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How much does lawn mower repair cost?

Jul 24, 2018

The proper care of your lawn includes the task of mowing. This will keep it neat, tidy, and so that it looks its best. You’ll need your trusted lawn mower for the task. But what do you do when your lawn mower breaks down?

Although you may be tempted to just purchase a new one, repairing your existing machine is a great idea. It helps save you money since repairs are generally less than the cost to purchase a replacement. Plus, you can avoid the hassle of researching a new model.

Why not stick with what you know and trust to get the job done? Repairing is a great way to help you keep the machine you love.

If you’re curious about what it takes to repair your lawn mower, we’ve outlined a few items to consider as they may influence the cost for the job.


Before taking your mower to a repair shop, make sure you are going to get the service you want. You’ll want an expert in your type of mower. They should be able to identify and address the issue then they'll fix it up so you’re able to return to caring for your lawn. 

We’ve outlined some of the common reasons you might need to have your lawn mower looked at. So even if you aren’t sure what you’re dealing with, you can prepare yourself before you hire your lawn mower repair expert.

Common Reasons For Lawn Mower Repair

Chances are, whatever is wrong with your lawn mower is a common problem that is easy to fix. One of the most obvious problems is when your mower fails to start. You’ll know right away that something is wrong! If filling it with petrol or charging it fails to solve the problem, you can bring it to a pro for help. Or perhaps you were pulling it to start and the starter rope simply broke! It could be there are electrical problems to work out. A pro can also help you with any of these problems.

They can also help you deal with a mower that isn’t working as it should. If it sounds too loud or sputters, there could be other issues to investigate with the motor. It could also be acting up as it runs over your lawn because of wheel problems.

If your machine isn’t mowing your lawn well (or at all), you’ll want to check on your blades. They could be broken or dull, making the mow a bigger task than it needs to be. Thankfully, sharpening or repair is a simple repair. Or perhaps you aren’t sure what’s going on! Bring your mower in for an assessment to help diagnose the issue.

Type of Lawn Mower

It’s also important that you know the type of lawn mower you have to get the right service. Thankfully, it’s very easy to determine the type you have, so don’t stress over this part!

A push mower is a very popular type for small to medium-sized yards. You walk behind the mower to control its forward momentum as it works its way over your lawn. It has four wheels and a square-shaped body to which the push handle is attached. The motor and blade sit horizontally inside this body and rotate quickly to get the job done.

Riding lawn mowers help make large lawns easier to take care of. You take a seat to control this small-tractor-shaped mower, using a combination of pedals and steering controls. Some models use a steering wheel while others use hand controls to make it easier to turn.

Manual mowers use a reel with sharpened blades to cut your lawn. This model has two wheels and requires human power to make it work. As you push the mower, the reel turns quickly to cut down your grass.

How Your Lawn Mower is Powered

You’ll also want to make sure you let your repair person know what powers your mower. This can offer a clue as to what’s going on with it!

A petrol powered mower is one of the most common types. They are best for any type of yard, able to cut through grass and handle inclines with ease. It gives you more power than an electric but does have more working parts that can require repair. Items like spark plugs and fuel filters are part of the necessary maintenance to keep your mower running.

Electric powered mowers are becoming more popular. They are very convenient as you’ll never need to run out and purchase fuel to take care of your lawn. Coming in corded and cordless models, these mowers are well-suited to a variety of yards. Most lawns can be mowed on a single charge for battery-operated models.

There are fewer parts to maintain with an electrically powered mower, but problems still do arise. Be sure to advise the type of electric mower you have to ensure you receive proper repair.  


Fixing a mower is not a simple task. It may take some time to get the mower back in operating shape again. Simple issues won’t take as long to fix, such as replacing a fuel filter or spark plug. Others may be more complex and could take days to fix! But don’t worry. Your mechanic will be able to asses the issue to determine how long it may take to fix the problem and whether any new parts will need to be ordered in which could affect the cost and timeframe of the repairs.


Send your mower to a repair expert for the best results. The person you choose should be aware of the most common issues, giving you confidence they are able to detect the issue and offer excellent repair. 

If you have a certain brand of mower, check to see that your mechanic has experience with it. This can appear as years of repair or work with the mower in another capacity, such as at a dealership.

Your mechanic may even have certification in mower repair thanks to training or classes they have taken. Even if this training is in a more general field, it will be applicable to your mower. Most mechanics will list their certifications to attract new clients and to guarantee their work.


Lawn mowers are not as complex as cars, so most problems can be solved either in your yard or through a shop. Your mechanic will bring their tools along with them in most situations, but in some cases, they may not be able to transport the parts in which case it may be best to take your lawnmower to the shop for repair.

Keep in mind that an onsite repair may cost more as your expert must travel to you, often from a distance. If this is a concern, look for repairs in your location. You’ll also benefit from rates at the same cost of living to avoid inflated costs.

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When your lawn mower doesn’t work, you can’t take care of your lawn. So it’s important to get it looked at promptly so your lawn doesn’t become out of control! Thankfully, with the right professional, you can get any type of mower back up and ready to go with just a bit of work.

So if your lawn mower is causing you grief, don’t hesitate! Look for a trusted local professional to get the job done. Not sure who to call? Let Bidvine help! Just answer a few questions about what you’re dealing with, and we will find you great pro to help.

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