your photographer for your shots in the right format. You'll have a choice between digital and print copies or even both.

Digital photos are easy to share with friends and family far away. You can also use them to update your online profiles with fantastic portraits!

Easily download your digital photos from online sources or from a CD, DVD, or flash drive.
If you go with print copies, expect to pay a little more for processing. However, it'll be worth it when you're flipping through your album with a loved one and you get to look back on all of your great portraits!


Most portraits can be completed in a single session. The length of your session will vary on your expectations. Some styles of portraits will take longer to set up, especially if you're not shooting in a studio!

It will also take more time to capture your portraits if you plant to take several. So if you are hoping to take portraits of several different people or in several different styles, be sure to book a longer photography session.

For the best results, give yourself lots of time for the photo session. You don't want to be pushed for time! Rushing will stress you out, which will ultimately show up in your photos.


A photographer who has portrait experience is a sure way to get beautiful looking photos. If you have a specific type of portrait in mind, find a photographer who has that exact experience.

Check out their portfolio to see their previous work first. Sample shots will give you an idea of their style and whether or not it will mesh with your goals.

If you connect with a professional online, make sure you read any reviews of their service. Satisfied clients will share information about their own experience. You can use this information to make your decision and feel confident in your choice.

Location - In Studio, At Home, Outdoor Portrait Photography

Most portraits can be done in a studio. Working in the studio is an effective way to approach many different styles of portraits. Your photographer may even work from their own studio.

Then, depending on the portrait, some photographers may also travel to you. Keep in mind this may incur an additional fee to cover travel costs, so be sure to ask your photographer if this is your plan.

Outdoor photoshoots and environmental portrait photography are also popular options. Some photographers can recommend good outdoor locations to get the perfect natural portrait background. This will save you time from searching out a good place.


For professional portraits of you and your family, you need the touch of a pro. Their expertise will make sure the whole family looks fantastic. You'll be happy to share these photos with everyone!

Once you know the type of portraits you want, you can work with your photographer to get the desired style. Take the family outdoors or show off your best smiles in the studio.

Ready to find a portrait photographer? Answer a few questions and submit a free request for bids to easily find the best portrait photographers in your local area!