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How much do football lessons cost?

Jul 20, 2018

Whether you are hoping to learn a new sport or develop your skill, taking football lessons is a great way to learn. Not only will you get some practical instruction from a teacher, you will also clock many hours on the pitch to refine your abilities. This may be beneficial for you, no matter why you are turning to the sport.

The overall cost for your lessons will depend on how long you choose to take lessons and whether you choose group or private instruction. There are some other factors that can influence your cost, so read on for more information.


Before you sign up for lessons, you’ll want to be sure that you are getting the type of lessons you desire. You may have a preference for how you learn and for how long, but first, you’ll need to think about why you are taking lessons. Deciding on what brings you to class will help you get the most out of your sessions. Then, you’ll be sure to sign up for the right instructor with the right type of instruction for you.
You may choose football lessons for a number of different reasons. It could be that you are hoping to pick up a new hobby. Learning how to play football — and to play well — makes it possible to enjoy a game with friends and family on any lazy afternoon.

You may also want to take football lessons to learn how to play. Working with an instructor will make you confident that you are learning properly. If you have kids that are passionate about football, either from following a league or their own play, you’ll be happy to learn new skills to keep up with them in play! 

Of course, you don’t need to be new to the sport in order to take lessons. You may want to increase your training with structured lessons that will help you get ready for a game. Working with an instructor can greatly improve your performance, preparing you for your next match.

Size of Lessons
While you may expect to take football lessons as a group with other teammates, this is not the only option you can choose. Different lesson sizes are available to suit your needs and wants.

If you are choosing to work on a particular skill, such as increasing your accuracy with the ball, you may want to have one to one lessons with your instructor. There, you will benefit from the full attention of your instructor and won’t have to wait for the rest of your class to take turns.

Small groups can be helpful if you think you may need a bit of personalised instruction, but also want the benefit of learning skills as a group. With a small group, you and a few others will be able to work on passing and taking shots to grow in skill. 

Larger classes are a great option when you are just starting out. Within the group, you’ll be introduced to basic skills and given the opportunity to develop your skills. This can be an appealing format if you are trying to learn football as a hobby and aren’t entirely sold. You will be able to work with others on drills and won’t feel like you are drawing attention as you learn.

Frequency of Lessons
When learning a new sport, it’s important to take lessons often enough to build your skills and keep your memory fresh. With continued practice, you will get better and better. We recommend taking lessons as often as you can when you start out for the best results.

Keep your goal in mind. This may require you to take lessons more often. Speak with your instructor to get recommendations on how often you should take lessons in combination with at home practice. This way, you will be sure to get the right amount of time on the pitch.

Of course, sometimes taking lessons every day isn’t possible! Perhaps once a week will be enough to start you off, or even one or two times a month.


Before you try and fit your lessons into your weekly schedule, you’ll need to know how much time to block out. Most lessons for beginners will be thirty minutes to an hour. This gives you a good introduction to football, but won’t ask you to do more than you are physically able to at the beginning. It also gives you a chance to focus on a particular skill to ensure you are building up your abilities.

For more targeted lessons, such as working one to one with an instructor for game preparation, you may find a longer lesson is beneficial. Since gameplay can expect you to play two 45 minute halves, having more time on the field helps you get ready for the games ahead!

Instructor’s Experience

Having an accomplished instructor teach you football can be of great benefit. They know the game inside and out, inspiring confidence as you learn. Your lessons will be filled with skills to learn plus an overview of the game and its rules. But how do you know that you’ve found the perfect teacher?

First, check that your instructor has had some instruction in teaching. They may have achieved Coaching Levels from the Football Association. These levels equip teachers to teach football with an understanding of the game and its rules. Your instructor may also have informal teaching experience. Either way, look for these credentials to feel confident in your lessons.

But you’ll also want to be comfortable with your teacher. See if you can observe a lesson to ensure the way they teach works for you.  

Student’s Experience

Even if you are brand new to football, you can be lead to greatness by your instructor. Make sure to advise of any previous knowledge, even if it is just some self-taught kicks in your yard. If you have some years of experience, pass it on. Your instructor can work on a refresher course that will bring back memories to help you as you move forward with your play. This is especially important if you are trying to perfect your skills. You won’t want to spend time on the basics when you need to become a pro.


Football lessons can be taken on an indoor field at any time during the year with the proper equipment. This makes for great options over the fall and winter when outdoor fields are not available. Of course, with great weather, the outdoor may be calling! This will also emulate most natural play. Working on your skills can even take you to a local park to work one-to-one with your instructor. Since you won’t need the goals and large playing surface, these lessons can fit in anywhere!


Football lessons are a sure way to help you advance in skill and ability. So no matter whether you just want to kick a ball around or if you are hoping to make it to the top of the league, working with an instructor is the best approach to learn.

When you choose an instructor, you can expect to get the most out of group or individual lessons. All it takes is figuring out what is your preferred learning style, and you will be set to learn this beautiful game.

Ready to find an instructor to learn football? Make sure you get off on the right foot! Submit a free request on Bidvine to connect with great coaches near you.

Football Coaches near you


Total Body Fitness

(19 reviews)

23 hires on Bidvine

Chingford, North East London E4 6EF

Montine W.Verified Review

I connected with Daniel at Total Body Fitness through Bidvine and having never used a website like this before I was understandably overwhelmed at first with the number of replies I received to my request for a personal trainer. Daniel's message to me was open, clear and and to the point - there was no sales patter, just clear communication in response to what I needed. I read his reviews, which also helped make my choice and six months later I haven't looked back. Daniel is an excellent personable, polite and professional personal trainer. It is evident he tailors his approach as to what works for his clients and for me that means being demanding and encouraging whilst keeping it fun. I can admit there have been occasions where I wish he'd cancelled (this has never happened!) because I'd rather not be outside training, however I have never ever left a session anything but invigorated and happy and I am grateful to him for this. Having used a personal trainer in the past I think it is important to mention that he is always professional and presentable, he has a variety of equipment (always clean - which is important for a germaphobe) and no two sessions are ever the same.


Evolution Personal Training

(14 reviews)

29 hires on Bidvine

St George in the East, East London E1W 2BB

Mery M.Verified Review

Amazing training in a really friendly and professional space. It's been just few week and I can see changes already that get me closer to my fitness goal. I will totally recommend Evolution Personal Training with Paudie if you're looking to improve your fitness life! ;)



(14 reviews)

1 hire on Bidvine

North Southwark, South East London SE1 8UX


Are your jeans getting too tight for comfort and you could do with losing a few pounds? Do you lack the motivation to head to the gym for a workout? At MMFitness London, we are hugely passionate about staying active and fit and like to inspire others to do the same. Our aim is to get you excited about fitness routines so we ensure every session is effective as well as enjoyable. Our workouts incorporate a range of training styles – from strength training and HIIT to boxing lessons and circuit training. We believe that we need to keep challenging our muscle memory and so every workout is different. We tailor every session to each client so your routine is unique to only you. Though we push your body to the limits, we will constantly encourage you to give your best and go beyond your potential to achieve results you never thought possible. We love to hear positive feedback about our excellent results from clients who have transformed their bodies and mindsets. If you’re looking to embrace a new, healthy lifestyle that is challenging but rewarding, please get in touch. We can’t wait to add some excitement into your exercise routine that delivers amazing life-affirming results.


James Richardson Fitness

(12 reviews)

7 hires on Bidvine

Staines-upon-Thames, Surrey TW18 2PD

Sophie D.Verified Review

I am extremely happy with the progress I have made so far with James.. He is very professional, friendly and know's his stuff. I used to hate working out and dread going to the gym but now thanks to James I actually enjoy it and now look forward to my training sessions each week and when I am struggling, whinging for England and just want to give up he says those magic little words of encouragement of only 5 more to go, you can do it, last 10 seconds which believe it or not really does help. Thank you James for all your help and helping me find the love of fitness again!!


Mr Fitspiration

(7 reviews)

Streatham Hill, South London SW2 3BW


Hi I’m a personal trainer who likes to have fun coaching clients be the best they can be and reach a potential they may have not known they had. No matter the space or the equipment at hand I have the ability to help you reach goals. I incorporate HIIT, strength, muscle building, sculpting and bodyweight into workout plans to hit the body hard. As well as planned sessions with me I offer home or run plans to do away from our sessions to maximise the opportunity of reaching goals. I am creative in my workouts to give effiecient and effective workouts every session whilst enjoying it. I like to ensure the biomechanics of an individual is better off also for everyday life so things such as form I pick on a lot & pre & post stretches. These will leave you feeling better for longer, guaranteed! If you have the will to be a stronger, fitter, faster version of yourself then I can show you the way. I specialise in; circuits, kettlebells, sports conditioning, HIIT, strength training, pre & post rehabilitation, callisthenics (bodyweight), functional training, muscle building, weight loss and hitting goals


Fitness Plus

(6 reviews)

7 hires on Bidvine

Brentford, West London W5 4RD

John C.Verified Review

I hired Allen about 4 months ago to get me ready for a tough mudder. i did it last saturday and did well...all thanks to Allen. I have 3 herniated discs, reconstructed knee, and Allen managed to work around these to get me fit for the TM. I haven't had one episode of a bad back or strained anything during the whole period. He's got me to train hard but stay within the limits of what my body can cope with. Best trainer i've had in 25 years.

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