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How much does loft renovation cost?

Nov 25, 2020

Loft renovation is an effective and affordable way to renovate at an average national cost of £18 to £20 per hour. The total cost for your loft renovation will then depend on the time it takes to complete the full renovation, material costs, and the overall scope of the loft renovation project.

Loft Renovation Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£18
UK National Maximum Cost£20
UK National Average Cost£19
Average Range£18 - £20

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Why Should You Consider a Loft Renovation?

Are you planning a loft conversion or loft renovation? Have you found yourself asking how much does a loft conversion cost? Then you're in the right place! This article covers everything you need to know about the average price of loft conversion so that you can plan out a budget for how much your dormer extension, attic conversion, or loft extension will cost.

Loft spaces in many homes are simply not being used to their full potential. Perhaps it’s a place you avoid because it’s dark or unfinished. Or it could be the home of forgotten items put into storage and never taken out. Well, with a good loft renovation, it can be so much more!

Since a loft is often not intended for regular habitation, it may need structural reinforcement in order to become usable space. For this type of renovation, you will need an expert’s help over a DIY project. They can ensure it is physically sound and safe for a renovation. So whether you want a place for work, play, or storage, you can make the most of your loft’s potential as additional living space.

If your loft has already been converted, it could still use some help becoming useful for you. Bring in a renovator to transform it into the perfect extra room you need. You need some ideas and the right pro to help you with your project!


Now that you know you need a professional to ensure that your loft renovation is completed properly, it’s time to find one. But before you start your search, you’ll need to know what to ask for. Loft renovators will need to get the details of your loft renovation in order to bring it to life. From the type of work that needs to be done to the layout, you should think about these decisions before you start.

Plus, providing information about your needs and expectations will help get accurate pricing for the job. Many factors can influence how much your loft renovation will cost. With the right information, you’ll find the right pro. So read on for what you need to consider for your loft renovation.

Repairs & Loft Conversion Costs

Before you can begin transforming your loft, you need to assess its current condition for any damage or issues that need repairing. Any building project needs a strong foundation, and in this case, your foundation includes the ceiling, walls and floor!

Check the walls for any cracks that have appeared in the plaster. These may be signs of a deeper concern that needs to be addressed before your renovation. Having a pro investigate the cause of cracks will ensure that any issues are fixed such as normal home settling or stress. One crack may not be a major concern, but it needs to be investigated all the same.

You should also inspect your flooring for any issues. Over time, damage can occur from settling floor joists and unevenness. This can result in unattractive, uneven flooring in spots. It could even pose a tripping hazard! So if this is the case in your loft, make sure to include updating flooring as part of your repairs. This can be done either in the spots that need it most or to replace your entire floor for a fresh start.

Once any issues are identified for repair, your pro will take the time to make things right. Plaster may need to be repaired or perhaps removed to fix the underlying issue. Planning to update your flooring makes this the perfect time to deal with problems that could arise later on. If you planned to update your loft in these ways already, this repair work can work out perfectly.

 By tackling repairs first, you'll create a solid foundation for the next step of your project. This is essential if your plans include extending an existing dormer. So be sure to plan in the cost of repairs before you jump straight into the main budget planning for the cost to extend your existing dormer.

Purpose & Goals

Your dormer or loft is one area in your home with great potential to become additional living space for you to enjoy. When you have an idea of your goals this will help your hired professional create a more accurate, dormer loft conversion cost estimate.

Plus, when you already know what your home needs, deciding to renovate your loft will be an easy decision, as will calculating a basic loft conversion cost. Perhaps your kids are getting older and you could use a separate lounge space so all of you can cohabitate in harmony. In this case, you'll be considering converting a loft into a room as part of your renovations. You could also use this room to transform your loft into a studio for additional income or to use as a retreat.

Not sure? Start by assessing your needs to determine what space could be of benefit. It could be that you need a more organised storage space to help you keep the rest of your home neat and tidy. Or it could be put to great use as a spare bedroom! This can always come in handy, especially if you or your kids like to have guests over. The extra space would be well-used.

If you have a staircase leading up to your loft then you will need to take this into consideration as well. The installation or upgrade cost of stairs for a loft is another important aspect to consider, as it will help you to cover all the details in your budget planning.


Like any renovation project, working on your loft will take some time, which will influence the final pricing for the loft conversion quote. From the early stages of ideas to installing finishing touches, knowing the timeline in advance can help you with planning and budgeting. Depending on the complexity of your renovation, you can expect a loft renovation to take anywhere from a few days to many weeks!

If it helps you plan, you can work with a pro to break down each part of the renovation into different segments. Repairs, building and finishing can take several weeks on their own, so this can help you visualise your timeline and budget accordingly. Keep in mind that a small loft conversion cost will vary from a larger renovation takes longer which will require a larger budget. With more work to be done, the hours will add up to create a longer timeline.


With any building project, you’ll want to have someone with the right experience working on your loft. This ensures that your builder abides by all proper codes to create a safe and beautiful space. Look for someone who has years of experience working on renovation projects throughout the home. Taking a look at a professional's Bidvine profile is the best way to get started as most professionals will list their qualifications and training.

If you need repairs done to any part of your loft before the transformation can begin, look for specifics on the expert’s profile. This may include a specialisation in a certain type of repair work or a list of previous projects. If they have a profile with images, even better! You can see their handiwork and evaluate their fit for your project before any contact is made.

You can also take a look to see if they have reviews listed to hear from a previous client. This can help you determine if you want to work with someone based on a review of their past work.


Your location is another key consideration when planning out how much a dormer costs. Your dormer or loft’s location should be the centre of your search. Local pros will have the advantage as they are familiar with the area’s material supply and may be able to get great rates on the materials required for your job.

Location can also affect the average cost or price for loft conversion in relation to the cost of living. Searching in the city may result in a higher cost because of the higher cost of living in densely populated areas. In contrast, a pro operating in a more rural area will set rates according to this cost of living.

Finding someone located nearby can also cut down on the wait to complete the work. Since they won’t have to build in extra time to travel to and from the job site, they can simply focus on bringing your loft renovation to life. This can keep costs down as travel does not add up the price for the work.

Location can also factor into your loft planning permission. Before you begin work it's best to learn about your local planning permission regulations.

Price Comparison of Popular Renovation Services

Do you have a few other renovation plans in mind? Easily compare costs for the most popular renovation services in the chart below and get set to bring your plans to life!

Renovation ServicesAverage Hourly Rate
Bathroom Remodelling£54
Interior Painting£50
Wallpaper Installation£24


Home renovations are best left in the hands of a trained and qualified pro. Now that you know what goes into a loft renovation, you can start the search for a great handyman or renovator for your project. From where your loft is located to the type of work that needs to be done, these details will ensure you have the right person for the right price.

Answer a few questions about what you’re looking for and submit a free request for bids through Bidvine. Before you know it you'll be set to make your dream loft a reality with an expert loft renovator!

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