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How much does landscaping cost?

Nov 25, 2020

Are you wondering - how much does landscaping cost? The national average for the cost of landscaping in the UK is £25 per hour, though this estimate can vary. This price guide dives into all the factors that can affect the cost of landscaping so you can plan out your budget effectively.

Landscaping Services Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£25
UK National Maximum Cost£25
UK National Average Cost£25

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Landscaping your home can be a big project to tackle. Every aspect of the design needs to be done properly so it will last! With proper landscaping, you can make the outside of your home and surrounding area look fantastic.

But before you begin your project, you’ll need to know what to expect when it comes to cost. Knowing what it will take to have a successful landscaping project is the first step, so read on to find out what exactly can influence the cost to landscape around your home!

Design Planning

Like any big project, your garden needs a plan. This will ensure that you get the look you desire and that the work is carried out correctly. Planning a design also helps assess costs so you know how much the landscaping will be in total. It’s an essential step, whether your tastes run to the orderly English garden or favour a more natural style.

But don’t worry, you can have a professional create your plan for you. It will incorporate the right kind of greenery, from grasses to flowers to trees, or the organic materials that will bring your landscape to life.

If this is a service you would like, make sure to advise your professional before any work begins. This may require a visit to view the garden before any planning stages may begin. You can also sketch out preliminary designs that your landscaper will use as inspiration.

Size of Garden

Knowing the size of the garden which needs landscaping is an essential detail in gaining accurate prices. Not only does it help you get an idea of cost it also helps a professional gauge how much work the job will be. Larger gardens tend to take more time and labour, increasing the cost of your project in comparison to a smaller space. Another way the size can affect the cost is through the amount of materials required and the type of equipment used.

However, even smaller gardens may be costly to take care of. If they are difficult to access or you have particularly complex requests, you can expect the cost to be higher than a simple one.

Make sure you indicate the approximate size of your garden to get a real idea of what it will cost. If you know the square footage, that’s great! Otherwise, just indicate whether you consider your garden to be large or small to give your expert a place to start.

Extent of Project

If your landscaping project is long overdue, you may be in the mood for a complete redesign. In these cases, a landscaper will focus on every aspect of your current garden to bring your vision to life. These projects can be very rewarding as you can claim your entire landscape as your own, placing your favourite plants or accents as you see fit. You can even add outdoor space as you start fresh!

But not all landscaping projects need to be extensive. If you have your mind on improving just one area of your current garden, a pro would be happy to help. This is classified as a partial redesign. These usually take less time than a complete redesign, but may also involve a lot of work if repairs or preventative measures are needed.


Today’s landscapes include much more than a few tidy garden beds and a carefully shaped tree. While these elements can certainly increase the appeal of your landscape, you aren’t limited to having a regular garden as your feature.

Today, rock gardens can be a great way to incorporate a feature into your garden that does not require a lot of upkeep. Plus, with rocks, you can add accents that still looking natural. If keeping your gardens looking natural is important, consider an impressive feature like a water element. From ponds to foundations, water can be a great way to make your garden more interesting.

If you want to put many plants and flowers on display, choose multiple levels in the landscape with tiered gardens. This can help different parts of your garden work well together, and give you the canvas you need for abundant flowers and growth. Adding a feature element to your landscape means that you can not only enjoy it but also be secure in the knowledge that your garden is unique.


Depending on how large or complex your landscaping project is, it may take a few days to a few weeks to complete. Partial projects may take only a few hours to complete if the supplies are available and the worker is ready to begin.

Weather can influence how long it will take to create your design. Since it’s outdoors, you may need to allow time for rain before work can resume. This can also affect when a landscaper is available to start. Try and book someone with plenty of notice to fit into their schedule and work with your timeline. Otherwise, bringing someone in on short notice may increase your cost.

Routine Maintenance

Of course, the work does not stop once your landscape has been put in place. You still need to allot time for routine maintenance. This ensures that the hard work done to create a gorgeous outdoor space does not go to waste.

How much time to allow for maintenance will depend on the design. Grasses will need to be neatly trimmed and gardens need weeding and watering. If you have a carefully constructed design, you’ll need to devote more time to maintaining this look so it remains neat and tidy. Other types, like having more outdoor living space or non-organic features like stonework, may not require as frequent routine maintenance because of a lower need for care. Ensure that you budget for some maintenance so your landscape always looks great.


While some aspects of a landscape project may seem simple, such as the general labour required to move materials, you will still want the project under the oversight of an expert profession. Their experience will ensure all of the work is performed correctly and in a timely manner.

To find an experienced pro, look for one who has been trained a reputable institution. They should understand design concepts and have a thorough knowledge of plants and other materials. They may also have certifications to prove they have what it takes for your garden! This information should be easily accessible through online profiles or websites. You may even find reviews or photos in a portfolio to highlight their work and prove their abilities.


Finding a professional that operates near you is important for landscaping. The days working on a landscape project can be long, and having someone come from a shorter distance helps reduce the cost of travel. It also means that the plants and materials used on your project won’t be put at risk from long shipping times since your pro can work with their trusted local suppliers.

Of course, if you are looking for routine maintenance, distance is important too. Having someone available to tend your landscape nearby means that it can be fit into a schedule that works for you instead of having to wait for a block long enough to allow for travel time.

Contemplating a few extra additions to your landscaping project for your home and garden? This handy chart compares costs for the most popular services so you can easily plan your budget.

Home & Garden ServicesAverage Hourly Rate
Weeding Services£23
Balcony, Deck, and Patio Repair£20
Lawn Mowing£20
Exterior Painting£18


Regardless of whether you are looking for someone to handle a large landscape redesign or for a project tackling part of your gardens, it’s important to have a pro handle the job. You want your landscape to look great, so it’s worth the investment into a professional you can rely on. They will give you the best results with their experience and knowledge.

To find a great landscaping professional, answer a few questions and submit a free request for bids. Bidvine will link you with local professionals you can trust to handle any aspect of the landscaping project. You’ll have the confidence you need in their abilities to make your landscape come to life.

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