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How much do Italian lessons cost?

Mar 21, 2018

The median rate charged by Italian tutors is around £25 per hour. It is important to keep in mind however, that these rates can vary depending on a few different factors like experience, the length your sessions and how frequently they are scheduled.


When you are seeking to hire an Italian tutor there are a few key things you’ll need to keep in mind. These top considerations are outlined below to help you hire the best tutor.

Experience Level

When hiring a tutor you must have a good understanding of your own experience level. It is important to indicate to your teacher whether you have no, some, or extensive experience.

Don’t worry if you are starting from scratch and need to learn basic Italian literacy or conversational elements.

No matter what level of experience you have with the Italian language, your tutor can help you develop your skills. It is simply important to share your experience level with them beforehand so they can create an appropriate lesson plan that ensures your success.

Studying Materials

Studying materials are a key consideration when it comes to your Italian lessons. During your tutoring session, your tutor will use these materials to teach you everything from the fundamentals to the complexities of the language. As one of the primary bases of your lessons, it is important that you acquire the right studying materials.

If you aren’t sure which materials are the best, don’t stress. Your tutor can recommend a good set of studying materials for your experience level. The cost of these materials will then be added to the rates your tutor charges. So, while preparing your tutoring budget, be sure to account for these costs ahead of time.


Are you looking to become fully literate in Italian? Would you rather focus on strengthening your conversational skills? Do you need to strengthen both of these skills? Your answers to these questions will shape the course of your lessons. For instance, if the ability to converse in Italian is of higher priority at the moment, your tutor can focus your lessons on this aspect.

Awareness of which goals are your highest priority will provide your tutor with the information they need to help you succeed.

Distance or In Person

There are benefits to both distance tutoring which is conducted online or over the phone and in person tutoring, where you sit down with your tutor.

Distance tutoring is beneficial if you don’t have the time to make it to a studio. It is also be helpful if you live in a remote area where there aren’t many Italian tutors living close enough for an in-person session.

However, if you would prefer to have your tutor teach you while you are sitting side by side, in-person Italian lessons may be a better option. Depending on the tutor they may teach out of a studio or they may focus on teaching students at home. Consider which is the best option for you and make note of this in the Bidvine request form. 


On average, most tutoring sessions are about an hour and a half long. This allows your tutor enough time to provide you with a well-rounded study session. During this timeframe, your tutor may review what you have been studying on your own time, teach you new material and practise your conversational skills. Depending on the frequency of your sessions and your goals, they may cover all of these things or focus on a particular aspect.

Then, the length of your session also influences the cost. Naturally, longer sessions will have a higher cost than shorter sessions. Should you require a shorter session due to other commitments in your schedule this can usually be arranged as well.

Frequency of Lessons

In most cases, Italian lessons are taught weekly or bi-weekly. Weekly lessons are one of the most popular choices because they ensure you stay on top of your course material. That being said, most tutors are flexible and are open to holding lessons more or less frequently depending on the availability in your schedule.

In some cases, tutors will offer a discount if you purchase a set number of classes in advance, rather than on a weekly basis. If this is something you would be interested, be sure to ask.


The location of your lessons can also factor into the cost. Tutors who teach out of a studio will need to cover any rental costs associated with the space they are working out of. This may result in a higher rate.

Then, in some cases, transportation can affect the rates of a tutor as well. If you live quite a distance away from your tutor and in an area where transportation costs are generally higher, expect this to be reflected in their rates.


The UK doesn't require language tutors to hold a specific certificate. This means that your tutor could have gained their experience through a variety of different methods. These may include studying as a teacher, first-hand experience living a country where that is a primary language, a specific focus on that language during schooling and more. They may even have a combination of these qualifications.

Considering that your Italian language tutor may have obtained their qualifications from such varied sources it is always best to ask them about this beforehand. You can also look at the reviews posted on their Bidvine profile for a better idea of their teaching style. Reviews are a great way to discover if a tutor is a good match for you.


Working with a tutor is the best way to learn Italian whether you are studying the basics or looking for advanced training. During your Italian lessons, they can help you hone your study skills, improve your literacy and develop confidence in your conversational abilities.

So what are you waiting for? Submit a free request for Italian lessons and discover a local tutor near you!

Italian Tutors near you


Stefano Giordani Guitar Lessons

(11 reviews)

14 hires on Bidvine

Festubert Place, East London E3 2BL

Ana T.Verified Review

I've always dreamt of playing the guitar and at the same time it seem impossible, unachievable for me. But I took the first step of contacting Stefano, and he managed to break down this big problem for me - little by little, I was learning how to play entire songs. I found the lessons not only useful, but also very playful - he is reliable, professional, really friendly and warm. You never know what you are going to get choosing a new teacher for a completely new activity - Stefano seems to be the lucky ticket!


Fabio Parisella

(9 reviews)

18 hires on Bidvine

Bostall Heath, South East London SE2 0LY

Guannan L.Verified Review

He is a very knowledgeable, professional teacher both in music theory and piano skill. In addition, he is patient and friendly person. Strong recommend to anyone who is willing to learn piano!!


Andy Caruso

(5 reviews)

5 hires on Bidvine

Honor Oak Park, South East London SE4 2AT


Hi, my name's Andy and I'm a professional singer an guitar player with a Master degree in Popular Music and more than 10 years of experience in both recording and live. I've been giving singing and guitar lessons for the last 5 years. I have experience in teaching to all ages (including 5 years old children) and I am DBS checked. I'm a friendly mannered teacher, and I believe that a good atmosphere really helps you bring out your voice and increase your confidence. That's why my lessons are focused on technique but also on the psychological approach. Any style of popular/modern music is accepted.


Zaira Ebau

(5 reviews)

3 hires on Bidvine

Putney Heath, South West London SW15 3JT

Edward E.Verified Review

Highly enjoyed my first lesson with Zaira and look forward to continuing the lessons. Edward


Joanna Mas

(4 reviews)

15 hires on Bidvine

Heston, West London TW5 0TQ

Nadia G.Verified Review


Mary Jane Amato

(4 reviews)

10 hires on Bidvine

West Hampstead, North West London NW6 1DS

Nicholas G.Verified Review

I have been looking for an English teacher who understands the needs of a foreign student. Maria has been absolutely amazing in the way she has related to my daughter. She adores her and her english has improved tremendiously. She is still coming and teaching my daughter and I cannot recomend her highly enough.

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