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How much do English Lessons Cost?

Mar 27, 2018

Learning English can give you an advantage in your literature and language studies. Whether you're new to the English language or you're hoping to improve your skills, a tutor can guide you as you learn. A tutor can also help you understand grammar rules to improve your use of English.


With the right tutor, your lessons are sure to give you the English skills you need. Make sure to think about what you need from your instructor before you start to ensure you make the most of your lessons.


Whether you're starting out or already know a bit of English, lessons are a great way to improve your skills.

Are you hoping to improve how well you speak English? Lessons are a great way to get more comfortable with casual conversations.

Or perhaps you hope to become fluent in English. A tutor will help you expand your understanding of English through regular lessons that lead to fluency.

You may also plan to use English in a professional or academic setting. You'll need to have a firm grasp on advanced concepts with a larger vocabulary. Keep your goal in mind as you learn to motivate you and help you focus on the right approach as you learn.

Distance vs. In Person

You can choose to meet your tutor in person or online for language lessons. These options are sure to make learning easy. Pick the type that works with your own goals and learning style.

Distance lessons are a great option if you have time to set aside for dedicated work at home. If you have some knowledge of English, this can help you improve your reading and writing skills.

Meeting with your tutor is a great way to work on dialogue and speaking skills. As you learn, you'll receive guidance. Your tutor can also help you stay on task and focused.

Student’s Experience

Make sure to let your tutor know of your current experience and skill level. This can help them plan more effective lessons. With more effective, tailored lessons you'll reach your goals faster!

Include information on speaking, writing, and reading. Do you have a certain area where you're looking for more focused help? If you're preparing for exams, perhaps you're hoping for a tutor's help with your writing skills.

If the language is brand new to you then your tutor will start you off with the essentials. They will design lessons to introduce the basic building blocks of English in an easily digestible way. That way you’re sure to succeed.

Learning Materials

As you get ready to start your lessons, consider investing in other materials to help you learn. It's important to spend extra time practising. Workbooks can help you focus on grammar, spelling, and other important skills.

You may also want to choose short stories and books for learning English. Reading is another great way to become familiar with the language.

Ask your tutor to recommend titles to help find the right books for your needs. They can point you to general books or ones to help you work on specific skills.


If visions of long days behind a desk are intimidating, don't worry!
It's actually best to keep your lessons short and focused. That way, your mind will be fresh and ready to learn.

You'll be able to book lessons for 30 minutes to 1 hour in length, depending on what works with your schedule.

Make sure to plan ahead for how often you'll meet with your tutor. Try for at least once a week to stay on top of your studies and improve your skills. You'll also want to determine how long you'll need to take lessons. Use your goals as a guide!

Tutor’s Experience

Choose a tutor with advanced knowledge of English. They'll need to know language rules well to teach effectively. Ask for educational qualifications to confirm they are prepared.

If they have teaching certification, even better! Their experience will make you feel more confident as you start your studies.

You may also want to make sure you are comfortable with your tutor. A good teacher will keep students engaged with learning. Try and find reviews to read to get an idea of what they are like. Reviews can help you make your decision and choose an excellent tutor.


Once you find a local tutor, you'll be well on your way to improving your English. You'll be able to meet your tutor for lessons and practice and get on your way to achieving your goals.

At home, lessons mean that your tutor comes to you for your lessons. This is a convenient option, especially for younger students. A parent can easily oversee the lessons and make sure everyone stays on track.

Perhaps you'd rather meet them for lessons. You could arrange to meet them at a language studio or conveniently located study area like a coffee shop.

Comparison of Popular Language Lessons Costs

Language Lessons
Average Hourly Cost
Spanish Lessons
French Lessons
German Lessons
Italian Lessons
Arabic Lessons


Improving your English can help you feel more confident as you use it. Whether you're learning a new language or hoping to polish your skills, a tutor will help!

Lessons will help you improve your writing, reading, and speaking skills. This will, in turn, make you more confident in your daily use of the language. You'll also get a sense of satisfaction from making progress with your studies.

Ready to work on your English? Submit a free survey for bids from local, trusted English tutors. Bidvine will help get you in touch with the perfect teacher. Get started today!

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(20 reviews)

12 hires on Bidvine

Turnpike Lane, North London N8 0JY

Karita B.Verified Review


Ava Masheff

(9 reviews)

5 hires on Bidvine

West Acton, West London W5 2EB

Ksenia K.

Ava - great teacher. Very positive, very interesting person! I had perfect speaking classes and they wouldn't be so wonderful without Ava! Thank you for everything and wish you the best!


Dani Language Instructor

(8 reviews)

7 hires on Bidvine

Tooting Bec Common, South West London SW17 8ET

Imogen C.Verified Review

super helpful and friendly and clearly did a lot of preparation to tailor lessons to what i had asked for. Definitely would / will go back!


Sandra Vanessa

(7 reviews)

12 hires on Bidvine

Camden Town, North West London NW1 9BP

Zrinka B.Verified Review

Sandra has been a hugely helpful in one-to-one Pilates sessions at my home to help me recover from an injury. I am an absolute beginner and was nervous about exercising and managing pain. She is professional, knowledgeable, very attentive and worked with me around what I can and cannot do, focussing on the problem area and making appropriate adjustments to different exercises. I have seen huge improvements in my mobility after just three sessions. Sandra is also very positive person, fun to work with and generous as well as flexible with her time. I am very grateful to her for her help and advice and would highly recommend her.


Maria O'Sullivan

(7 reviews)

5 hires on Bidvine

South Acton, West London W3 8HA

Gerald D.Verified Review

Maria is an absolutely brilliant tutor to my seven year old twins. She makes homework fun and cultivates a positive attitude towards school work. I highly recommend her.


Peter Bright Language Consultancy

(5 reviews)

4 hires on Bidvine

Dinnington, South Yorkshire S21 2DR

Team B.

Peter was my English teacher in the years 1998 and 1999. His lectures were always very interesting, full of varied material from pure theory to songs and games. He made me fall in love with English and I will forever be grateful to him. He had a discipline one needs to teach and patience if questions are asked repeatedly. I would greatly recommend him for a teaching position.

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