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How much does flooring installation cost?

Jun 05, 2020

In the UK, new flooring installation prices range on average from £16 to £500. As this is an average keep in mind that costs could vary.

Are you planning to install new flooring in your home? If so, then the best first step to your installation project is to create a flooring cost budget. Planning out a budget will ensure you have accounted for everything from the cost of materials through a comparison of wood flooring prices, tile flooring prices, and carpeting price to the cost of labour for installing your new floors.

The good news is, you're in the right place. This price guide includes all the information you need to effectively plan out a flooring budget.

To find average costs for flooring installation across the UK simply take a look at the chart above. Then for a more detailed estimate for UK flooring installation costs in your area submit a free request and get bids from top flooring installers near you!

Flooring Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£16
UK National Maximum Cost£500
UK National Average Cost£200
Average Range£16 - £500

Included in This Price Guide

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Flooring? - Top Considerations

When planning out your flooring project it's important to have a clear idea of which factors will influence your budget. In this section, we take a look at some of the top factors which can have a direct impact on flooring renovation costs.

Tackle Repairs

Whether your floor needs repairs or not can have a direct impact on the cost of your flooring installation. If your old flooring was extensively damaged there is a chance that the underlay beneath the flooring was damaged too.

Subflooring and Underlay

Sturdy underlay is essential to laying a floor that will stand that test of time. If the underlay has been damaged or is out of date you will need to repair it first. If your floor is sagging or you think the underlay may be damaged, you'll want to contact your professional ahead of time to ask how much it costs to replace a subfloor, as well as how much it costs to fix sagging floors.

There are often different types of underlay available depending on the type of flooring you choose to install. So be sure to ask for a material specific option such as laminate underlay as well.

In either case, you should expect the total cost of your flooring installation project to run a bit higher due to time and the need for additional materials. Once you've spoken with a professional and they've assessed your particular situation they can provide you a more comprehensive cost estimate that includes these factors.

Do You Plan to Insulate Your Floors?

As well as the underlay, insulation is another factor you may need to consider for your budget. Floor insulation is an important part of your home, especially in rooms like basements. Investing in an experience insulation expert will make the floor insulation cost well worth it. Aside from simply having warmer feet when in your basement, you could also see lower heating costs for basement areas over time.

Prepare Ahead of Time

To cut down on costs take care of general preparation first. If you are able to move all of your furniture out of the room, your flooring installer won’t have to. That way when they arrive they can immediately get to work on installing your new floor.

Type of Flooring

The type of flooring you plan to install is another factor that will influence the cost. There is a different way to install each type of flooring from laminate to tile to hardwood and even carpeting. For instance when considering how to lay lino or how to lay vinyl flooring in your home, you'll need to consider materials like underlay and adhesives, whereas for tile you'll likely need supplies like grout. The price will thus depend on the difficulty of the project and your professional’s familiarity with your particular type of flooring.

Wooden Flooring Cost vs. Tile vs. Linoleum

Wondering which flooring option is most economical? Take a quick look at this handy chart to find out the labour costs for multiple types of flooring. From vinyl or laminate flooring fitters prices to carpet installation experts we've got you covered!

Flooring MaterialMedian Hourly Rate For Installation
Vinyl or Linoleum£18
Laying Flooring & The Cost of Materials

The cost of your flooring materials can have a large impact on the overall cost. When you plan the budget for your project make sure to be mindful of the cost of different flooring types. Not only do flooring costs vary substantially between different materials, like wood and laminate but they can also differ within the same category of material.

How Much is Wood Flooring & How Much Does Wood Cost?

The primary factor which influences the cost of wood flooring in the UK and subsequently wood floor installation costs is the type of wood you use. For instance, wood flooring cost will vary based on which type of wood you choose to install. If you’re on a tight budget be mindful of this.

The best way to install wood flooring while staying on budget is to search and compare pine and bamboo flooring costs. These will still create a stunning aesthetic while ensuring you stick to wooden flooring prices that fit your budget.

If you have more space in your budget then consider looking into the cost of wooden flooring for wood that is traditionally pricier. Some options include comparing oak flooring costs to hardwood flooring prices for cherry and walnut. While solid wood flooring tends to have a higher price per square metre than other wooden flooring materials such as engineered wood they will create a gorgeous look in your home!

How Much is Laminate Flooring & How Much to Fit Laminate Flooring?

In general, material laminate flooring costs and the cost to install laminate flooring, tend to be lower than wooden flooring prices per square metre. Still, you may find that your material prices for laminate flooring can also vary.

There are several different styles of laminate flooring including realistic wood laminate, glued laminate and pre-glued laminate. Laminate flooring prices for options that are styled like hardwood will have a price that varies from imitation stone or tiling.

Another important price consideration when laying laminate flooring is the the trim or edging. When fitting laminate flooring the laminate floor trim or laminate floor edging options will also need to be taken into account. These are beneficial for creating a smooth transition between rooms. 

To find the best flooring boards for your home it is best to shop around and compare the different aesthetics with your expectations for your budget. While shopping around be sure to look into vinyl floor materials and fitting vinyl flooring as an additional option.

Vinyl flooring installation costs in the UK are comparable to the cost of labour to install laminate flooring. Like laminate, vinyl flooring costs for material are often an affordable option which also provides a great new look. Plus, vinyl is made of a material that is more water-resistant than laminate making it a great option for bathrooms and humid areas.

Essentially both laminate and vinyl are budget flooring options that look luxurious! So if you choose to install vinyl flooring or laminate you can enjoy the aesthetic of a modern new floor while sticking to your budget.

Where To Install It

The area in your home where you would like to install your flooring can also impact the price. If your room is a rectangular shape installation will be far easier than in an oddly shaped room or winding hallway. The same is true if you are looking to install new flooring for your stairs.

Take the example of laminate flooring for instance. Costs for laminate flooring on stairs will vary from laminate flooring installation costs for flat, rectangular rooms as with stairs the laminate will need to be precisely cut to size in order to fit correctly.

How Much Time Does it Take to Install Flooring?

As well as answering the question - how much does wood flooring, linoleum, or tile flooring cost, you'll also want to know how long it will take. A proper timeline will help you to factor in labour costs when planning your budget as well.

On average it takes around 8.75 hours to complete a flooring installation project. However, if you need to repair the underlay, consider removal and disposal of old flooring, or you plan to install flooring throughout your entire home this could take quite a bit longer. The best way to determine how long your project is likely to take is to speak with your professional. That way they can incorporate any repairs and the square meterage of your floor into the estimate.

How Much Does it Cost to Remodel Floors Considering Location?

The location where you live will understandably influence your flooring installer’s rates. If you live in an area where the cost of living and transportation tend to be higher, you should expect your installer to charge higher rates as well.


Is your flooring installer just starting out or do they have years of experience behind them? Flooring installers from laminate floor fitters to tilers or hardwood floor installers who are just starting out will be focused on building their professional reputation. As a result, their rates may be more cost-effective than seasoned professionals.

However, seasoned professionals can also tackle your flooring project efficiently as a result of their years of experience.

Both new and seasoned professional can prove to be a good choice for your flooring project. In the end, the best way to determine which professional is right for you is to ask for references.

When you are hiring also consider the flooring installer's specialisation. Some installers may specialise in tile or linoleum while others focus on installing wooden flooring.

On Bidvine you can view reviews from previous clients on the professional's profile. This will provide you with an idea of the areas they specialise in and whether their skill set is a good fit with your project.

Tradesman, Alex Miklos, added this when we discussed the importance of reviews in hiring a professional.

"Based on my conversation with customers, what they look at when hiring someone, first and foremost, are professionals’ reviews. It’s a very satisfying feeling when you get a positive review. It shows that you did a great job and that the entire process went well too and that the customer was happy with what they got for their money."

When comparing professionals be sure to have a look at their reviews. Positive reviews are a top sign that a professional will deliver quality work and work to ensure you're happy with the service provided.


Whether you're comparing hardwood flooring costs or looking to install linoleum, a new flooring project is an excellent way to update and maintain your home. A new floor can completely transform the aesthetic of a room bringing it up to date.

When you hire an expert they'll tackle any repairs, paint flooring with efficiency for a great new look, or gather flooring supplies and install your new floor with professionalism. Before you know it you'll be enjoying a top-notch new floor that all your neighbours will want. There's no need to tackle DIY flooring with the expertise of professional flooring fitters!

So what are you waiting for? Hire a flooring installer and refresh the aesthetic of your home today!