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Jan 04, 2019

Hiring a personal chef to prepare a gorgeous meal guarantees excellent results. This can take away a lot of the stress and guesswork of a special gathering or even eliminate the stress of preparing meals yourself! Whether you’re using it as a way to provide a delicious meal to celebrate with your friends and family or simply a meal to take of yourself, a chef can be the solution you need.


This solution can be customised to suit your needs. However, you may be concerned about what costs will be applied with your choices. It’s important to inform yourself about what factors influence the rate for a personal chef’s services. 

For example, think about the place where the meal is made. Your personal chef can prepare the meal onsite using the kitchen available at the venue or home. If the facilities are not up to the job, a meal can also be prepared and brought to the place where it will be enjoyed. This means food can be served as a plated meal or in a self-serve buffet.
Of course, other factors can change the cost too. Read on for more areas that can affect your rate!

Meals to Prepare
Different meals may have different requirements of your personal chef, so it is essential that you indicate the type of meal they will be expected to prepare. 

This may also come in handy as some chefs choose to specialise in a particular type of cuisine that flavours one mealtime over another. So if you tell them what meal you need, you will get the chef best suited to your needs.

Breakfasts and brunches, are full of delicious options from a full English to sweeter offerings of crepes and fruit. No matter what you like to eat to start the date, a personal chef can create the perfect medley whether it is to be enjoyed by one or by a crowd.  

Another great option is to have a personal chef take care of lunch or dinner. These meals can be complicated and involve many steps, especially for more fanciful food selections. Select a cuisine and an amazing meal can be created for these important meal of the day.
Or perhaps you want to have an expert dessert offering. With a personal chef, you can have even the most delightful profiteroles or pavlova. 

You may also wish to have a personal chef prepare a variety of appetisers or snacks. This can make any event special with complicated and exotic offerings for guests. It also leaves you with extra time on your hands to enjoy the event yourself!

When you hire a personal chef, you are paying for a luxurious experience that is sure to make any event wonderful. You'll be able to customize the cuisine offered so it fits your vision for the event perfectly. Most personal chefs will have a specialty where they excel, but many will be able to provide amazing dishes in a variety of styles.

A chef can whip up a spectacular British feast, or you can choose a meal with French flair. Modern European cuisine could also be on the menu if you are looking for a taste adventure.

Italian or Mediterranean food is always a hit at events. Whether you choose rustic flavours or more sophisticated dishes inspired by the hallmarks of these regions, your guests will be pleased with these flavours.

Or perhaps you are looking for Asian-style cuisine that has been inspired by traditions of Chinese or Thai food. This will add popular flavours that are sure to be in demand. 

If spice is on order, consider a BBQ meal prepared by an expert in seasoning or a Caribbean feast that can make you sweat. A chef can also create an Indian meal that will delight your taste buds.

But if you aren't sure what type of cuisine will be best, you can request some assistance in selecting the perfect style. Your personal chef would be glad to create a custom menu that is exactly what you desire, from hors d'oeuvres to a full plated meal.

Dietary Requirements
Dietary restrictions or requests can certainly be accommodated by a personal chef. After all, they aim to please with the dishes they prepare for you and your guests. They want everyone to enjoy their creations and enjoy the delicious flavors.

Often, a supplementary dish is developed to reflect the needs of certain attendees. But keep in mind that some dishes may not be able to be accommodated due to the nature of the ingredients. Alternatives may be quite close or use speciality ingredients to suit these requirements. Vegetarian, gluten or lactose free requests can be common as can kosher or halal preparation. Be aware of any restrictions and provide this information to your personal chef to ensure they can prepare meals all can enjoy. 

Frequency of Meals

Whether you require a special meal for a special occasion or are hoping to hire a personal chef on a more regular basis, you will be able to find someone who can fulfill your requests. Most chefs can be booked for anywhere from a few times a month to as often as two or three times a day! Keep in mind that it can cost more to have someone preparing meals often as you are essentially hiring them on.

Naturally, it will cost more to enlist a personal chef to prepare multiple meals. However, if you are hosting an event such as a weekend wedding with several meals, you may be able to work out a weekend rate for the continued use of their services.


A chef’s experience is key to the proper preparation of your meal. You will notice a difference in how the meals are prepared and in the selection of ingredients. An expert chef has the experienced required to make a good meal truly great.

Take a look to see if there are any reviews of the chef’s work on their Bidvine profile. From satisfied diners to those who have employed the chef themselves, you can learn about their style as the level of quality you can expect. Reviews are a great way to find out more information before you taste the chef’s work for yourself.


A local chef will bring all of their local connections with them to prepare your meal. This means you could have the freshest seafood or the finest greens grown locally. No matter what type of meal it is you're hoping to serve, working with a local professional is the best approach to receive the best output.

You also want to work with someone who works in close proximity to your venue. This ensures that you do not have to worry about adding on travel costs or expensive equipment rentals when a pro comes from a fair distance to prepare your meal. Your expert will know exactly what resources are available in the area and may even provide their own equipment for use on site.


Whether it's a brunch, lunch or dinner, you want to work with an expert personal chef to receive a delicious and product: your meal! It doesn't have to be a special occasion, but with their help, you'll know it will end up being that way.

Start dreaming up your menu and submit a free request for bids from trusted local professionals today. With Bidvine, you will be connected with experts who can create the perfect meal for your needs. Bon appetit!

Personal Chefs near you


Andrews Catering

(5 reviews)

Hornchurch, East London RM12 4BL


Andrews Catering is a family run business with many years of fine culinary experience. Our emphasis is on freshness and our style and influences are mainly Classic French, Modern English, Caribbean and Mediterranean. We have the resources to manage your event from start to finish, taking away the stress, but still leaving you in full control of how you want things to be done. Managed by passionate professionals, Andrews Catering produce and impeccably serve, the most delicious food. We cater for corporate occasions, private dinners, business lunches, anniversary celebrations and wonderful weddings delivering first class food every time


Cater Express

(4 reviews)

1 hire on Bidvine

Hammersmith, West London W6 9QF


Are you organising a corporate meeting and need some sandwiches for a quick yet tasty lunch in the boardroom? Or perhaps you’re hosting a last-minute sour evening and would like appetising canapés for the cocktail hour? At Cater Express, we provide a range of delicious finger foods that are fresh, tasty and created with the finest ingredients. Whatever type or event you are planning, our platters are freshly prepared in our London based kitchen by our talented team and we cater to all types of occasions. We have over 20 years in the industry and our experience is unrivalled. From sushi platters, to mini-wraps and from mini-quiches to classic sandwiches, our menus suit any event and never fail to impress. We take pride in our ease of ordering and savoury finger food and snacks, and we can also create bespoke platters to accommodate special food requests. We deliver on time and we can tailor our platters to match your budget without compromising on quality. Please get in touch for a detailed chat about your event and we look forward to being of service.


Oliveira Imports

(2 reviews)

5 hires on Bidvine

Dudden Hill, North West London NW10 1HB

Wilmar L.Verified Review

to be honest it was my first experience with them , but believe me its simple awesome , they did excellent job besides the communication was accurate , highly recommended , thank you Maria for answer all my questions you where awesome at the phone , Congratulations guys you are doing well , keep it up .


Bold fusion

(2 reviews)

3 hires on Bidvine

Honor Oak, South East London SE23 2XG


I’m Alexa Roberts from a small but mighty upmarket catering company based in SE London called Bold Fusion. We have over 10 years’ experience in crafting bespoke menus for every type of event, and we are obsessed with taste. So, whether you’re planning a rustic wedding, a breakfast meeting for your team, an elegant corporate event, a casual cocktail party or intimate dinner at home, we’ll create and serve delicious cuisine that’s suited to every palate. We’ve been established in the City of London for many years, and understand the unique blend of quality and variety the capital offers, and the standard it sets. Our never-ending commitment to quality and learning fits well with London’s eclectic food scene. We’re dedicated to providing you with the perfect bite, whether it is a mound of lush and buttery Sevruga caviar or a perfectly charred burger. We believe in seasonal cooking, bold and clean flavours and a strong sense of time and place. Our beautiful work is the result of a simple but deep respect for ingredients and strong technical skills. We don’t just know what tastes good, we know why it tastes good too. We believe in the power of people and the magic of food that brings us together: from our amazing staff who work so hard to achieve our clients’ vision, to our suppliers who provide us with the freshest produce, not forgetting our unique clients who fuel our passion to create and to serve the best. Our menu designs include bespoke menus, international menus, vegetarian and vegan menus, and special diet menus. We have three core offerings: • 9.2.5 – our office catering service ensures that your employees, clients, team or executive board are well-fed and happy. We’ll meticulously plan your event, from delivery to disposal • Parties – from Christmas parties and office cocktail evenings, to product launches, exhibition openings, birthdays, engagements and christenings, we love a party. Choose from canapes, finger food, bowl food, sit-down plated meals, sharing platters, grazing tables or a barbecue • Weddings – we help you bring your vision into reality. We’ve catered for an intimate sit-down meal, a garden barbecue, canapes and sharing platters. We’ll suggest exquisite menu items, table settings and any other aspect of wedding catering • We also have expertise in event planning, working with florists, photographers and cake makers. Our wedding catering and event planners will listen to you and help you select your menu, ensuring every detail will exceed expectations and create an unforgettable day. We offer discounts on our services depending on the size of the event and other factors. If you need a catering team who devote attention to exceptional flavour and will never disappoint, please get in touch with your catering requirements and we can take it from there. Look forward to hearing from you.


Vanessa Suarez

(2 reviews)

1 hire on Bidvine

South Kensington, West London SW7 5LZ

Yasmin M.

Outstanding food I really couldn't ask for any better. Very professional and the food surpassed even my grandmothers cooking - will definitely be using this service again in the near future


Matthew Green

(2 reviews)

1 hire on Bidvine

Morden, South West London SM4 5JL


After a long and tough week at the office or after an intensive training session, a great massage is something anyone looks forward to. Or perhaps you are recovering from surgery or an injury and need a good massage to accelerate your recovery. In addition to dispelling any tension and relieving muscles from aches and pains, an excellent massage has several mental and physical benefits from improving your sleep to helping your posture. As a fully qualified and Level 3 trained massage therapist, I have the skills and expertise to help people suffering from several ailments and health concerns. My array of massage therapies includes sports massage, deep tissue massage, and full body relaxation massage. Whether you’re an executive or an athlete, I will pay attention to the issues that are bothering you and tailor my massage accordingly to provide you with the relief and rejuvenation you need. I am also a qualified personal trainer and keen runner and can help clients to train from 5K up to long marathons. Similarly, if you would like to shed a few pounds, I can help with weight loss and to improve your fitness levels through functional training, HIIT, strength training. Based on your unique needs, I will customise a training plan to deliver effective results within the shortest time span. I will motivate and guide to lead an active and healthy lifestyle that will do wonders for your body and mind. As I am passionate about anything related to a healthy lifestyle, I’m also a personal chef and I offer private one-to-one healthy cooking lessons and meal preps to help with your training. Through my lessons, you will learn to cultivate better eating habits that will lead to a positive impact on your health. That’s not al – if you’re short of time, I can also prepare meals in advance for the week ahead. Whether you are looking to overhaul your diet through mindful and better eating habits or need a relaxing or therapeutic massage or you want to tone your physique or prepare for a marathon, I can help you accomplish your goals in a manageable way for long-term sustainable results. I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach so every aspect of my service is personalised to offer you the greatest benefit and a positive impact on your wellbeing. My rates reflect the quality of my work and I offer discounts to clients pre-booking 10 sessions get one hour of free massage therapy and 30 minutes of meal prep. I’m happy to have a chat about your goals and preferences so whether you want a chef, a personal trainer, or a massage therapist (or all three!), please contact me for more information. I look forward to hearing from you and creating the ideal service to elevate your wellbeing.

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We analyse and update our price guidance for jobs based on thousands of bids from Bidvine professionals. Our Price Guides help you see what other people have paid for projects like yours.
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