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Hiring a Bidvine Pokémon Go Trainer

Too many Zubats, not enough time? Looking for a professional Pokémon Go trainer to help you catch 'em all?

Bidvine is now the easiest way to find and hire local Pokémon Go walkers. Take your trainer & your Pokémon to a new level by hiring an expert walker. They'll walk around and catch Pokémon according to your needs!

When you're requesting Pokémon Go walking on Bidvine, we'll ask you a series of questions related to your Pokémon training preferences. First, we'll ask how long you want your Pokémon training sessions to be. Times range from half an hour to two hours, and it's all up to you.

We'll also ask you about your trainer's level, and how many Pokéballs you have. This will help the trainer know what they'll be doing, and what your current skill level is. Then, we'll ask about what you want out of the training session.

Some objectives of Pokémon training include:

  • Capturing as many Pokémon as possible
  • Level-up the trainer through gaining additional XP points
  • Hatch Pokémon eggs
  • Level-up existing Pokémon through stardust & candy
  • Level-up existing Pokémon through gym battles

You'll be able to choose between sharing your login information with the Pokémon Go walker and lending your phone to them during the session. For more information on the two choices and security precautions, read the frequently asked questions at the end of this page. If you're lending your phone to the Pokémon trainer, you can choose whether or not you want your phone charged during the walk.

Finally, we'll ask you about what kinds of Pokémon you want to be caught during the walk. Different types of Pokémon can be found in different areas, so this will affect the trainer's walk.

If you're interested in becoming the very best Pokémon Go trainer around, read this blog post.