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£11 - £14  National average range
£11 - £14
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How much does office cleaning cost?

Nov 25, 2020

With a national average of £11 to £14 per hour, office cleaning is a budget-friendly way to ensure your office looks amazing. Keep in mind that as this is a national average, the costs of individual cleaners may vary. Continue reading for more details on what factors influence the cost of office cleaning.

Office Cleaning Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£11
UK National Maximum Cost£14
UK National Average Cost£12
Average Range£11 - £14

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What Are The Benefits of Office Cleaning?

For many of us, our office is like a second home! We spend many of our waking hours typing away at our desks, making or taking phone calls, and simply taking care of business. Naturally, we want this space to be kept clean for ourselves and our coworkers. 

If the task of ensuring the workplace is clean falls under your purview, you may wonder what to look for and where to find an office cleaning service you can rely on. Thankfully, we can help outline some of the most important things to consider in your search. Read on to find out how to make your search successful. 


In addition to knowing what you need in a cleaner, you could be curious about what this will cost. Most offices are kept to a strict budget and the cleaning is no exception. To find the right professional cleaning service, you will want to know what to ask for and how this affects your cost. This will ensure you have chosen the right service to take care of the office, no matter what type of business you are in. 

Type of Workspace

Your workspace can influence the cost of cleaning for a number of reasons. A warehouse or factory tends to accumulate different types of grease and dirt than a residential complex, but all of it requires proper cleaning. Thankfully, a cleaning service will know exactly what is required to keep your space tidy. The same goes if you require transport vehicle cleaning whether this is inside or out. Often, cleaning services will specialise in this type of cleaning to ensure it is done correctly. 

Some places such as restaurants or medical facilities have to be kept clean with frequent cleaning to keep them safe and the people that use them healthy. They also contain a lot of different areas that require cleaning, which may increase how much it will cost to have this looked after. 

In contrast, offices or retail spaces may be a simpler task to clean and be a bit less expensive overall. However, there are some other factors that will still influence the cost so read on for more details. 

Number of Bathrooms and Windows

Another important factor to pass on to your cleaning service is the number of areas they will be expected to clean. Bathrooms, for example, are a must on your cleaning list. But your professional cleaners will need to know how many bathrooms require cleaning to block out time accordingly. 

It takes longer to clean a bathroom because of the number of surfaces that need attention. From the sinks to the floors, from the mirrors to the toilets, each part of the bathroom will require time to restore its cleanliness. 

With a large glass surface, windows are another area that takes longer to clean. Most of the time, the inside of the window receives regular cleaning because of the ease of access. The outside should be cleaned at least a few times a year by a dedicated service equipped to handle exterior cleaning with scaffolding. 

The number of bathrooms and windows will impact the total cost for your cleaners. With more spaces to clean, a higher number of either bathrooms or windows increases the cost of cleaning. So if your office has floor to ceiling windows or several bathrooms, keep in mind that may increase what you need to allot for your cleaning service. 


The length of time it will take to clean an office will certainly influence the cost you are quoted. In addition to the number of bathrooms and windows outlined above, you will also need to think about the size of the office itself. A large space with many individual offices will take more time and cost more than a smaller or open-concept space. 

As well, think of the number of spaces that need cleaning within the office. Are there many bins or recycling that will need to be looked after with each cleaning, or is there a single unit shared by the floor? Consolidation can reduce the time it takes to look after this part of cleaning and reduce your cost overall. 

Of course, your individual cleaning service may be able to give you an idea of how long a cleaning will take. Keep in mind whether this is the work of a single cleaner or of a team. A single person may charge less per hour for cleaning but take longer to complete the work, whereas a team can do more quickly but for a higher hourly rate. Check with the service so you understand what goes into your quoted rate. 

Experience of Cleaner

Look for an experienced cleaner to handle your office. There is a wide and varied skill set required to clean up an office because of the variety of spaces. Tasks often include vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing and even disinfecting. You will want someone who is equipped to handle all of these tasks. 

Plus, this way you will have someone who knows when a deep clean is required. They will use their judgement to ensure their time is well used during your regular cleaning sessions and put in the elbow grease when it is required. When you go with experience, you can be confident that all matters of dirt and debris will be dealt with in the right manner. 

Look at a cleaner’s Bidvine profile for a list of skills and relative experience. You can use this information to help guide you to the right pro. You may also want to see if there are reviews available to read on their Bidvine profile. Reviews can give great insight into the care someone puts into their work and their attention to detail.  These qualities are essential for a thorough and professional cleaning job. You can find the right person by reviewing what they have done in the past. 

Frequency of Cleanings

You will also want to think about how often you require cleaning. Does your workspace get very dusty or is there a lot of unpacking that can cause debris to build up? Or do you find a simple sweep is enough to keep up with most of the work and you only require a deeper clean once or twice a week? Take a walk through your workplace to evaluate your needs. 

This can also depend on the type of workspace you have. For example, in hospitality and health, a clean workplace is a must. In fact, it is often required by inspection! This means regular cleaning must happen much more frequently than in some other industries or workplaces. Customer-facing workplaces also need to stay tidy to keep your business’ appearance neat and welcoming. 

Keep in mind that different seasons may increase the need for cleaning. Often, more frequent cleaning is required in the winter season because of rain, mud or snow that can be tracked indoors. 


Use your office as the central point for your search for services. You want to find a cleaner that is nearby. Often, this will mean they are very familiar with your location and can be more efficient as they know what factors may influence cleaning, such as weather. You may also have someone who cleans a building nearby and is more easily available for cleaning! 

Remember not to look too far away from your location, as costs may differ the further your cleaner is expected to travel. While a certain amount of travel is built in, the cost of living could be higher and the cleaner’s rates will reflect this. For the best costs, look in your area so you know everything is in line with averages.

Cost Comparison of Cleaning Services

Do you need your home cleaned as well? Easily compare costs for popular cleaning services below so you can get your home sparkling with cleanliness and stay on budget!

Cleaning ServiceAverage Hourly Rate
Domestic Cleaning£12
Window Cleaning£25
Oven Cleaning£14


It's essential that offices of all kinds are kept clean. It keeps employees happy and boosts productivity to help you nurture the most efficient workforce possible. For that, you need cleaning experts who will ensure your office is looking its best. 

Let Bidvine help you find a cleaner you can trust. Answer a few questions and submit a free request for bids. Trusted local pros respond and Bidvine chooses the best fit for your project. Then, you can get the conversation rolling to help keep your office clean. 

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