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How much does plant watering and care cost?

Nov 12, 2019

Plant watering and care professionals charge an average of £14 to £25 to tend to your plants, though this rate can vary. Plants are a great way to introduce life into any space. Adding splashes of fresh green leaves or spots of colour thanks to lively blooms makes it easy to decorate both indoors and out. It makes your home or office look more inviting no matter where you are. A plant watering and care expert can help to keep your plants fresh and vibrant!

Plant Watering and Care Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£14
UK National Maximum Cost£25
UK National Average Cost£20
Average Range£14 - £25

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Before you search out an expert plant tender, you should consider the cost of the work. There are a few details that can influence the cost of maintenance, such as the frequency of watering or the size of your gardens or indoor setup. Knowing what can affect your cost can help you make the right choices for your plant care.

Area Where Plants Are Located

Your gardener or plant watering expert needs to know where your plants are located in order to give you an accurate idea of how much it will cost. This includes both the general location, such as your home or office, but also the location inside the space.

You may have plants in just one room like your kitchen or in a dedicated room like a conservatory. These rooms make great homes where plants can thrive, and also make it easy for your expert to ensure all of your plants are cared for. They could also be scattered throughout your home, or even outdoors in a front garden or backyard. If this is the case, you will need to advise of each plant that your professional will be caring for so nothing is overlooked.

Office plants are typically spread out through the office. You will need to outline the locations for these as well so that they are tended properly.

Once your expert knows where your plants are located, they can work out a schedule to take care of them in a way that works for you. Perhaps this is when you are around, either at home or the office. You may also prefer that plant care is done in your absence. Make sure to communicate your expectations as the key is easy access for regular care.

Type of Plants

Plants in your home garden or landscaping outside the office can also be looked after by a plant care expert. It will be easy to indicate what types of care you require, whether it is watering, weeding, pruning or other tending in these spaces. Your expert may also be able to take care of both indoors and outdoor plants, so be sure to share the area of all of your plants!

There are different care requirements for indoor and outdoor plants. Outdoors may need more weeding whereas indoor plants could require repotting. If you have trees or shrubbery outside you may wish to have these pruned while you are away as well to ensure they look great when you get home. This may influence the overall cost of care, but you can review your needs with your expert.

Watering is also different with the type of plants you have. Regular watering must take place indoors as there is no opportunity to take advantage of clouds bringing rain! Outdoor plants may not need watering as often, but can be watered with a hose or a watering can when it’s necessary. Consider using collected rainwater outdoors to conserve water as you care for your plants. Regardless of the method you choose, communicate it to your expert so they are following your desires.

Number of Plants

This is an area that can change the cost of the job significantly. At first thought, if you have just a few plants or a small garden it may make sense that your cost will be less than it would be with more plants.

If you have fewer than five plants to tend, it won’t take much time to make sure everything is healthy and watered. Your fee may be lower as a result of the simplicity of the job! But you can rest easy knowing that all your plants will be cared for, whether they are in the office or in your home.

If you have an extensively landscaped garden or plants in every room, you can expect to pay more for work each time your plants need care. More plants require more time to take care of them simply due to the size of the job!

How Often The Plants Will Need Watering

The frequency of which your plants require watering depends on the type of plants you have! Some plants, such as African violets, prefer to be constantly moist and require watering more often. Others thrive with watering a few times a week or even as low as once a week.

If you have a mixed assortment of plants, it can take more time. For example, your low-maintenance succulents or cacti may only require watering once a week. But if you also have more needy plants in the mix, they need more frequent tending. It’s best to have your expert in on the schedule that works for the neediest plants and watering the rest as necessary.

Consider your plants to calculate how often they will need watering to figure out this cost. Of course, if you aren’t sure, you can ask your plant care specialist to make a suggestion as to the best schedule for watering.


From office plants that you see every day or plants that you enjoy at home, you want someone you can trust. Therefore, it is important that you screen your candidates before hiring a gardener to take care of your plants. This way, you will know that your plants are in the best hands you can find.

Visit your expert's Bidvine profile to see if you can find reviews from past clients. This can give you an idea about their reliability and skill as you hear about it from previous clients! Use this information to help guide you to the right person.

Experience will prepare your professional for dealing with any of the issues that can come up with plants. They will be ready to help out with watering, pruning, feeding, or any of the other care requirements. This keeps your plants in their best shape and health.


Start your search for someone to take care of your plants for you close to home. Since your plants can’t move about easily, it’s important to find someone who is willing to come to you. A nearby expert can travel as needed to your location to tend your plants.

Most experts will incorporate any costs associated with travel into their base rates so there should be no surprises to get them out to your location. Keep in mind that some experts only travel within a certain distance. It’s important to indicate where your plants are located so you get someone reliable and able to make the trek.

A local professional will be someone you can depend on for long-term care. And when you choose someone nearby, you can also take advantage of the fact their rates are calculated based on the same cost of living as your own. This means costs will be manageable and right in line with what you expect!

Cost Comparison of Top Gardening Services

Keep your garden looking bright and vibrant with these popular gardening services!

Gardening ServiceAverage Hourly Cost
Tree and Shrub Planting£15
Plant Watering and Care£20
Landscaping Services£25


No matter whether your plants are in your home, part of your outdoor landscape or your office, it’s important to keep them healthy with proper care. Plants can liven up a space, so it’s important they look their best!

Not sure how to start looking for someone to take care of your plant watering and care? Look to Bidvine for help! Just answer a few questions about your plants and submit a free request for bids. You’ll be linked with local professionals you can trust to take good care of all of your plants.

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