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£20 - £35  National average range
£20 - £35



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How much do French lessons cost?

Sep 09, 2019

On average it costs about £25 to £40 per hour to hire a French tutor in the UK. It is important to keep in mind that this can vary, however.

Factors such as the frequency of your lessons and the location where you study can influence these rates. For a precise estimate of the cost of your French lessons, it is best to submit a free request to receive a custom bid from a professional.

French Lessons Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£25
UK National Maximum Cost£40
UK National Average Cost£30
Average Range£25 - £40

Included in This Price Guide


Hiring a professional tutor is one of the best ways to learn French. A French tutor can guide you through the complexities of the language and offer conversational practice. So, if you’d like to improve your French language skills, it is best to hire a tutor.

Then, when you set out to hire a tutor, keep the considerations below in mind. These will help guide you through the essential information you need to know before hiring a tutor and which factors will affect the cost of your lessons.

Experience of Student

When setting out to hire a French tutor it is important that you have a solid understanding of your experience level. Don’t stress if you haven’t learned French before, this won’t be a problem. It’s simply important to describe the experience you have with written and spoken French so that your tutor can create a top lesson plan for you.

The Bidvine request form makes this process simple. When submitting a request you simply need to check off whether you are new to the language, have basic, intermediate, or advanced experience and in what areas.


Your goals are key to creating a comprehensive lesson plan. Is it more important that you become fluent in conversational French than written French? Are you learning French before upcoming holidays? Do you need to perfect your French for the workplace? How you answer these questions will be fundamental to crafting your lesson plans.

Distance or In Person

Another consideration to take into account before you set out to hire a tutor is how you want to learn. If you have a preference for learning over the phone and online or learning in person you will need to specify this. That way you are able to find a tutor who suits your learning style.

Studying Materials

The last consideration you will need to account for ahead of time is your studying materials. You will use these materials both with your tutor and on your own time when studying at home. Before you attend your first lesson your tutor may recommend that you pick up specific materials.

However, if you aren’t able to source them easily on your own, your tutor should be able to find them for you. In either case, remember to make some extra space in your budget ahead of time to cover these materials.

Lesson Length

One of the primary factors which will influence the cost of your lessons is how long your tutoring sessions are. This is especially true if you have arranged to pay an hourly rate for your tutor, rather than a set rate for a set of lessons. If this is the case, then expect to pay more if your lessons extend beyond an hour.

Frequency of Lessons

Generally, French lessons are taught on a weekly basis. However, if this isn’t possible for you due to schedule restrictions, most tutors are also happy to accommodate bi-weekly or monthly lessons instead.

If you are going to be taking a series of lessons be sure to discuss how this will factor into the cost. Some instructors may offer a discount on a package of lessons if you purchase them as a bundle. Alternatively, you could opt to arrange a payment schedule per lesson. It is best to speak with your tutor directly to determine the best option for both of you.


In the UK language tutors are not required to obtain a specific certificate before teaching. This means that your tutor may have acquired their qualifications from a variety of sources. Your teacher may have studied French at university or their experience may be practical. Perhaps they previously lived in a country where French was the principal language. Considering these multiple possibilities it is always best to inquire about your tutor’s qualifications.

No matter whether you opt for a teacher with practical or academic experience be sure to look at the reviews on their Bidvine profile or ask for references. Both reviews and references are a great way to find out information about previous client’s experiences. This can then help inform you on whether the tutor’s teaching style is a good match for your learning style.


Whether your teacher operates out of a studio or offers home lessons can affect the cost as well. If your teacher primarily works out of a studio, they will need to cover the rental costs for the studio space. In contrast, if your teacher offers home lessons this won’t be a factor. However, in the case of home lessons, your tutor will need to cover transportation costs instead.

In either case, if you live in an area with a higher cost of living and higher transportations costs you should expect a higher tutoring rate in turn.


A French tutor is the best way to learn and strengthen your French language skills. Your tutor can craft a lesson plan tailored to your experience level and goals that will ensure your success.

Are you ready to hire a French tutor? Then click below to submit a free request for French costs and begin your journey to learning French today.

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