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How much does karaoke machine rental cost?

Nov 25, 2020

In the UK it costs an average of £160 to £240 to rent a karaoke machine. This can vary based on the type of karaoke machine rented, length of the event, and the rental cost of any additional equipment like speakers.

Karaoke Machine Rental Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£160
UK National Maximum Cost£240
UK National Average Cost£200
Average Range£160 - £240

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Is Karaoke Machine Rental a Popular Choice For Events?

For those of us who love to perform and have a great time, karaoke is the perfect activity to include when planning an event! This makes it a popular choice for a wide range of events. It’s a great time for both the person singing and the people listening. You can choose your favourite song and put on a show. All it takes is a good karaoke machine!

To include this activity in your event, you will need to rent a karaoke machine to ensure everything goes smoothly. You’ll have great sound, great songs to pick from, and of course, great fun ahead!


Rates for a karaoke machine rental can vary from service to service, but there is a reason for this difference! You want to find the perfect rental for your event, of course, and this requires a bit of customisation to be sure it checks all of your boxes. This can change how much the rental fee will be. So to make the best-informed decision, be sure to decide on what you need before you start looking.

Type of Event

A karaoke machine is a great addition to a variety of events, making anything from a casual get-together to a planned party enjoyable for all guests! You could also be looking for ideas about the type of event that works well with karaoke.

A party to celebrate a birthday can always benefit from a karaoke machine. Moving beyond a round of Happy Birthday will make everyone laugh and smile. And who wouldn’t want to enjoy themselves in this way together with friends and family? It shows everyone has a good sense of humour, even if the singing isn’t always amazing. What’s important is that everyone has fun!

Karaoke at a wedding can be an enjoyable time for all of the guests. Everyone can celebrate with their favourite songs and offer a toast to the bride and groom by dedicating a love song.

Corporate events can also benefit from karaoke. It’s the perfect way to create team bonds and make a business event fun. It’s also a good choice if you are planning a festival event. Karaoke is a great way for strangers to come together in a shared love of music and performance.

Number of Guests

Your professional will also need to know the number of guests you anticipate at your event. A small, intimate gathering of 25 or less, for example, may be satisfied with a simple setup. A few speakers, a microphone, and of course the music and lyrics!

But for larger gatherings, such as using a karaoke machine at a wedding or a festival, you will need a bit more to accommodate! More guests will increase the demand and could even incur lineups. For this reason, more guests necessitate a list or queueing system to make sure everyone gets their chance to perform. 

Alternatively, a DJ could be another great option. Hiring a DJ for an event like a wedding can ensure that your favourite music is played consistently throughout the dinner and reception. Then when it's time to unwind after the ceremonies they can set up a queue for anyone interested in karaoke!

Often, this is a service offered by a rental service alongside the equipment you need. They can help out with medium-sized groups all the way up to crowds of hundreds! You simply need to estimate the number of guests you have to ensure you are equipped to offer a great time for all!

Bidvine Tip - Hosting a large event? It's easy to source all the event supplies you need with a party rental supplier.

Type of Music

You may also want to plan ahead with the musical selections for karaoke. A good karaoke machine rental provides a variety of genres to choose from to allow you the best options for your event. So no matter whether you want to have the best of the pop charts or sing your heart out with rock, you will have the songs you need.

It’s important to pass this information on to your service before you bring them out. This way, if there is a country crooner in the crowd or an epic hip-hop battle brewing, you can be prepared. Of course, if you aren’t sure, you can also ask your hired service to make a selection of the most popular songs and have them available for performing.

Additional Equipment

A rental service provides more than just a karaoke machine. It will make sure you have all of the essentials you need to make your event a success. This includes the necessities like the microphones required to make everyone sound great.

Speakers are another key part of good karaoke. Connecting to your sound system, speakers ensure that both music and singing can be heard by all that attend. Professionals will ensure the experience of karaoke is good for both the singer and the audience by amplifying voices and mixing the levels. 

Lighting is another element that can improve your night of karaoke by setting a mood. Whether it’s strobe or spotlight, ambient or a fun light show, lighting can turn your karaoke from singing to a spectacle! So turn the lights up — or down — to make the karaoke come alive.

Length of Rental For The Event

Another detail that can change the overall rental fee is the length of time your event will be. Having a karaoke machine for an entire day, for example, will cost more than having it for just a few hours. You will need to consider how long the machine is likely to be used, whether it is for the entire length of your event or for a portion.

But keep in mind the time it will take for a successful setup. After all, you won’t want a technician coming in to set up — or setting up on your own — while your event is going on. It’s better to rent your machine for enough time to make this a smooth experience. 


As you narrow down the list of potential services, be sure to look for a pro’s experience. This is very important to ensure your event’s karaoke is carried out without a hiccup. It means a pro can set up the perfect sound system with great lights or other extras and knows how to handle any problems that may arise.

You may also want to look for reviews to tell you more about the service you will receive. From a wide range of song choices to a review of the customer service, you can use this information to guide you towards the right candidate.


The location of service is also a very important detail. You will want to find someone who has equipment nearby for several reasons. 

First, a close service tends to be more dependable. You won’t have to worry that your equipment will become delayed as a result of a long trip. Second, this can keep your costs down as you are not responsible for this trek. Third, your professional can come and assess the venue in advance to make sure the setup will work. They will also have local resources to help ensure your karaoke is ready to happen.

Cost Comparison of Popular Event Services

While planning an event there are plenty of factors to consider. Take a look a the cost comparison chart below to discover pricing for popular event services so you can plan your budget! 

Event ServiceAverage Hourly Cost
Event Photography£100
Event Catering£20
Event Decorating£45
Event Videography£100

Bidvine Tip - Visit this guide for a detailed look at how to hire the best photographer for your event!


Your event will come alive with the expert setup of a karaoke machine rental. Whether it will be soulful ballads or crowd-pleasing rock anthems, everyone will want to take their turn as the star of the show with the microphone. 

If you need a karaoke machine for your event, you may wonder where to start your search. Thankfully, you can submit a free request for bids from local professionals. Find a top pro to make your event a smash with karaoke!

Once you've finished planning your event and found a karaoke machine to bring the party to life, don't forget to look after you so you can feel your best! Here are some simple tips on how to create the perfect makeup for any event. 

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