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How much does a kitchen renovation cost?

Nov 25, 2020

A kitchen renovation can bring your kitchen up to date and will cost about £888 to £3000. Depending on the particulars of your renovation this price estimate could vary. If you are wondering just how much a new kitchen will cost you, simply keep reading. To help you get started planning your budget we've also included the top considerations that influence the average price for a new kitchen.!

The average cost of a new kitchen renovation in the UK is also included in the handy chart above. Then, to find the average kitchen installation prices in your area simply pop in your postcode.

Kitchen Renovation Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£888
UK National Maximum Cost£3000
UK National Average Cost£1700
Average Range£888 - £3000

Included in This Price Guide

How Much For a New Kitchen? - Top Considerations

The cost of a new kitchen can be influenced by several things, and with so many decisions to make with your renovation, it can even seem overwhelming. A good place to start your planning is by thinking about what your kitchen is like now and what you want it to be!

Average Kitchen Cost is Influenced by The Type of Renovation

The average price to renovation a kitchen will also depend on the type of renovation. Is your kitchen in need of updating or repair, or are you hoping to give it a whole new look? Whether you want to expand your kitchen or transform the existing space, call on a pro. They can handle simple painting projects all the way to a full renovation.

A pro can help repair or install new fixtures and appliances. They can also help fix, update, or install new cabinetry.

Upgrading your appliances alongside the rest of your kitchen can modernize your space. Transforming your kitchen doesn't have to be a huge project, all it takes is a few new fresh ideas!

On the other hand, if you're all set for a full renovation, plan out your budget accordingly. How much a newly fitted kitchen costs will be higher than fixing up just a few spots.

Features to Include in Your Kitchen

With a renovation, you'll also have your choice of the features you'd like in your new space. Whether you're adding or replacing, these features can be an important part of your renovation. As you choose your new features, keep in mind that these can also influence how much it will cost to refit your kitchen.

Why is it Important to Set a Budget Before Choosing New Kitchen Features?

By setting out an outline of your budget for the kitchen renovation first, you'll have a clear idea of which features and kitchen renovation ideas will be the best fit.

With this knowledge, you can also then effectively plan a strategy for how to renovate a kitchen if you have a tight budget. On the other hand, a budget can also clarify if you have additional funds for remodelling which you can then invest in your kitchen.

Your imagination (and your budget) is the only limitation when deciding on features. Mix and match the features you'd like to get the perfect new kitchen.

Choosing New Features That Fit Your Budget

With so many different materials and options available there is an abundance of kitchen renovation features that are affordable for every budget. In this section, we've included a few ideas to get you started. Many of these tips are great for large and small kitchens alike. So, if you're also looking for small kitchen ideas on a budget you're in the right spot!

Kitchen Renovation Ideas on a Budget

If you're on a budget, then a great way to begin searching for kitchen renovation ideas is by choosing one new feature that you can't live without. Then, build up your renovation plans around it. Upgrading cabinets, painting kitchen cupboards, appliances, and flooring are all key features of a kitchen remodel and a great place to start!

From there you can look to purchase materials for your cabinets, tiles, or paint when they go on sale to keep the full kitchen renovation cost affordable. If you have a small kitchen when you hit the shops on sale day, be sure to keep an eye out especially for light neutral colours whether you're shopping cabinets or for your kitchen splashback, tiles, or paints. These will reflect light naturally and make your kitchen feel more open.

By shopping around you can ensure that even when you're sticking to a budget that your kitchen renovation will look elegant. Your guests might even just be surprised at how much you saved on your budget kitchen renovation!

Luxury Kitchen Renovation Ideas

If you have some extra cash to splash and invest in your kitchen then let your dream kitchen inspire you. Have you always dreamed of a big farmhouse sink or putting in under-cabinet lighting? Maybe a kitchen island will be that perfect fit!

For a small kitchen, a great solution could be custom made cabinets. These will fit perfectly in your kitchen to optimise space and create a smooth, luxurious look.

You could also consider comparing kitchen prices for home automation features. Additions such as smart appliances are a great way to take your kitchen to the next level!

How Much Does it Cost to Fit a Kitchen Considering Its Current Condition

Determining your new kitchen cost will also depend on the current condition of your kitchen. Take a look at your existing kitchen before you get started. Is there any damage that you will need to repair?

Scope out the room and make note of any problem spots. Water damage or signs of wear will need to be fixed before you proceed with painting. A fresh coat of paint will look its best on a properly prepared surface.

Confirm your floors are level and structurally sound. If you aren't sure, bring in a pro to check them out. It's best to deal with any issues before you start on the rest of your renovation.

If your kitchen is mostly in top shape, a consultation with a kitchen renovator can also offer insight into kitchen refurbishment costs as an alternative to fully fitted kitchen prices which will naturally be higher. After all, a partial renovation could be just what your kitchen needs!

How Much a New Kitchen Costs Considering Preparations

Getting ready for the renovation can be an exciting time! Once you've lined up your renovator, you won’t be able to wait to get started.

But before you rip down old cabinets or remove appliances, make sure to pack up your kitchen. You may also need to cover up the counters and other surfaces while work is being done.

Plan to use another room as your kitchen while the work is being done. Take out anything you'll need for making meals and eating and move it into this space. Starting with a clean and empty kitchen can make the process of renovations far smoother.

This can also reduce the kitchen fitter's prices. If the kitchen is clean and empty, the cost in labour for your kitchen renovation will be lower. This is because the prep work will have already been completed so they can get started right away!

How Does Time Factor Into Kitchen Installation Cost Estimates?

New kitchen costs also depend on the length of the project. So make sure to plan out a timeline for your project before you start. This can help relieve a lot of stress and answer questions early on for your project.

Wondering how long it's going to take to renovate? The answer to that will depend on the type of project you have. Certain kinds of jobs may even get finished on the same day. For instance, depending on the appliance and other particulars an appliance may be installed in a day.

When planning your kitchen renovation timeline, it's best practice to leave room for a bit of flexibility. This will help to ensure that your renovation continues on according to schedule if anything pops up along the way.

When we spoke with tradesman Norman Clyde, he described how as a professional, he always aims to be adaptable to client requests during the course of the renovation.

"Clients really appreciate flexibility and when you’re able to work on a variety of different projects whether it’s cleaning up kitchen tiles, doing repairs, or installing stairs."

If you're not sure how much flexibility to account for in planning your timeline, simply ask your professional for advice. Based on your plans and the current condition of your kitchen they'll be able to provide you with an idea of what sort of flexibility you should leave space for when planning.

How Much to Fit a Kitchen Considering a Renovator's Experience

A further factor which can influence your the price of a new kitchen is the experience of your renovator. Find someone you can trust for your kitchen renovation. You'll know they'll do great work and make the dream of a new kitchen reality.

Most kitchen renovators will have a website or other online presence. If you connect with a pro using Bidvine, you'll see reviews on their online profile.

Reviews provide a way for you to see a pro's workmanship. This can help determine whether they're the right fit for your project.

A pro's website may also include before and after photos of past projects. These pictures can assure you that you've found the pro for your renovations.

How Does Location Influence Kitchen Fitting Costs?

Remember to account for location when you plan your renovation. New kitchen costs or kitchen renovation prices to upgrade an existing kitchen can vary across the UK. Both your location and your pro's location can influence the cost of labour.

Is your home (and your kitchen) in a city or other place with a higher cost of living? Your local pros' rates may be higher to offset the cost of living. Then pros working out of rural areas with lower costs of living may charge less per hour.

If you can, try and find a pro located nearby. This can help save time when they travel to the job site and help to keep costs low as well. Hiring a local pro can make it easier to budget the cost of fitting a kitchen as you’ll be familiar with their rates based on your own cost of living.

Last but not least, to answer the initial question of how much does a new kitchen cost, you will also need to take into consideration any additional services you may need. For instance, a partial renovation may just require a new coat of paint whereas a full renovation may include plastering, tiling, and new cabinet installations.

To get you started we've included prices for some of the top services you may need to effectively plan out your complete kitchen renovation cost in the handy chart below!

Kitchen Remodelling ServicesMedian Hourly Cost
Kitchen Tiling£25
Interior Painting£16
Cabinet Installation£25
Sink and Tap Installation£60
Domestic Cleaning£12


Kitchen renovations are a guaranteed way to add value to your home, making your investment in refurbishing a kitchen or installing a new kitchen well worth it. Renovating can update your kitchen and turn it into your dream space!

Starting a renovation can feel like a big project. Hiring a pro to transform your kitchen will help to take a lot of the stress away. With a kitchen renovator helping out everything from painting to installing new cabinetry will be handled with expertise.

Considering all the factors which can influence your project, it's best to get a detailed estimate for how much your kitchen renovation should cost from a professional. So what are you waiting for? Get started with your kitchen renovation today. Submit a free request for bids at Bidvine and get fitted kitchen prices from trusted local pros who are ready to make your dream kitchen a reality.

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