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How much do piano lessons cost?

Mar 23, 2018

Lessons are a great way to learn a new instrument. By taking piano lessons, you'll get to know the proper techniques from an expert. Students of any age can reap the benefits of dedicated instruction from a trusted pro.

Before you find a teacher, you might find yourself wondering how much piano lessons will cost you. On average, most piano instructors will charge approximately £30 an hour for lessons. However, this rate can vary. To receive the most accurate pricing estimate for your lessons, speak with your professional directly.

Make sure to consider other costs as well as this hourly rate when figuring out the cost to learn an instrument. 


When searching for the perfect teacher, you'll want to make sure that they meet your needs. This means, that you should have a good idea of what you’re looking to get out of your lessons before they begin.

Experience of Student

Whether the lessons are for yourself or someone else, consider any previous musical ability or experience. Have you taken piano lessons before, or are you familiar with reading music? This can give you a head start with piano lessons.

You don't want to spend time re-learning things in your lessons. It's important to tell your instructor if you have any prior knowledge of piano.

This way, they can build a lesson plan that's perfect for the student, no matter where they're starting out. From beginners to experts, a professional instructor can develop the perfect lesson series.

Access to a Piano

Learning any instrument requires practice. Having access to a piano in your home can make logging those hours much easier.

Already have a piano in your home? You're all set! Just make sure your piano is set up and ready to go before you start your lessons.

If you don't have a piano yet, you may want to buy one before you start your lessons. This will add an extra cost, so make sure to leave room in your lesson budget. Your piano teacher may be able to help you find a quality instrument for your home practice if you’re not sure where to find a quality piano in your budget.

Experience With Previous Instruments

Do you know how to play another instrument already? This can help as you learn to play the piano. Some elements of music transfer from one instrument to another.

Knowing the basics of music, such as notes, musical staves, and rhythm can give you a head start. You can skip the introduction to music theory and start learning on the piano.

Let your instructor know if you have previous experience. They may want to run through the basics to test how much you know before lessons begin. This way no matter whether you ’re a beginner or have some experience your lessons will start at the right place.

Genre of Music

The piano is well suited to many genres of music. You can find pop hits in piano sheet music as well as the more traditional classical and jazz. Songs from musical theatre also sound great on the piano.

Does the student like a certain type of music? This is a great source of inspiration for practising as they learn to play their favourite songs. So be sure to pass this information onto the piano teacher. Then they can make selections at the right skill level.

If there's no preference for a type of music, the instructor can choose. They can pick pieces that teach the proper technique.


Music lessons are typically 30 minutes to 1 hour in length. The time can depend on the level and age of the student. Younger students may enjoy shorter lessons that suit shorter attention spans.

If you aren't sure what works best, ask your piano teacher. Instructors may recommend a certain length as their standard. You can also request something that works with your schedule.

Some instructors will ask you to commit to a set number of lessons called a series. A student is usually expected to know certain skills by the end of the series.

Experience of Teacher

When learning how to play an instrument, it's important that your teacher is qualified. They'll need to have a background in music as well as some teaching experience.

You can check out a pro's profile when connecting with them through Bidvine. This will give you a list of their qualifications as well as reviews from previous clients.

Reviews can help you find out more about a potential teacher based on the feedback of students who have previously learned with them.

These glimpses into a teacher teaching style will let you know you've made the right decision!


When it comes time to choose your lessons you have the option of learning at a music studio or at home. It's important to find the option that works best for you.

A music studio will have private rooms ready for piano lessons. There may be an extra cost to use these spaces, but will have fewer distractions! Just remember that you'll need to travel to a studio for your lessons.

If reliable transportation is a concern, lessons at home may be the best choice. Your piano teacher may charge more to travel depending on their location, so keep this in mind when considering your options.

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Playing the piano is a great skill to pick up at any age. Taking lessons from a qualified teacher is the most effective way to learn. Plus, you'll know that you're learning the proper techniques!

Instructors can create lesson plans that work for students of any age and skill. Lessons will give you a chance to learn new skills at a pace that works for you. Even if you know a bit already, a teacher can help you develop your skills further.

Ready to start lessons? Let Bidvine find a piano teacher for you. Submit a free request to receive bids from local piano teachers!

Piano Teachers near you


Fireworks Music School

(58 reviews)

191 hires on Bidvine

Merton Park, South West London SW19 3HZ

Dave P.Verified Review

Steve is a brilliant piano teacher. Our 7yr old daughter loves the lessons and is really coming on. Dave SW16


Ruby Music School

(13 reviews)

13 hires on Bidvine

Hammersmith and Fulham, West London W14 0NH

Walid A.Verified Review

Really really happy with the service provided. RMS has found the perfect teacher for me and my first experience with Violin was as great as I expected it to be. They are very quick in finding the right teacher for you and they are all very nice people. Definitely recommend!


Paul Simcock

(11 reviews)

25 hires on Bidvine

Rawtenstall, Lancashire BB4 7PY

Sean C.Verified Review

got me playing and in musical time wthin the first lesson can,t ask for more very relaxed and comfortable to learn from


Aida Shariati

(10 reviews)

3 hires on Bidvine

Totteridge, North London N20 0ET

Duygu B.Verified Review


Lorna Milton

(10 reviews)

Didcot, Oxfordshire OX11 7QR

Derek P.

I always wanted to learn to play the piano, didn’t think anyone would be interested in teaching a more senior person, not an issue with Lorna, she is able to encourage, but not pressure you, yet still achieve progress. I always feel at ease, and enjoy every lesson. Her enthusiasm, patience and desire to get you to progress is a truly wonderful attribute.


Fabio Parisella

(9 reviews)

18 hires on Bidvine

Bostall Heath, South East London SE2 0LY

Guannan L.Verified Review

He is a very knowledgeable, professional teacher both in music theory and piano skill. In addition, he is patient and friendly person. Strong recommend to anyone who is willing to learn piano!!

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