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£5000 - £55000  National average range
£5000 - £55000
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How much does new home construction cost?

Nov 25, 2020

Costs for new home construction in the UK range from £5000 to £55000 on average. Though this estimate can vary and is highly dependent on the particulars of your specific plans for your new home build. 

Buying a new home is an exciting adventure. But if you aren’t finding what you want in real estate, turning to a new home builder is the perfect way to realize your home dreams. You’ll have complete control over the process, customising everything from the layout to the design! All you need is to hire a professional crew that you can trust with every aspect of the build.

New Home Construction Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£5000
UK National Maximum Cost£55000
UK National Average Cost£35000
Average Range£5000 - £55000

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Working with a professional is the best way to handle the building of your new home, but you’ll need to find the right company to work with. To guide your search, think about the details of your project to find someone able to pull it off. Knowing these factors will also help you understand how they can affect the price so you can budget accordingly.

Type of House to Build

There are many different types of homes, so you are sure to find a style that is perfect for you! After all, if you are spending the time to build your dream home, you deserve the right type. If you aren’t sure what to ask for, read on for the different types.

Popular in cities, flats are great options when a builder is looking to save space. Many flats can be put up in a smaller space. Building this type of home can be a great decision if your needs for space are not large. Like flats, terraced homes will have nearby neighbours as the side walls are connected to the homes beside to form a row.

Semi-detached homes are similar to the concept of flats and terraced homes but on a much smaller scale. Your home will share just one wall with your neighbours instead of two. You’ll need to enter into a planned build project to claim one of these types of homes of your own.

Bungalow refers to a single story home with a shallow pitched roof, making them appear quite short. These homes are charming, with just enough room to make for a cosy retreat. Detached homes tend to be larger than bungalows, often including one-and-a-half or two storeys. They may even have an attached garage! Consider this option if you have a larger family and would benefit from having the extra space.


Every home is subject to having the correct paperwork in place before the project can begin. But it can be difficult to know what needs to be filed, and it can’t be done without building plans! Having a professional handle this part of the project is a great way to make taking out permits for the work easy. Plus, you’ll know that everything is being done properly.

Drafting Building Plans

No building can start without having clear plans! You may sketch out your own ideas, but a proper set of drawings needs to be created for use by the building team. A builder can help you with drafting these plans according to requirements. This working set of drawings will need to be stamped by professionals before it can be used for a build, so having a professional’s assistance will ensure this is done correctly.

Construction Management During Building

The building process needs to be done right so you have a home you can look forward to living in. This is why it is important to have a professional managing things. They have the expertise required to navigate each stage of construction, from planning to executing the build itself.

Part of this includes arranging for the right trades to perform the work, such as foundation, framing or plastering. They can use their connections to find the workers to build your dream home.

Their knowledge can also help with unexpected events too. Any issues that may arise need to be handled by a professional so they can quickly and easily be put to rest. Working with an expert home builder means you'll receive the benefit of their expertise, which can help things go as smoothly as possible with your build.


For a large and complex project like a home build, experience is a must. It is the only way that you can be confident it will be built properly. Working on similar projects ensures a professional is ready to tackle anything that your project requires.

Look for a list of previous builds on a professional’s profile. This may be displayed as a list of work completed, or in a portfolio format with images and other information to give you insight into these builds. There may also be reviews and testimonials of their work from previous clients attesting to the quality of work and professionalism.

Size of Team

As you consider who to select for your project, remember to think about how many people will be needed on the job. Larger projects typically require a larger team to handle the details, increasing the cost of your job. However, this extra cost is worth it to know that your project will be on schedule with the right number of hands to make it happen.

Smaller teams are also capable of completing the work too. It may take a little longer to complete the build, but you are in good hands. These small teams are filled with highly skilled experts who will work hard on your new building.


Building a new home is no quick process, but a construction management professional can make sure that everything goes according to plan. While it does depend on the overall size and complexity of your new home plans you can expect a full home to be built over the course of several months up to a year.

This timeline may also be subject to the availability of an expert and the trades they use to build your home. It is wise to book out with as much notice as possible to fit your project into a professional’s schedule.

When time is of the essence, rush jobs may be possible but are contingent on a pro’s availability. For this type of request, expect a higher fee as the timeline will need to be shortened significantly to get a build moving. There may also be some shortcuts on some stages of the build that can speed things up, but expect these will also cost a bit more.

Location of Build

Where you are building is an important detail for your builder to know. Different locales may have different types of building codes to abide by as well as different procedures to follow. Passing on your location in advance helps a professional construction service do their research and prepare to start the build.

Part of this may include coordinating several builds within a certain radius. New home builders may be able to negotiate lower prices on materials as they are ordering larger quantities to fulfil these jobs. They may allow search for trades close to the job site, ensuring the efficiency of the project as they can move smoothly from step to step.

Additional Construction Services

When building a new home you'll need a wide range of professionals to help you complete the project. Check out our handy chart below to find the costs associated with the building services that are in high demand!

Building ServicesAverage Hourly Cost

General Carpenter



The excitement over building a home can become a reality with the help of a professional specialising in new home construction. Their expertise is sure to make your project come to life with great quality and on schedule.

To find a great professional and get your building project started, fill out a free request for bids on Bidvine. You’ll get bids from trustworthy local construction crews who are ready to help you with your building project. From there, you can select a professional that is the perfect fit and get started!

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