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How much do gymnatics lessons cost?

Sep 14, 2018

The sport of gymnastics is a demanding one. It uses muscles all over, from your arms and shoulders to your back and abdominals, and even your legs! Incorporating all of these muscle groups provides a complete fitness workout. It is a popular fitness choice because it builds strength and endurance as well as balance, flexibility, and coordination.

Even with these obvious benefits, gymnastics can feel like an intimidating sport to get into. But with the right instructor for your lessons, you will get the training you need. Working with a teacher is the best way to learn the different movements — and to learn it properly! You’ll have a spotter for more advanced work that takes you into the air, a must for any gymnast.


When you start searching for the right instructor for your gymnastics lessons, you’ll want to consider several factors in terms of suitability. These factors can also influence the cost of your lessons, so it’s best to figure out what you want and then begin your search. This way, you’ll receive the most accurate pricing that will help you determine the right fit.


Everyone’s reasons for taking gymnastic lessons are different. It could be a long-time passion of yours that you are finally going to realize. Or perhaps you already know you love gymnastics but want the specialised attention of lessons to get back into the sport.

No matter what your goal is, knowing what you want will ensure you find the right fit with your instructor. They will be able to lead you to your goal by teaching you in the correct manner.

To find the right person, think about what draws you to gymnastics. Is it because you know that learning gymnastics can help you become more flexible? Refining your abilities can extend benefits to other exercise you may already enjoy. It’s a great way to balance out your routine.   

Or perhaps you have already been taking gymnastics and want to use lessons with a new instructor to improve your skills. This is also a great choice if you want to focus what you’re learning on a particular gymnastic form or event, such as the vault, bars, or another activity. Your instructor can also help you prepare for a competition. They will design lessons to improve your performance until you’re a winner. 

You may also be interested in gymnastics as a hobby. It’s great fun in addition to being great exercise, helping students learn and burn off excess energy. You will feel accomplished as you learn gymnastics from a fantastic teacher.

Share your goal for your lessons with your teacher. This way, you’ll find someone best suited for what you have in mind. 

Student’s Experience

The student’s level of knowledge or comfort with gymnastics is an important fact to pass on to the instructor. Someone who is brand new to the sport may require a bit more instruction on the basics, such as breathing or how to hold their arms.

Letting your instructor know will help make sure that you receive the instruction you need to succeed. Your instructor will use this information and your goals to plan your lessons.

But even if you aren’t a beginner, you need to let your instructor know of any experience! Everyone will need an assessment of their current fitness level so that lessons can provide the right level of challenge. 

Time & Frequency of Lessons

Most gymnastics lessons can be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Longer lessons can be one and a half to two hours in length. The length of your lessons simply depends on the goals you are aiming to achieve. More intensive goals will require longer or more frequent workouts.

Lessons are usually taken over a series of weeks. This allows you time to practice and build up your skills for improved performance. When you practice gymnastics regularly, you will see an improvement in your skills! You can choose to take lessons several times a week or just once, or even every other week. Just remember that the more time you spend in the gym, the better you will get!

If you aren’t sure what’s right for you, your instructor can also recommend a lesson length or frequency for you to start out with. Just ask!

Gymnastic Instructor’s Experience

With any physical activity, you’ll want someone experienced to teach you. This way, you learn the proper stance and steps for the gymnastics activities you’ve chosen. You’ll also learn how to take care of yourself to avoid injury.

Check for your instructor’s certifications and training before signing up for lessons. They should have several years of training as well as teaching certifications that make them qualified for coaching. They could also be an accomplished gymnast themselves! All of this experience will help you know that you have a great instructor before your first lesson.

You can also search for reviews once you know your instructor’s name or the gymnastics facility they operate out of. Reviews from previous or current students can give you more information about the style and quality of teaching so you can make a choice with confidence. 


Taking lessons locally is the best way to try out something new like gymnastics. If you can, look for someone who operates nearby or works out of a gym close to you. This will cut down on the time you spend getting there and increases the time you are focused on learning gymnastics! It also means that the rates you see are right for your area. There won’t be any surprises because of a higher cost of living from a larger city.

You can also ask if your instructor will travel to you for lessons. You can select an instructor who is outside of your local area this way, but this will increase the cost as you may be responsible for compensating them for travel costs. There can also be the matter of a rental fee as you need to secure a space for your lessons to work with your instructor. 

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Gymnastics is a fantastic way to improve your flexibility, agility, and balance. With the right instructor, you’ll be able to walk into your first lesson with confidence.

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Gymnastics Coaches near you



(24 reviews)

21 hires on Bidvine

East Dulwich, South East London SE22 9NH

Mark S.Verified Review

I've had 3 sessions with Carter and Anthony at EDPT so far and it seems to be going well. They push hard and after each session, I've felt like I really pushed myself. They focus on good technique first and foremost so that you are exercising correctly and safely and I look forward to the result moving forward.



(11 reviews)

5 hires on Bidvine

Barnes Cray, South East London DA1 4FA

Marc C.

Great friendly atmosphere when working out with the Cali Crew, Ben is always motivating us in different ways to push ourselves every time, especially with a bit of friendly competition and banter.


M Brooke Fitness

(9 reviews)

14 hires on Bidvine

Tufnell Park, North London N7 6JN

Jorge B.Verified Review

Mike open a whole new world for me with his approach to exercise. He is extremely knowledgeable and truly enjoys to see when I achieve something that we trained for. Top trainer


Angelo Bevilacqua

(9 reviews)

3 hires on Bidvine

Hornsey Vale, North London N8 8SE

Alex C.Verified Review

Knows his stuff. Good to learn the basics whilst also do some conditioning as you go. Had a lot of fun so far and looking forward to continuing


Jays Way Personal Training

(8 reviews)

4 hires on Bidvine

De Beauvoir Town, North East London N1 4HL

Holly E.Verified Review

Jay understood exactly what I needed from our first meeting and made a plan that worked for me (and it did work!!). Jay was also understanding of my busy and unpredictable work schedule and would fit things in around that. Since meeting Jay I now like exercising!


Made for Moving

(7 reviews)

Wandsworth, South West London SW18 4FT


Chris is a personal trainer and movement coach based at Gymbox Cannon Street and Local Motion Studios in Wandsworth. Additionally, Chris leads a number of classes each week at Dog House Fitness (boxing) in Balham and with One Element (outdoor circuits) across SW London. Chris founded Made for Moving as he believes our bodies are made to do just that - move - and that by learning to move well we can all feel great and look our best, whatever our age or level of fitness. Chris does not believe in unsustainable 'body transformations', following the latest fads or training like an elite athlete if much of your daily life is spent in an office. Whether your immediate goal is to lose weight, increase muscle mass and strength, or just feel and move better on a daily basis, Chris' unique coaching combination of bodyweight training, movement, mobility and more traditional training methods (including boxing) will help you achieve those goals and maintain the results for years to come. Chris' approach is forward-thinking, mindful and unique. Not only will you be introduced to new ways of exercising, you'll enjoy the process as together we create genuine and lasting physical changes to the way you move, feel and look. Made for Moving is here to introduce you to a better way of doing things, putting your physical wellbeing, enjoyment and longevity first.

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