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How much does plastering cost?

Nov 25, 2020

On average, a plastering project in the UK will cost between £150 - £500. The total plastering cost will vary depending on the size of your room. Remember that any additional items, such as the need for scaffolding, can add on to the cost.

Plastering Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£150
UK National Maximum Cost£500
UK National Average Cost£350
Average Range£150 - £500

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One of the first things to think about with your plastering project is the type of work involved. Whether you have to repair or restore your plaster or you are looking to have your new walls covered for the first time, hiring a professional plasterer is a great idea.

Your Schedules

Plastering is a trade that can be in high demand, and good plasterers are often busy so they should be booked well in advance if you’d like them to fit into your project timeline.

Plasterers will provide their own tools and the equipment needed depending on the particulars of the job such as whether they will need to plaster over paint, remove wallpaper, or sand walls before plastering. They may also supply the materials needed as well.

Do You Need Scaffolding?

Depending on the scope of your work, for instance, if you are plastering a ceiling or installing plasterboard on a ceiling scaffolding may be required. Be sure to inquire if any is needed for your job to ensure you find the professional with the right equipment. Should scaffolding need to be set up keep in mind that this will add to the cost.


Plastering can be a messy job. To cut costs it’s always best to prepare ahead of time. It's easier to plaster in an unfurnished room, so clear out the space, and if you have wallpaper then wallpaper removal is best done before your plasterer arrives. The job will be completed faster and with better results when your plasterer has fewer obstacles to work around in the room.

You can also cover up your flooring to prevent any staining or damage. Then once the job is done, your plasterer should help you tidy up to catch any dust and plaster particles.

Make sure your plasterer has access to water. The plaster needed for skim coats and patching needs to be mixed on site. The dry mix is combined with certain amounts of water, so a steady supply is essential. Cleaning tools and other equipment also requires water. You can discuss the type of access required with your plasterer to make sure you're both happy with the solution.

How to Plaster a Wall in Different Kinds of Weather

You'll also need to think about the weather when planning your project. Extremely hot temperatures and moisture in the air can affect the drying time of the plaster. You'll need a consistent temperature to prevent the plaster from drying unevenly or too quickly.

Nature of Project

Both the size and complexity of the job will contribute to the overall cost. Plastering jobs for home renovations typically tend to one of three things: repairs, restoration or plastering new walls for the first time.

Repair & How to Replaster a Wall

At some point, you might need to repair the plaster you already have in your home. Gouges and other marks can often appear as a result of daily wear and tear. Then other times damage can appear after unexpected events like flooding. You may even discover cracks behind furniture when you redecorate.

If you notice damages in the plaster, you should consider replastering the wall. This could mean applying plaster to small sections in need of repair or replastering the wall entirely. A professional can evaluate your wall's condition to help you find the most cost-effective solution for your project.

How to Plaster a Damaged Wall

Damage and loose plaster need to be repaired before they develop into larger problems. Cracks in the smooth surface of your walls and ceiling can also occur during the typical settling of a house. A plasterer can help with this by filling plaster cracks and patching plaster walls in problem areas before sanding them in preparation for a skim coat. 

How to Mix Plaster For Wall Repair

When you hire a plasterer to plaster patches of your walls and repair them they'll first need to mix plaster. In this step they'll mix together equal parts of water and plaster to create a smooth plaster paste that effectively seals cracks in the walls. This can be a great solution to updating your walls without entirely replacing drywall. Read more about mixing plaster here.

Lath and Plaster Repair

Lath and plaster is a common type of wall plaster and is often used for ceilings as well. In this plastering process, plaster is applied to the lath, which are narrow wooden boards attached to the timber inside walls. If you need to repair a lath and plaster wall, your plasterer will apply a thin coat of plaster to the damaged area, then they'll build these plaster coats up until your wall is looking top notch again and ready for painting.

To learn more about how to plaster lath and plaster walls as well as how to remove lath and plaster visit this article.


If you have decorative plaster works in your home, at some point you may need to think about restoring them back to their original glory. Just like with plaster walls, damage occurring from water, rot, fire, or simple degradation over time can affect decorative plaster.

Decorative plaster can usually be found in homes as ceiling ornamentation, cornices, or archways. These works can become chipped and lose their definition over time. A plasterer with special skills and experience who is dedicated to restoring or replicating these types of ornamental work can tend to your project. They’ll either rebuild missing pieces or duplicate the work to restore decorative plaster ornaments back to their original beauty.

New Project

A renovation usually means you’re faced with several new surfaces that require plastering. Your walls need to be clean and free of skirting boards or any other trim to ensure the plasterer has full access to the surface.

Although new walls don’t usually need repairs, you’ll still need to make sure your surface is clean, free of dust, and dry before starting your project. To ensure a smooth and level finish on the wall two coats are typically required. A brand new surface may also need to be pre-treated to ensure even drying.


Plastering can take some time. Some plastering jobs need two coats: a scratch coat and a skim coat. The application of multiple coats will need to allow extra time for thorough drying between steps.

On average most plastering projects take around 15 to 16 hours to complete. This can then vary based on how many coats of plaster will need to be applied. However, your project's timeline will depend on the size of the space you're looking to plaster as well as how much preparation is required. If you have old walls that need repairs, it may take longer to get ready for a new skim coat.  

An expert plasterer may take less time overall to give you a smooth, flat surface on your walls and ceiling. A less experienced hire may charge less per hour for the same work but will take longer to complete. Weigh the anticipated costs to decide which option works out best for you.

Be sure to inspect the previous work of your potential plasterer. Look for visible trowel marks and evaluate the work around, outside, and inside corners. You can also pop over to your professional’s Bidvine profile to look at their reviews to find out if they are a good fit for your project.

Don't forget to take into account painting time as well. When your plastering project is complete a new coat of paint will make your home feel bright and modern. When you're ready to start painting you can learn more about painting new plaster here.

Plastering Surface

There are a number of different surfaces that can be prepared for plastering. In general, the surface must be dot and dab. It adds an extra layer of protection and insulation between the outdoors and the inside of your home. One of the easiest surfaces to cover, plasterboard usually just requires a skim coat to be ready for decorating.

If you'll be plastering onto brickwork, it's important that the brick is in good shape. Plaster won't adhere to a crumbling surface and so the bricks may need to be sealed in preparation.

Whatever the surface you hope to plaster, be sure to inspect and prepare it. You'll save on the plastering cost and increase the lifetime of the plaster.


Over time, you may notice that your plastered walls start to show damage or cracks. Plastering your walls can renew the look of your home as well as being a required step in your renovations.

Plastering is a difficult job to do on your own. For the best results, you should look for a plasterer with experience and knowledge of how to plaster walls professionally. While this means your budget for a plastering job may be higher, you'll be happier with the results.

Are you ready to renew the surface of your walls? Submit a free request for bids from the professionals at Bidvine and get started with your plastering project.

Then when your home improvement project is all finished, make clean up a breeze with the expertise of a top cleaner!

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