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How much does mould removal cost?

Nov 25, 2020

Mould removal in the UK costs an average of £100 to £130. Depending on the extent of the mould growth in your property this cost can vary. Keep in mind that any repair services needed after the mould is remediated such as plastering and painting will add to this cost.

Mould Removal Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£100
UK National Maximum Cost£130
UK National Average Cost£115
Average Range£100 - £130

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How Soon Should Mould Growth Be Removed?

When mould grows inside your home it can be a significant health hazard and should be dealt with promptly! Damp conditions create the perfect environment for mould growth. So if you have had a flood or have just dealt with a water leak, you may be more susceptible to mould growth. Therefore, it is vital that you examine your home for the common signs of mould.

This includes smelling a mould odor, a musty scent that is a sure sign mould is growing. This can also cause signs of allergies like watery eyes, sneezing, or a runny nose. You may also see signs of mould growing in places that get damp. Don’t mistake these signs for dirt, it’s time to call in the pros!

Mould remediation and mould removal works to get the mould in your home under control so it is a safe haven once again. Under the careful care of a professional, even tricky mould problems can be brought in hand.


Now that you know an expert mould remediation specialist is the way to deal with the threat of mould in your home, you will need all the information necessary to find the right service. From discerning the type of mould to specifying the area you need dealt with, details are key to getting the proper care.

This will also ensure you receive accurate pricing. Different factors can influence how much a particular mould remediation project may cost. So to get a better sense of what it will cost, read on for more information about what goes into the project.

Type of Mould Damages

Mould damage is never a nice thought to consider. If it has reached the stage where it is visible in your home, you will know that it is very unsightly. It can also be releasing a noticeable smell, making your home less of a haven and more of a hindrance. You may be embarrassed to invite company over until this problem has been addressed! Thankfully, remediation can remove visible mould from a variety of surfaces or treat fabric until the mould is gone.

Mould damage can also appear as a health concern. The presence of mould can cause symptoms much like a cold. If you have a cough, sore throat or sneeze you can’t shake, it could be caused by mould.

Area of Your Home With Mould

With the right conditions, mould will grow in different areas of your home with very little help. Most of these areas are prone to damp, such as the bathroom. Since it is likely to become wet, and stay wet for an extended period of time, it is extremely likely to be the harbour mould growth. 

Mould in this area is usually detected by a lingering musty smell or the appearance of black or white mould on areas that collect the most moisture such as windows or ceilings. You can help to prevent mould growth in the bathroom ahead of time but choosing more water-resistant bathroom tiles during renovations.

The basement is another space likely to develop mould because of moisture. Typically the lowest area of the home, it can collect excess water as a result. If this water lingers, mould can find the perfect space to grow. If you had furniture in the basement you may also wish to consider upholstery cleaning to refresh the furniture and keep it in top shape.

A flood can also add extra moisture into the basement environment. This type of damage can cause effects that last long after cosmetic fixes to walls or floors are applied.

As hot, moist air rises, your loft can become a mould culprit. This is especially true if there is improper ventilation. This type of moisture can linger for some time, becoming a fertile ground for mould development. And if you don't venture to your loft frequently, mould growth can explode into a serious problem. 

The ducts in your home could also be a source of mould. Condensation from both heating and cooling can linger in the vents of your air system. If left long enough this can turn into mould. Your duct system can be a complex and often hard to access area, meaning a professional is the best way of dealing with mould before it extends throughout your home. 

A mould remediation specialist can also inspect your home to look for likely causes. So if you aren't sure where mould could be coming from, they will identify the source, cause, and fix.

If mould has effected your flooring then carpet cleaning is essential whether the carpeting is in an office or commercial building which manage or your home. If the mould growth has spread too extensively throughout the carpeting then carpet fitting may be a better alternative.


Clearing the mould out of your home will take some time. Of course, the exact time it will take to perform remediation will depend on how large of an issue it is.

A few spots of mould, such as around a window or in a bathroom, could mean it is a simple assessment and treatment plan. But a larger job, such as mould in a duct system as we outlined above, is a different story. It will take longer to assess the extent of the problem and determine the correct treatment for the issue.

But no matter how long it takes, you will be pleased to know that mould is no longer a concern.

Bidvine Tip - For further information on the process of mould removal check out our guide here.

Once the mould has been addressed you may also need to clean up the surrounding area. So be sure to account for cleaning time when planning out your mould removal project timeline.

As well as cleaning, if the mould damage was extensive you may need to consider a new coat of paint or even new plasterboard for your walls as well. This will get your home back to looking its best.

Qualifications and Experience

When dealing with mould, it’s very important that you have a qualified expert come in for remediation. They know how to safely handle mould in all areas of the home. To find someone who can help, look for years of experience. This can assure you that they know how to take care of the mould, no matter where it is in your home.

Many professionals will list their qualifications on their website. For remediation, look for someone who has training or has taken courses. This helps experts understand exactly what they're dealing with and how to remove the mould in a safe manner.

You can easily find reviews from past clients on their Bidvine profile. Read up to find out how great of a job they did and be confident in your choice of professional.


It is very important to consider your location when you look for an expert service. You can consider the space infected with mould as the centre point for your search, whether the mould is in your home, office, or another space. You will want to find a service that operates close by and is able to travel to you for remediation.

The cost for the remediation service will vary, depending on this location. If you are searching in the city, you may see a higher cost because of this higher cost of living. In contrast, a more rural area may seem like it is less expensive because the rate is set according to a different cost.

Finding someone located near you is still best, as the costs are in line with other expenses. Plus, going local means you won’t have to worry about covering travel costs for someone coming from a fair distance away.


Dealing with mould is a serious business. It’s not something you want to tackle on your own. Thankfully, there are experts who specialise in mould remediation who can help remove it so you can breathe easy once again.

Need help finding a local professional you can trust to deal with your mould issue? Why not submit a free request for bids! Answer a few questions about your situation, and Bidvine will search for top mould remediation specialists near you. Let us help make your mould problem history.

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