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£35 - £90

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£35 - £90  National average range
£35 - £90
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How much does flat cleaning cost?

Nov 25, 2020

At an average cost of £35 to £90 in the UK, flat cleaning is a budget-friendly way to get your flat in top shape. These rates may vary depending on the extent of the cleaning project such as the number of and which rooms need cleaning.

Flat Cleaning Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£35
UK National Maximum Cost£90
UK National Average Cost£50
Average Range£35 - £90

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Why is Hiring a Professional Flat Cleaner Beneficial?

Cleaning is a necessary task, but not one that everyone enjoys. From washing windows and floors to sweeping, taking care of your home can often feel like a full-time job. But with the help of a professional, flat cleaning can be done quickly and easily.

They know the areas mess can build up in and will be able to make short work of it so you can enjoy living in a clean home. Whether it’s help with daily mess or dealing with the big clean-ups required throughout the year, working with a professional will help you get the upper hand with dirt, grime and mess.


To find a cleaner to transform your flat from messy to magnificent, you’ll need to know what to ask for. Whether it’s indicating the space that needs cleaning or the materials that you want them to use, being prepared helps you track down the pro you need.

Plus, this work will pay off when it comes to budgeting too. Details not only help with the search they also help you understand what goes into a quote. This information will help you anticipate what the cleaning may cost! Knowing what factors influence prices makes informed decisions the standard. So read on for what you need to ask for to get the clean you need!

Purpose of Cleaning

Before they start, a cleaner needs to know exactly why they are coming in to clean! This helps them provide an accurate idea of the cost to finish based on the work they will be doing. General cleaning often works for any mess, but you may want to consider more specialised cleaning in certain circumstances.

At the change of seasons from winter to spring, cleaning is usually done to remove all the dirt and grime in your home. It also offers you a fresh start as you bring in the light after being bundled up for so long. This clean also helps put things back to rights and switch over closets and wardrobes.

A deep clean may be required to get rid of built-up grime, or simply give you the feeling of a completely fresh start. This makes sense when you want to clean everything from floor to ceiling and everything in between — furniture and upholstery included!

Having this fresh start also makes sense if you are preparing to move in. You want to claim your new home as your own, without any lingering mess from previous tenants. For that, you can hire a cleaning service to prepare it with move in style cleaning. This is often a simple clean since there is no furniture yet to be dealt with. On the other side there is move out cleaning. You will want to be sure nothing is left behind after moving out, whether you are the tenant or the landlord!

Cleaning Supplies

If you have cleaning supplies that a cleaning service can use, make sure to let them know. Having your own products may help keep the costs down. You also keep control over what is used in your home, which can be important if you have sensitivities to certain scents.

But if you prefer, you can have your cleaner bring everything they need to take care of the task. Most have both the tools they need to do the job and advanced knowledge of the cleaning supplies that are needed to do it right.

You can still have some input on the type of supplies used if this is important. For example, many cleaners offer environmentally friendly options. You just need to ask so that the cleaner knows that these should be used in the cleanup.

Additional Cleaning Activities

Beyond your flat, think about any other cleaning that needs to be done. With luck, you can find someone who is able to take care of these extra tasks too, making your job easy! Laundry is part of regular cleaning around the home, but it can build up. For these times, you may wish to hire someone to help get on top of the piles. This can also help at times when more laundry needs doing, such as changing the sheets or freshening up curtains.

And after cleaning clothing and other textiles comes ironing! This is a task not everyone likes to do, especially with larger amounts of fabric like curtains. For this, hiring a pro just makes sense. They have the facilities to iron out even the largest item.

Rubbish removal can help with big items. During a flat clean, you may find out that there is some furniture you no longer need. It’s time to get rid of it — and with a rubbish removal service, you can! This helps to make more space in your home and help with plans to declutter.


There are a few details to consider when it comes to determining the time it will take to complete the job. One of the most obvious is, of course, how much needs to be cleaned! If it’s a full flat cleanup, you can expect it to take a fair amount of time to complete. The time since the last clean will also impact the length of time this round will take. A recent clean means that this one may not need to be as thorough, saving some time.

Other factors that will affect how long it takes to clean include windows and bathrooms. Both of these items take longer to clean, so of course, having many of them to clean will take extra time! Indicating the number of bathrooms and windows in your flat to be cleaned can help you get a better idea of the time it will take. In turn, this will give you more accurate pricing for your cleaning to help make decisions.


An experienced cleaner will make short work of any mess that you have. From knowing which are the right products to use to having a solution for any problem, using an experienced cleaner just makes sense. Their knowledge will help them navigate even the trickiest messes and allow them to work efficiently.

Look for a cleaner who lists their experience on an online profile or website. This may look like a list of areas they have experience cleaning or a sample of their work. Either way, you can use this information to determine if they would be a good fit for your cleanup project.

You may also want to take a look to see if the cleaner has any reviews of their work. These can give you more information about the way a cleaner works and their attention to detail. With this, you can be confident in who you choose to work with.


Another important detail is the location of your flat! A cleaner needs to know where you are located to do the work, of course, but it also helps you find the right service. They should be familiar with the area and aware of any issues that influence cleaning, such as weather.

Look for someone located near to you for the most convenient service. Bringing in someone who works closeby means they are more readily available for work, able to make you part of the weekly cleaning schedule without building in extra time for travel. Typically, this means their costs are going to be the most reasonable and reduces the likelihood of incurring fees for travel!

Top Cleaning Services

Do you have plans to clean up other parts of your home as well? Easily compare prices for top cleaning services and get your home looking great!

Cleaning ServiceAverage Hourly Rate
Oven Cleaning£14
Property Clean-up£12
Carpet Cleaning£20


Keeping your flat clean is very important. It improves your enjoyment of your home it allows you to relax more thoroughly than if you are always thinking about the mess. So look for a cleaning expert who can make your home sign.

To find a cleaner you can trust with even the biggest mess, start with Bidvine! Fill out a short survey about your needs and submit a free request for bids from expert professionals. You’ll hear from only the best pros who want to make any mess a thing of the past. Book your cleaning today!

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