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How much does furniture moving and heavy lifting cost?

Nov 25, 2020

The average price range to move furniture across the UK is £55 to £106 per moving project. This price range can, however, vary depending on where you plan to relocate your furniture to - long-distance moves will naturally increase prices. Further factors which can impact the cost of furniture moving include the experience of the mover as well as the total weight and volume of the furniture you plan to move.

Furniture Moving Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£55
UK National Maximum Cost£106
UK National Average Cost£80
Average Range£55 - £106

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Why is it Best to Hire a Removals Professional to Move Furniture?

Moving items of furniture requires both time and effort. Whether you are looking at moving furniture around in your home or bringing new items in, it’s going to be a busy job. You’ll have to deal with heavy items that are also difficult to move around. To make this job easier on you, bring in a professional service that specialises in moving furniture and heavy lifting. These professionals have the equipment and safety training needed to ensure that your next move is a breeze!


Before you choose a moving service, you'll want to do your research. By considering all of the factors that can influence the cost to move, you can make an informed decision about who to hire. You can evaluate all prices to discover which is the best option based on your particular needs. So read on for more information about what to ask for and how it can influence the costs to move.

Benefits of Professional Movers

It may seem like a simple task to move items from one location to another. But in fact, moving furniture can be a tricky job. There are several factors a professional will consider before beginning the move. If the item is heavy, it needs to be moved in a safe manner so no damage is inflicted. This includes both the item itself as well as the stairs, walls and floors around it! Having a professional handle this ensures that safety is foremost in people’s minds.

Plus, choosing professionals means they will have the right equipment for the job. From the materials to pack up your belongings to a truck large enough to handle the load, they will be ready to make your move happen easily and quickly. Their efficiency is just another reason to choose professional moving services.

Type of Furniture

Another detail that your moving service needs to know about is the type of furniture you are looking to have moved. Large items, such as wooden wardrobes or tables may be more easy to pack up, but prove difficult to move in smaller spaces thanks to their size and weight.

Delicate, awkward items like pianos may need even more attention so they are not damaged in your move! Items with soft surfaces like mattresses or upholstered sofas and chairs need to avoid damage to the fabric from rips or stains. Specialised equipment may be required in these instances to preserve the condition of your belongings.

Each furniture item you are moving needs to have the proper care. By informing your professional about the type of furniture they will be dealing with, you can ensure the right trucks and equipment are used.

Packing Services

A furniture removal specialist can also offer assistance with packing. Your furniture will need to be packed up carefully before moving to prevent damage during the move. Some furniture may need padding around the corners and edges to prevent scuffing or chips while it is being moved.

Other items may need care because of their age or delicacy. For example, antique or heritage furniture may need a bit of extra care as would fragile items. If you have anything that requires special packing, make sure to let your furniture mover know in advance to ensure the right materials are brought to accommodate these requests. This may include moving blankets, bubble or plastic wrap in addition to boxes that make the move easier.

Are Recycling Services Required?

Moving furniture isn’t just about taking it from one home to another. It also includes getting rid of furniture you no longer need. If you are moving furniture out of your home for good, consider whether you need assistance with the disposal.

Many moving companies will offer assistance with recycling furniture. If you don’t plan to keep your items, inquire whether a moving service is able to take it directly to a recycling company to make sure it is repurposed properly. You should have a destination in mind for the move such as a local recycling depot, but if you aren’t sure of such a place, you may be able to get a recommendation from your moving service on where it can go.


Since most pros work by the hour, you need an idea of how long it will take to make the move to understand how much it will cost. Typically, you’ll pay for your pro from the time your items are picked up to the time they are safely transferred to the new location. You may also need to cover some travel time to your location, especially if it out of the way.

Make sure your calculations include time to pack up your belongings as well as unpacking. If you are asking a professional to help pack up your items securely for the move, you’ll need to allow time for this. In turn, this will increase the cost of the job from start to finish.

Distance of Move

Another detail you will need to include in your search is how far travel is to be expected. This is especially true if the move is simply taking place in your own home! Bringing in pros to move heavy furniture can be a big relief for you, no matter if it is simply down a flight of stairs or into another room. These types of moves may seem like simple tasks, but a similar level of effort and professionalism will be required.

If your furniture needs to go a long way to its new destination, it’s important to pass on the expected distance to help your professional moving service plan accordingly. Keep in mind that longer distances may increase the amount of time required to finish the move.


For this kind of help, you’ll want someone who knows what they are doing. Being able to navigate small spaces and tight angles only comes from time on the job. Their online business listing or profile should list how long they’ve been in business as well as any relevant training. This may include certifications on certain items like piano moving or lift qualifications. While you look at qualifications, also look at reviews from past clients to learn more about their past work.


Working with someone local can be an important factor for your search. Not only do you get the confidence of knowing they understand your area’s streets and regulations, but you may even get them to help out faster! They won't need to add in extra time to allow them to travel.

Of course, you have two locations to consider beyond where you want your pro to be. What about the current location of your items and the place they will be moving to? If these are a far distance apart, it may be best to choose a mover who is either equally as far from these or closer to one. This may keep costs down for travel, reducing the overall budget for the moving project.

Cost Comparison of Related Moving Services

Have a few items you want to recycle, move, or move on? Easily compare costs for some of the top moving services an easily create a budget for your move!

Moving ServicesAverage Hourly Rate
Man With a Van£40
Piano Moving£85
Rubbish Removal£90
Local Removals£40


Even the heaviest piece of furniture can move with ease with great professionals. Ready to get your move started, but aren’t sure where to find the help you need? Your first step is to find a moving service you can trust! Submit a free request for bids to get results from local furniture removals experts ready to help you move!

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