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How much do music theory lessons cost?

Nov 25, 2020

In the UK, the national average for music theory lessons is £25 to £40 per session. This rate can then fluctuate based on the length of the sessions. If you plan to take multiple music theory lessons your music teacher may offer you a package, which can be a cost-effective option to long-term music theory lessons.

Music Theory Lesson Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£25
UK National Maximum Cost£40
UK National Average Cost£30
Average Range£25 - £40

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What is The Benefit of Learning Music Theory With a Music Theory Teacher?

Music has a huge influence on us. With the way music boosts the mood, it’s no wonder that many people want it to be a part of their lives! From listening to music on their commute to make it more exciting to using it as a tool for relaxation, music helps to fill up important moments.

Regardless of the reason, you need to start out on the right foot with music theory with the help of a professional teacher. Music theory is the foundation of learning any instrument, helping to make any student better later on. Since music is both taught both as a written subject and an auditory one, working with a music theory teacher offers you the best learning experience.


For great music theory lessons, you’ll want the best instructor! Passing on what you need help with and what your goals are can help you in the search. But if you are just starting out, you might need a little help on what details to include and how this can influence the cost. Information about the type of instrument and the genre of music you wish to play can influence how much the lessons cost. So to get the facts straight, consider the following factors and how they can influence the price for music theory lessons.

Genre of Music

There are many different types of music out there to learn! Thankfully, they all start with the same basic music theory. However, it can be beneficial to indicate the type of music your student hopes to play as this will ensure that lessons are directed towards this end goal. Lessons will move beyond the basics to include the right elements.

Some styles use special notation to garner the correct sound when played. Jazz, for example, uses chord progressions that may be written differently than a classic song in the same key. Knowing the genre can also help with reading the rhythm of different notes and teaching the student how to recognize embellishments. This will help them understand how to play all of the notes in their music!

Music Theory Components

In music theory lessons, you’ll learn everything you need to know to make written music come alive. Or, if you plan to write your own music, you’ll know what it will take to make it sound exactly as you want it to.

Essential elements are the measures and bar lines that divide a piece of music. Typically, you’ll learn the treble and bass staff for the grand piano first. This makes it easy to begin to recognize and understand music notes with elements like pitch and duration. You’ll also learn key signatures and accidentals that tell you the right note to play.

Things like the rhythm is expressed through the beat and meter, such as the time signature and tempo indication. You’ll also see how the melody and harmony are expressed through the notation. Dynamics given indicate what emotions go into how a piece should be played.

Type of Instrument

Ensure that your instructor knows the type of instrument you are learning music theory to play. Different instruments may have different types of music you’ll need to learn. Piano and classical orchestra instruments tend to use sheet music. This gives you a great foundation for learning, especially as you start with the basic notes and time signatures.

However, not all instruments solely use sheet music. Guitar music is often written as tablature or tabs. This looks more like the neck of the guitar and requires special training to understand. A good music theory teacher will be able to explain this in full so you can read guitar tabs easily for any song.

Music Theory Workbooks

Most teachers will recommend using a workbook during the lessons. Workbooks are a great way to reinforce what you’re learning with targeted exercises. The practice will help make sure you retain what you’re learning!

With a variety of workbooks out there, you may require some insight from your teacher on what’s best to purchase. Sometimes, they will recommend a certain book to have for your first lesson. Make sure that whatever you purchase is suitable for your skill level and your instructor's teaching style.

Length & Frequency of Lessons

A music theory lesson is typically 30 minutes to an hour in length. Any longer, and you run the risk of being overloaded with information and struggle to keep up. Understanding music theory can only be achieved with regular lessons and a commitment to learning.

Most lessons work best on a schedule of at least once a week, spanning the course of several weeks to months to learn the concepts you need in music theory. If you can, book a series of lessons to keep you on track. Having a set schedule reinforces learning and helps you stick with what you’ve chosen. You may also need to include some time at home to prepare or work on exercises to reinforce learning.

Experience of Music Theory Teacher

Someone with experience will be ready to answer any questions you may have, regardless of your starting level. This means it’s important to check out a potential instructor to ensure they have the qualifications to teach you properly.

A music theory teacher should have training at a school of music. This may be listed as levels at a reputable organization. Look also for years of experience teaching. While it’s not necessary to have formal teacher’s training, they should have been teaching students of all levels for some time.

Also, consider reviews as references of their abilities and skills to teach! Reviews give you great insight into what their style is like and can give you more information before making a decision. This can assure you that your teacher is the right one.


Lessons can take place in a variety of locations, so be sure to indicate what’s best for you. The key is that is a space conducive for learning and free of distractions! For this reason, it’s a popular option to take lessons at a music studio. This allows you to learn both the theory and have the option of adding an instrument lesson on after the theory. Your instructor may need to rent a music studio to accommodate if they do not regularly work out of one, so keep this in mind before you request it as it can increase the cost for lessons.

If you prefer to have an instructor come to you, you can choose to have lessons at a home studio or another room in your home. Make sure to choose a location that makes sense for you. Home lessons may be just the thing to fit in with your busy lifestyle, making the cost worth it.

Are you considering learning a new instrument? Easily compare costs for some of the most popular music lessons in the chart below!

Music LessonsAverage Hourly Cost
Singing Lessons£35
Piano Lessons£32
Guitar Lessons£30
Drum Lessons£30


Learning music is not only a fun activity, it is one that pays off in the long run with better concentration skills. Starting with music theory just makes sense if you want to flourish as a musical student. Plus, it helps you understand how to play nearly any piece of music properly!

Don’t know any teachers of music theory? Bidvine can help! Just answer a few short questions about what you are looking for and we’ll source bids from top-rated professional instructors ready to help. You can trust them to make you the best musician, just by starting with the basics!

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