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£180 - £800

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£180 - £800  National average range
£180 - £800



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How much does floor tiling cost?

Sep 10, 2019

The national average cost for floor tiling in the UK ranges from £180 to £700, though as this is an average this could vary. Whether you're looking to put down a new floor or replace an old one, a professional will get the job done right. Your floor tiling project may include new floor installations as well as maintenance. However, it is still always best to speak to your professional directly so that you can receive a detailed quote that encompasses all of your project’s aspects.

Floor Tiling Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£180
UK National Maximum Cost£700
UK National Average Cost£400
Average Range£180 - £700

Included in This Price Guide


You'll want to think about your tiling job and the type of work it includes before finding a professional. Planning ahead will make sure your project runs smoothly.

Type of Project

You will need to care for your tile floors to keep them looking great. Dealing with any issues early on will help extend the life of your tile floors.

A pro can help you repair any chips or cracked tiles. Getting rid of this damage will help to transform your floor and make it look like new.

Sometimes, you may have to replace some tiles to restore signs of wear. It's important that your replacement tiles match. If not, your best option is to install a new floor. Otherwise, you'll end up with mismatched tiles that detract from the aesthetic of your home.

Type of Floor Tiles

Floor tiles come in a variety of materials. You'll have a choice between natural tiles like stone or man-made materials like vinyl. Then, granite, stone, and slate are all great choices for a new floor as well. These floors are durable and come in a range of colours as well. They are often used to fit both indoor and outdoor floors.

Ceramic tile comes in a variety of colours, textures, and finishes. Ceramic is smooth, easy to clean and its gorgeous finish often makes a popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens.
Vinyl can be a good option as well. It comes in a wide range of patterns, colours, and textures to fit any room. Some varieties are self-adhesive for easier installations.

Size of Area to Tile

Tile floors will give any room a clean, polished look. They also have the added benefit of being waterproof and are a great fit for both kitchens and bathrooms.

The cost to tile a floor depends on the size of your room. A large room will also have a larger area of square footage to cover. If your room is on the larger size expect this to add to material and labour costs.

A room's layout can also influence its cost. Fitting tile around door jambs and doorways can be highly time-consuming.

Current Flooring

Do you plan to completely replace an existing floor? This will add an extra element to the project. If so, you'll see the best results with a smooth, solid foundation like plywood or concrete.

No matter what tiles you choose, if you plan to tile you will need to remove any carpeting before you fit your new tile. Your tiling expert can provide you with an idea of how long this will take and any costs it may add.

It is important that you create a solid foundation as well. So if there is any underlying damage beneath the floor you will need to tend to this first before you go about replacing your tiles.


The length of time it takes to install depends on the type of job. To help move the project along, identify any damage or problem spots first. That way you tiler will have a better idea of the timeline of the project as well as which areas to tackle beforehand.

Keep in mind that even after the tile is placed it will still need to set. So, make sure to allow time for this.

After the tiles have set, be sure to schedule in some time for cleaning as well. After the dust of renovation, a thorough cleaning will show off your tiles in their best light.


Fitting tile is an intricate, time-consuming job. It's best left to the professionals to make sure they are installed correctly. When you hire a pro you can enjoy your tile floor that much sooner!

To find the right pro for your project, take a look at their Bidvine profile and reviews. Previous clients will leave reviews to tell you a bit about the pro's skills and what they were like on the job. This can help give you a better idea of whether or not they are a good fit for your project.

They may also have pictures posted on their profile as well. You can use these to draw inspiration for your tiling project and get a better idea of what tiling projects they've previously tackled.


Your location can also influence the cost of your tiling job. Look for a local pro whenever you can. Hiring local experts can be handy as their rates will be in line with your cost of living. When you hire a local pro, they will also have less of a distance to travel which will lower any transportation costs included in their rates.

Keep in mind if you are curious how your location will factor into costs that the best solution is always to contact your pro directly.


Floor tiling is a lot of work! The project needs a lot of attention and skill. It's a job best left to the pros.

An expert has the experience to work around any tricky spots like doorways and corners. In their hands, your layout will look consistent and even. You'll soon have a high-quality, professional installation you'll be proud to walk on.

Ready to repair your floor, or looking to fit new tile? Submit a free request for bids from floor tiling professionals through Bidvine. Get the job done right the first time!

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