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£40 - £60  National average range
£40 - £60



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How much does Pilates Training Cost?

Jul 10, 2020

Pilates training sessions cost an average of £40 to £60 per session. These rates can vary depending on the length and frequency of these sessions. Pilates trainers may also offer packages for those interested in taking multiple sessions, this can be a cost-effective way to book a series of one-to-one Pilates lessons so you can achieve your fitness goals.

Pilates Training Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£40
UK National Maximum Cost£60
UK National Average Cost£50
Average Range£40 - £60

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Why Should You Take Pilates Lessons?

Pilates is a superb workout, and whether you are just getting into exercise or you’re a pro-athlete, Pilates has something to offer to everyone of all ages. A Pilates workout will strengthen your core muscles and your core stability, improve your posture, make you more flexible, and help with your overall well-being.



Pilates can help you achieve all sorts of different goals. Maybe you just want to improve your overall fitness or use Pilates as part of a weight loss programme. Pilates is perfect for helping to improve flexibility, and the exercises can be gentler than yoga.

Some people use Pilates as part of an injury rehabilitation programme. It is the perfect back and muscle strengthening workout, so if you struggle with a bad back or need a low impact exercise, Pilates could be an appropriate type of exercise for you!

Pilates can even be useful as a way of preventing injuries, as it helps to improve your balance, posture, and alignment.

Group Lessons vs. One-to-One Lessons

Whether you have one-to-one or group lessons will come down to your goals and your circumstances. For example, if you are looking to meet new friends, a group class will be much more suitable. However, if you’re looking to rehabilitate yourself after an injury, one-to-one guidance will be more suitable to make sure that you do not put yourself at risk of further injury. Although, some smaller classes may also be suitable for injury rehabilitation. Always tell your teacher if you have any injuries or conditions!

Pros vs. Cons

Group classes are great because you can meet new people, they are more cost-effective, and they are at a fixed time, so there’s no need to mess around with schedules. Also, they often take place in dedicated centres where there is a lot of equipment. The downsides are that you get less individualised feedback from your teacher, as they will be helping the other students as well as you.

One-to-one lessons are excellent for making sure that you get dedicated attention from your teacher. They will be able to correct every move that you make to ensure that you are doing everything correctly. They can also show you all of the essentials and basic movements to help you build a great foundation for your Pilates workouts.

Health and Fitness

Before you start taking Pilates lesson, it’s a good idea to speak to your medical professional first, particularly if you have any pre-existing conditions or you have had an injury in the past. They can advise you if there are any particular movements or areas you need to avoid when exercising.

Package Lessons

You can usually get a discounted rate if you book lessons as a package as opposed to paying for each lesson individually. Find out if your Pilates instructor offers any package deals. Some teachers will run a course to get you from a beginner to an intermediate level. This can be a great way of progressing with Pilates, unlike drop-in classes, where the levels between students can vary a lot.


The materials you will need will affect the price of Pilates training. If you train in a group class at a dedicated Pilates centre, the equipment will likely be provided for you. If you decide to have one-to-one lessons, you may be required to bring some of your own materials, such as a mat or belt.

You will also need to make sure that you have comfortable clothing that you can stretch in. Your instructor may give you homework and sometimes it’s useful to invest in some extra equipment such as bands, a foam roller, or swiss ball. However, the only thing totally essential to Pilates is a mat.

Experience of Pilates Student

Pilates is suitable for everyone from complete beginners to advanced students. If you are just starting out with Pilates, a beginner class is the best option, because you will need to learn some basic techniques before progressing.

Some classes are for mixed ability students, and a good Pilates teacher will give different options for exercises depending on the level of the students. For example, your teacher may demonstrate three different moves, ranging from beginner to advanced, so that you can do the exercise suited to your level.

Time & Frequency of Lessons

Pilates lessons tend to be around one hour in length, although this can vary depending on the class and the instructor. Longer sessions are likely to cost more, so take this into account when deciding which lessons you want to take.

The frequency of Pilates classes will also depend on your schedule and that of your instructors. It also depends on what your goals are. You might take one class a week if you’re going to make new friends, or you may opt for three classes a week if you’re really trying to up your fitness game. It’s up to you!

Experience of Pilates Instructor

When you are looking for a Pilates teacher, their experience and credentials will affect the price. You can find out whether they have any qualifications, such as a Diploma in Mat Pilates. Lessons with newer teachers will cost less, and the prices are likely to be higher for a teacher with lots of experience.

Another way of checking you have the right teacher is to check any references or reviews that they have. Take a look at your Pilates instructor's reviews so that you can know you’re selecting a fantastic teacher.


Although there will be more availability of Pilates classes in larger cities, prices will tend to be higher. If you book one-to-one classes, hiring a local will be more cost-effective because they won’t have as far to travel.

Lessons that take place in an official Pilates centre may be more expensive than those at a general gym or at home. You could even opt to do lessons outdoors, which would reduce the rental costs paid by the instructor.

Looking for some additional fitness services to add to your fitness routine? Easily compare costs for some of the most popular fitness services in the chart below!

Fitness ServiceAverage Hourly Rate
Yoga Lessons£45
Personal Training£40
Dance Lessons£35
Boxing Lessons£40


Pilates training will vary in price depending on location, the experience of the instructor, and what format your classes take. Pilates will get you leaner, fitter and stronger. And it’s fun! Why not get started today?